Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ray J Accused Of Beating Girlfriend Princess And Assistant Morgan Hardman (Video)

Warning: Contains profane language

News emerged this week that rapper and reality star, Ray J, beat his girlfriend, Princess, who is one of Floyd Mayweather's former concubines. Princess and Ray J were members of Mayweather's Money Team, but were kicked out for betraying him. The couple are two of the stars featured on the reality show "Love And Hip Hop Hollywood."

Princess posted photos of what is being referred to as a black eye inflicted by Ray J. The pictures were then removed. Ironically, in the next episode of "Love And Hip Hop Hollywood"  Princess is seen throwing a drink on Ray J, who angrily pushes her into a pool.

Princess and Ray J
Ray J's former assistant, Morgan Hardman, did an interview with the rapper's ex-girlfriend Teairra Mari on the radio program "The Breakfast Show". Morgan accused Ray J of hitting her in front of her son, who was crying and trying to defend his mother. Ray J also had her minor son kicked off a kids sports team. Morgan further stated Ray J beats Princess every day. The former assistant also accused Princess of still speaking to Mayweather, while dating Ray J.

This marks the second case of domestic violence to go public in connection with the show "Love And Hip Hop Hollywood." Recently, rapper turned producer, Yung Berg, was arrested for beating, choking and dragging girlfriend, Masika Tucker, over his credit card being declined at a Los Angeles bar. It is being stated she used the card, which caused it to go over the limit when Berg tried to pay his tab.

The Mother Of Floyd Mayweather's Children Tells All And His Son Calls Him A Coward For Beating Her

Floyd Mayweather

In what was a sad article, Josie Harris, the mother of three of boxer Floyd Mayweather's children, was interviewed by USA Today about the athlete. Harris did the interview in support of her forthcoming tell all book about the boxer. During the interview, Harris recounts the worst beating she alleges she received from Mayweather, which led to him being arrested and sentenced to 90-days in jail.

Harris stated Mayweather entered her home (he pays for) without permission and read affectionate text messages on her phone, between herself and NBA basketball star, CJ Watson. Mayweather, who was in a relationship with Shantel Jackson at the time, became jealous anyway and according to Harris, punched and kicked her repeatedly.

Josie Harris
Mayweather's oldest son, Koraun, who was 10-years-old at the time, snuck out through the back of the house and ran to the security post in their gated community. Koraun asked the security guards to call the police, summoning help for his mother. Kouran and his two younger siblings witnessed the beating in something they will never forget.

USA Today wrote, "Koraun says recalling the attack on his mother still makes him angry, yet the most difficult part to cope with has been Mayweather's refusal to admit to his actions. 'He is a coward,' Koraun said, and he hugged his mom." His children are clearly traumatized by the incident. They will need counseling to process and work through the things that have happened. Therapy as a family, Mayweather included in the sessions, would be beneficial.

Shantel Jackson

Mayweather denies hitting Harris, but a court was not convinced and sent him to jail. It was another in a string of legal cases reported to police, accusing him of beating several women in separate incidents. More recently, Mayweather was sued by Jackson, who is from Miami. She did not go to police to report the alleged domestic violence that she stated occurred on three occasions. The Judiciary Report was the first to break the stories concerning Mayweather and gold digger Jackson (Floyd Mayweather's Ex-FiancĂ©e Shantel Jackson Sues The Boxer For Beating Her Confirming What This Site Previously Stated She Would State and Shantel Jackson Confirms She Is Going To Do A Tell-All About Boxer Floyd Mayweather Confirming This Site's Previous Claims). 

The Judiciary Report broke the stories after being informed of a domestic violence problem between the two, but Jackson has embellished some of the claims in her lawsuit. However, violence of a more serious nature did occur regarding Harris. The problem for Mayweather is Harris fell in love with him and in the site's humble opinion, loves him the most of the women in his life. This made her unwilling to put up with him having sex with different women, which she correctly deemed cheating.          

Floyd Mayweather and Koraun Mayweather. Floyd needs to apologize to Harris and his children over the domestic violence incidents.

When a woman does not love you and mainly wants your money and to leech off your fame, she will look the other way to cheating and just about everything else. A woman who is truly in love with you will become angry at the cheating and demand it stop. She will not be content with being a concubine or sharing  you with other women. She will show she is upset and even walk away.  

Many domestic violence cases go unreported, because the woman being abused does not want her abuser to get into trouble and face jail. However, abused women cannot remain in those situations. It is not safe. You may very well love him, but at the end of the day, for the sake of yourself and also if you have children, you cannot continue to allow your safety and or theirs to be jeopardized. At the end of the day, domestic violence is wrong. Men and women with violence issues, who are striking their partners need to go to anger management and forsake those dangerous ways

Bill Cosby Accused Of Sexual Assault By The Wife Of 'The Hulk'

Bill Cosby

Accusations of rape and sexual assault continue to pile up against comedic actor, Bill Cosby. Thus far, 17 women have come forward alleging Cosby sexually assaulted or raped them. Now there is another. Clara Ferrigno, the wife of "Hulk" star, Lou Ferrigno, has come forward alleging "The Cosby Show" actor grabbed and groped her in the 1980s, prompting her to push him off her and run away. Thankfully, she escaped before he could do worse, as sexual assault and rape are traumatic and devastating events in a woman's life.

At this point Cosby's name is destroyed and any unbiased person reading these accusations would have reason to believe he has acted inappropriately and improperly, regarding women who did not want sexual contact with him. Not all famous men behave in this manner, but some do, who are not used to being told no and refuse to accept that not everyone wants them sexually.

"The Cosby Show" cast

I have to admit, I'm upset with Cosby. I love "The Cosby Show." Many people love the show and grew up watching it. Cosby became wealthy and famous from such acting vehicles, not to mention, a role model to many. So you mean to tell me he couldn't act like a gentleman and restrain his urges. Lack of self-control has been the ruination of many people.

Ironically, many women would have willingly had sex with him based on his fame and money (which is wrong as that's insincere and he is married as well). Yet he chose to prey on targets, who did not want him sexually, via using wine and pills to drug victims, then threatened them with the loss of their careers and income if they complained about his sexually inappropriate behavior.

Lou Ferrigno and Carla Ferrigno

He has a problem. He is a sexual predator, who is not worthy of the fame and adoration he has been given by an unsuspecting public. Good deserves to be rewarded with acclaim and praise. Evil conduct harming people deserves criticism and legal correction. Cosby owed his fans more than this. His behavior is completely reckless and unnecessary. He should have faced jail, but there are issues with the statute of limitations running out and the only cases where it can be suspended, are those involving offenses such as war crimes or mass murder. If the crimes are considered egregious enough, the statute of limitations is set aside. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tamar Braxton Accused Of Disrespecting Husband Vincent Herbert With Other Men

Tamar and Vincent Herbert

“Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar And Vince” continues to air episodes of singer Tamar Braxton disrespecting and embarrassing her husband, music executive, Vincent Herbert. On a recent episode of the show “Tamar And Vince” the singer was seen seductively posing with two men in a pool during a vacation to Mexico, as well as using Instagram when her husband asked her not to during the trip.

Herbert became incensed. However, it’s not the first time Tamar has done something her husband found embarrassing regarding him or their marriage. For example, during her recent national tour, there was a segment featuring a male dancer groping her and making gestures indicative of sex acts. Herbert looked at the display with contempt and rolled his eyes. At the end of the day, it is disrespectful to her husband.

Tamar Braxton and her son with husband Vincent Herbert

If you have a significant other, it's not wise to post suggestive photos of yourself with others to social networking. It's also not wise to respond to romantic type social networking items directed at you by others, with anything indicating you are interested, if you are already in a relationship. It can only lead to trouble. Not only will you be leading someone on, you will offend the person you are dating or married to, which can damage your relationship.

The Judiciary Report has discussed this before. Be careful what you post on social networking. People will think you are having sex with many people, simply by suggestive comments and photos you post. Even if nothing is going on, people will assume and you'll end up making yourself look promiscuous with low standards. And trust me, that's not a good image for anyone. Don't give people reason to talk about the wrong things concerning you online. You'd be surprised how much it can negatively impact your name and financial bottomline.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Fall Of An Icon - NBC And Netflix Cancel Planned Bill Cosby Shows As More Women Come Forward Accusing Him Of Raping And Drugging Them (Video)

When I was a kid "The Cosby Show" was the top rated sitcom in America. I still watch the reruns on cable. So it saddens me to hear of the serious rape allegations against the show's star Bill Cosby. 16 women have come forward alleging he drugged and raped them. In light of the new rape allegations against Cosby, the NBC television network and the Netflix television subscriber service, have cancelled their planned programs with the comedic actor.

During an Associated Press interview, Cosby demanded questions about the rape allegations be buried. When asked about the rape claims Cosby stated, "We don't answer that." When someone accuses a person of something so serious, answers should be forthcoming. Issuing a "no comment" gives an air of guilt.

Bill Cosby

The most recent rape allegations against Cosby come from 1980s supermodel, Janice Dickinson, famous 1970s "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" actress Louisa Moritz and publicist, Joan Tarshis. Dickinson and Tarshis allege Cosby drugged them, via pills with wine and when they later woke up, found evidence they had been raped and penetrated. Moritz alleges Cosby showed up in her dressing room, unzipped his pants and pushed her face to crotch with his hands, forcing her to perform oral sex. Moritz stated Cosby threatened, "Now you don't want to upset me and the plans for your future, do you?"

Many of the women accusing Cosby of rape exhibited the fear the superstar would destroy their careers if they did not accept the rapes and sexual assaults. There are other men in the industry, who engage in this thoroughly unethical behavior that is patently illegal. There are men and women in Hollywood, who arrogantly threaten and attempt to destroy the careers and lives of those who sexually rebuff them. Hollywood is a crazy, sexually deviant and largely unregulated place, where anything goes, even at innocent people's expense.

Why Do Rihanna Fans Call Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Broke When She Has More Money Than They Do

Karrueche Tran

A group of fans of singer Rihanna, who is the on and off again girlfriend of singer, Chris Brown, have escalated their online bullying and attacks on his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. They continue to call the model broke and basic, among other things. Not only are they insulting her online in unprovoked written attacks on social networking, they are sending these cruel statements to her pages on Twitter and Instagram.

What's ironic is Tran has made more money than the average Rihanna fan calling her "broke." Tran has made a number of paid appearances, done modeling assignments and been compensated for a role in a film. Tran has made roughly $200,000 for the aforementioned work, which exceeds the average household income in America.

Greedy Rihanna

Anyone who criticizes Rihanna's debauched and unethical behavior is attacked online by a select group of her fans insanely known as the "Rihanna navy." If Mother Teresa were still alive and offered constructive criticism regarding Rihanna's destructive behavior, such as her illegal drug use, alcoholism, nude pics, softcore porn music videos and chronic copyright theft, the "Rihanna navy" would have slammed Mother Teresa calling her a "broke bi*ch" who is "basic" and "she's just mad she can't twerk like Rihanna" and is "jealous Rihanna can have Chris Brown and he won't give her none."

Ironically, Rihanna's money, which her "Rihanna navy" fans tout, comes from criminal copyright infringement, which is a federal and international crime. To tout a thief stealing the property of others for undue financial enrichment, you may as well praise Madoff for stealing from many people including charities or Hitler for stealing the property and money of Holocaust victims. To steal the property of others is not an accomplishment, but a criminal disgrace.

Chris Brown

At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with being rich or poor, but there is something wrong with insulting and bullying people for not having material things and big bank accounts. If money is earned honestly, it is a blessing. If it is stolen, becomes the opposite to the thief. You reap what you sow.

Preview Of Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Movie Shows A Forthcoming Flop (Video)


The Lifetime television network has released a trailer for their forthcoming Whitney Houston movie and it looks cheesy and clumsily made. The promo clip looks even worse that the poorly received "Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B" also released by Lifetime. Once again, the movie suffers from substandard costumes that pale in comparison to the originals actually worn by the stars and terrible casting, which has even Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, laughing with scorn and derision on social networking.

Actors from Lifetime's forthcoming Whitney Houston biopic

In short, the movie looks like a mess, just like the Judiciary Report predicted several moths ago it would be. If the trailer, which is supposed to be some of the best highlights of the film looks this bad, the movie will be worse. It is poor filmmaking at the expense of music legends who died early, tragic deaths, making these ill-advised, poorly executed biopics even more distasteful.

Houston was a phenomenal talent. Her voice was exceptional and rare. She held her own in the massive hit film "The Bodyguard" even though it was her first outing as an actress. She did so much in breaking down barriers in the entertainment industry. Yet this is the garbage lifetime does with her life story. It’s just plain offensive. The movie looks cheap and tacky replete with infomercial acting.

Spoof Video Slams Lifetime's Terrible Casting In The 'Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B Movie' (Video)

A spoof video on YouTube has taken the Lifetime television network to task for its terrible casting of the movie "Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B." The video shows a spoof of what the auditions probably looked like to come up with the disgraceful end result as seen in the movie. The surprise end in the spoof video brings the point home