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The Real Truth Behind Jay Z Cheating On Wife Beyonce With Women Like Rihanna And Rita Ora

Jay Z and Beyonce
Rihanna and Rita Ora are not in love with Jay Z nor do they like him. Both women wanted money and fame and saw him as a way to get it in exchange for sex on a regular basis. They've also been complaining he is shortchanging them, as they are not getting the money they believe they are entitled to under their contracts. Jay Z needs to stop imposing himself on these women. They have been gossiping in the industry and it is clear they don't like having sex with him. My source revealed Rihanna stated of Jay Z "he stinks sometimes" and Ora referred to him as "lazy in bed."

Jay Z and Rita Ora
From the start of both their careers, Jay Z had to bribe them with cash, gifts and career favors, in exchange for sex. That's a clear sign a woman doesn't want you. When Jay Z was having money trouble and credit problems, which have improved somewhat, he was spending Beyonce's money on Rihanna and Ora. Beyonce will not be pleased to know Jay Z has had sex with Rihanna the most for bragging rights to his friends (and he's passed her around as well).

Jay Z and Rihanna
What's even worse is Rihanna had a pregnancy scare thinking she was pregnant for Jay Z (that should let you know they don't use protection). Rihanna waited a few days and the problem resolved itself, but there was a panic. It would have been terribly embarrassing had she fallen pregnant for Jay Z. The headlines would have been ugly. Ironically, both women dated and had sex with Jay Z's rival, singer Chris Brown, for free, finding him attractive, but Jay Z has to be financially paying for it with cash, gifts and career favors. 

Madonna Has To Pay Her Children To Spend Time With Her

I received a tip that crazy pop star, Madonna, has to pay her children money to spend time with her. Madonna's biological kids, ages 15 and 19, who have been raised in the mind numbingly insane Kabbalah Center cult, have fled their mother's presence like the plague. Her biological and adoptive children have been exposed to abusive conduct in her care and at the Kabbalah Center.

Guy Ritchie, his wife Jacqui Ritchie and his son whose mother is Madonna, Rocco Ritchie in London, England
Madonna's son, Rocco Ritchie, fled for England last year and called her a "bit*h" on social networking, which made the Daily Mail, as it is that embarrassing. Madonna has been threatening to financially cut her children off if they do not spend time with her and pose for photo-ops to give the illusion she is a good parent, when she is the absolute worst one in Hollywood, engaging in illegal drugs and alcohol with her minor children. Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, is encouraging her children to write a tell-all book about how evil Madonna is as a parent and human being.

Rachel Roy And Rita Ora Backtracking On Brags About Cheating With Jay Z After Beyonce’s Angry Fans Slam Them Online

Jay Z and Beyonce
Rachel Roy and singer Rita Ora are back tracking on brags they made online, in response to singer Beyonce’s new album, correctly accusing husband, Jay Z of cheating. The Judiciary Report has it on very good authority that Jay Z cheated with both women. He also cheated on Beyonce with singers Rihanna and Blu Cantrell, whom his daughter is named after. 

Rachel Roy
It was unwise for Beyonce to expect fidelity from a man like Jay Z. From the beginning of his career he has slept with every woman he can. Prior to becoming a rapper, when he was a crack cocaine dealer, he used drug money to get women. He has been promiscuous for a longtime and has no intention of changing. He married Beyonce for bragging rights. Then his protégé Rihanna became more famous for a time and he had regrets. Jay Z has cheated with Rihanna the most. Jay Z only loves himself, money and fame. However, Rihanna has kept her mouth shut, as she is afraid of him and what he would do to her career. 

Rita Ora (right) wearing same dress this week that Beyonce (left) wore in music video months ago
Ora is trying to get out of her contract with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, having filed a lawsuit right after he got her sued and humiliated online, due to giving her false assurances about unlawful copyright theft and invasive conduct. Roy is no longer married to Jay Z’s former partner, Dame Dash, so she was showing off online. Who told them to do that (LOL). Neither Roy or Ora banked on Beyonce’s fans reacting so virulently and threatening to beat and kill them (which is wrong by the way, stop threatening people). They also did think through the consumer consequences, as people will boycott Roy and Ora’s products over messing with someone‘s spouse and make it worse bragging about it.

Rita Ora inappropriately hugging and leaning on Jay Z
The way I see it is this, when I read about Beyonce’s lyrics, calling out a “Becky with good hair” for cheating with her husband, I knew it wasn’t me and didn‘t apply to me, so I ignored it. That’s how most people looked at the lyrics. The mere fact Ora and Roy got their drawers all in a knot and responded, arrogantly showing off about it on social networking, was a dead giveaway regarding all the rumors in the industry about them cheating with Jay Z. If it doesn’t apply to you, why get cocky, reference it on social networking in a sly way and take a dig at Beyonce for singing it. You outed yourselves. You waded into that with your behavior - don’t cry victim. You should have kept your mouths shut like 3D forehead Rihanna.

Jay Z and Rihanna
In short, stop messing with people’s spouses. At the end of the day, marriage is sacred. No one should be cheating with anyone’s spouse. It's a hurtful, damaging thing. People’s marriages should have a chance to succeed without outside interference. 

Court Appoints Administrator For Prince’s Estate While Police Seek DEA Help In His Death

Tyka Nelson, the sister of the late music legend Prince, who died last week, informed the court the late singer has no will for his vast estate. As such, the court appointed an administrator and established a trust today, which the Judiciary Report suggested yesterday (Reports Indicate Singer Prince Left No Will). Nelson states she and Prince’s half siblings should share the estate. They need to be careful, as Prince’s former label Warner Bros, is not to be trusted and will try to take what they are not entitled to in any measure. 

Local police in Minnesota are also requesting the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as prescription painkillers were found in Prince’s home, Paisley Park, where he died. Sites such as TMZ are speculating Prince died from a prescription pill overdose. I don’t think Prince meant to overdose. Sometimes when people are sick or in pain from injury, they take more and more painkillers or flu medicine in trying to feel better and end up accidentally overdosing (leading to heart attack, respiratory failure or deadly seizure). 

A friend of my family died a few years ago from a heart attack. He was a famous producer with two recording studios, a label, homes, a store and a copyrighted catalog of works. My dad, a musicologist and radio personality, used to tell him to get a will, as he knew so many people in the music industry that passed away from old age, disease, accidents ect. The producer died without a will. It led to a fierce legal battle in two countries, mainly in Britain, as his heirs retained attorneys regarding his assets. So much money has gone to legal fees. It’s a very difficult process when there is no will. 

Many label owners, producers and songwriters do not have wills. It’s a bad habit in our trade. Many label owners, producers and songwriters keep much of their business dealings and practices in their heads. If one dies, it can create protracted legal battles in trying to sort out matters concerning their estate. I would advise company owners, production talent, entertainers and athletes to maintain a proper will. Yes, it is morbid and a pain in the backside, but necessary to protect the ones you love after you are gone and will save your heirs additional legal fees and court related distress.


Prince's Death: Local Investigators Ask for DEA's Help on Case

The county sheriff investigating the death of Prince is asking for help from the Drug Enforcement Administration, federal law enforcement officials told NBC News on Wednesday. The officials say prescription painkillers were found in his possession when he died and in his house near Minnesota, though officials have yet to say what role, if any, those medications may have played in his death. 

An autopsy was conducted last week, but the medical examiner said it would take weeks before the cause of death would be disclosed. The DEA's role, officials say, will be to determine such things as where the medications came from, and what prescriptions Prince had obtained. DEA agents often check those records in death investigations. Some of his friends have said he took the painkiller Percocet to relieve pain in his hips — the result of years of jumping during performances... 

Court appoints Prince estate administrator, sets first hearing date

Maria Puente, USA TODAY 3:10 p.m. EDT April 27, 2016 - The legal machinery assigned to figure out what to do about the late Prince's estate started up Wednesday: A judge assigned a special administrator to the case and set a first probate hearing date for next week. Acting on a petition from Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, Judge Kevin Eide, a district court judge in Carver County, Minn., signed orders appointing Prince's longtime bank, Bremer Trust, National Association, as a special administrator to secure and preserve the estate until a "personal representative," or executor, is appointed by the court.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Former Shop Girl Rmarni Upset At Online Comments About Floyd Mayweather Dumping Her

Rmarni posted this item to Instagram yesterday sounding depressed and suicidal over comments being made about her and Mayweather

Former shop girl, Rmarni, is upset at online comments about Floyd Mayweather dumping her after a 5-week romance. I said this would happen the minute he started dating her (Floyd Mayweather Spotted With A New Girlfriend In London Upsetting His Current One In Las Vegas) as Mayweather is not serious about these side chicks. I heard Rmarni is angry Mayweather won’t make her his main chick. This became a problem for her. His main chick is still Bad Medina. 

Floyd Mayweather and Rmarni

Rmarni willingly became one of Mayweather’s side chicks, but she thought it would turn into a career in entertainment for her, like his ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson (but that happened through Jackson's boyfriend Nelly). Instead, Rmarni is back in Dudley, England looking sad over her career as a rapper not launching. She is writing suicidal items online, which is regrettable. She is angry regarding the social networking comments she finds upsetting, but she embarrassed her boyfriend when she ran off with Mayweather and now it has come back to her.

Gisselle, Floyd Mayweather and Rmarni

In an article posted to the site on Monday (Floyd Mayweather Has Dumped Shop Girl Rmarni) the Judiciary Report stated there are studios in London, England that Rmarni can use to record music. What she needs to do is sell the designer clothes Mayweather bought her and use it to get some music made. As it stands, her Instagram page is just photos of her posing and joking around. It takes way more than that to break into the rap music industry. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Massive Increase Of Millions In Republican Voters At The Polls Due To Donald Trump (8,7000,000)

Donald Trump
Controversial Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has sparked a massive voter increase in the U.S. primaries. Over 8,700,000 more voters have hit the polls during the primaries, casting votes as apart of the 2016 presidential election process. This could spell real trouble for the Democrats, as candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton duke it out to become their party's official candidate. Trump and fellow Republican, Ted Cruz, have been battling to become their party's candidate. Trump holds a massive lead in the process.

Donald Trump kissing a black baby
Trump has emerged as a very divisive figure. However, what he is using to draw people to the polls is American born citizens discontent with the direction the country has taken over the past 7-years under President Barack Obama, due to wild spending that has sent the deficit skyrocketing, as well as an unconstitutional lack of personal freedoms. Trump has been trying to tone down some of his racist rhetoric, in posing for photos with black babies and running campaign commercials featuring blacks and Hispanics.


Exclusive Data Analysis: GOP Primary Turnout Up 8.7 Million Votes, More Than 60 Percent in 2016 Versus 2012

Apr 2016 - Newly compiled data after the New York Republican primary shows that among the states that have voted so far in 2016, GOP primary and caucus turnout is up well more than 8 million votes and well more than 60 percent over 2012’s process. Top GOP officials say that the intense interest in the GOP primary throughout the year so far only serves to benefit the Republican nominee in November, whoever it ends up being.

In total, so far, nationwide the GOP has seen an increase of 8,719,041 votes in 2016’s primaries, caucuses and conventions over 2012’s primaries, caucuses and conventions. In 2012, 14,452,500 people voted in each of the states and territories that have held contests so far in 2016. In 2016, 23,171,541 people have voted in the GOP contests so far. That is a 60.33 percent increase in GOP contest turnout in just four years. 

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus reacted to the news in an exclusive comment to Breitbart News saying that voters are flocking to the GOP after a bad past eight years with Democratic President Barack Obama because they know Democrat Hillary Clinton as president would be “disastrous.” 

“After eight years of Barack Obama, voters throughout the country know that four years of Hillary Clinton would be disastrous,” Priebus said in an email. “Almost to a state, we are seeing record turnout because voters know it’s the Republican Party that has the ideas and solutions that will move America in the right direction.”...

Twitter Calls Jay Z Too 'Ugly' To Cheat On Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce looking weathered and stressed in her new music video
Attention seeking couple, singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Z, have aired out their marriage problems on her newly released album "Lemonade" in a desperate attempt to revive their dying Tidal music streaming service. Jay Z, Beyonce and their partner in crime, Madonna, bought the Aspiro music streaming service and renamed it Tidal, wrongly believing it would make them millionaires, but the company is hemorrhaging money.

Beyonce's new album has a host of poorly written rip off songs. Celebrity blogger Sandra Rose also states it is Beyonce's attempt to mimic Marvin Gaye's "Here My Dear" album about cheating (another item Jay Z and Beyonce took from Gaye and his wife in going around with a fake baby bump). The copyright infringing imagery used in the videos is not any better, as it is poorly made and a violation of the law.

Beyonce and Jay Z looking older in her new video

Beyonce and Jay Z caused a stir on the internet this past weekend, as she outed one of his many mistresses, Rachel Roy, who is the ex-wife of his former partner Damon Dash. Roy is also the mother of Dash's children. Jay Z has also been having affairs with his protégés Rihanna and Rita Ora, among others, which is a terrible open secret in the entertainment industry. 

The Judiciary Report has consistently stated for years regarding Jay Z and Beyonce, whom I've sued, that he is rampantly cheating on her with a number of women. Jay Z is a dog in his behavior that he thinks is cute, when it is absolutely ugly and disgraceful. He also encourages male entertainers and athletes he knows to cheat on their girlfriends and spouses, deriding them as soft if they do not do this. He has messed up people's personal lives in the industry with this bad advice.


Beyonce is being called crazy over her new, violent video with demonic, occult imagery. Beyonce and Jay Z are in the Kabbalah cult, who bill itself "the Illuminati"
Beyonce ignorantly refers to disgraceful Roy as "Becky with the good hair." First of all, there is so much wrong with that ignorant statement. In the black community, it is an insult to call a white woman a "Becky." It is mocking white women in America in an insulting way. Secondly, colorstruck Beyonce reminds me of the explosive Spike Lee film "School Daze" which laid bare the color prejudices that exist in some black communities. The term "good hair" refers to mixed black women and men with curly or straight hair, while degrading other African-Americans with kinky hair. Beyonce has kinky hair and for her to sing that line is stupid. 

God didn't make good or bad hair. He made hair and it's all good to God. This good and bar hair foolishness is some people's ignorant perception of what is and is not beautiful. As someone with curly hair, I've wondered how people can fawn over it, when it is not something I did, nor is it an accomplishment. It's not like studying hard and getting a great grade on a test. It is something you are born with and it doesn't make you better or worse than others. It's just hair. Beautiful hair comes in all textures and shades.   

Jay Z's former partner, Damon Dash and his ex-wife, the mother of his children, Rachel Roy

Roy taking to Instagram and posting, "Good hair don't care, but we will take good, for selfies, or self truths, always" was haughty and cocky. She was proverbially throwing her hair texture in Beyonce's face, in a manner that came across as though she was trying to assert some non-existent superiority based on being mixed. That was not a smart move, as Beyonce has a group on unhinged fans known as "The Beyhive." They pounced on Roy's Instagram page putting bee marks all over it (I'm not gonna lie, I laughed cause it looked crazy LOL). However, some went too far and began threatening Roy's life and safety and making inappropriate comments about her teenage children. 
Roy and Jay Z are foul for cheating all this time, as he was the business partner of the father of her children, whom he ripped off as well. It has given Beyonce a complex due to Roy being sophisticated. Whereas Beyonce is rough around the edges and unintelligent. Beyonce is jealous of Roy, who doesn't even love deluded Jay Z and wouldn't give him the time of day if he were not famous. 

Rachel Roy unwisely flaunted her affair with Jay Z in Beyonce's face, via an Instagram statement that caused the singer's fans to slam her. Roy was completely out of line. She later retracted the statement, but she did in fact cheat with Jay Z. She was just angry Beyonce mentioned it on her new album.
The lyrics on Beyonce's album are so ignorant, "Are you cheating on me?" I don’t want to lose my pride, but imma f*ck me up a bitch. What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy…I’d rather be crazy." She is also laying her mental illness bare, as many in the industry have stated she has lost her mind in the Kabbalah Center cult. Music critics are openly calling Beyonce crazy.

One of Jay Z's other mistresses, the aforementioned Rita Ora, taunted Beyonce as well, wearing a bikini with a lemon on it. This enraged Beyonce's unbalanced Beyhive, who began attacking Ora online as well. Ora is a head case. She wanted the attention and now she's got it, but it is the worst kind. Ora's career is a complete fake and a fraud. It is solely based on copyright theft (which is grand theft larceny) and having sex with entertainment industry men and women for career favors. 

Beyonce is jealous of Rachel Roy and her kids, as they are the beauty ideal she strives for
Ora and Rihanna are prostituting themselves to and for Jay Z's Roc Nation company to get deals and others to sign with the rapper. They have repeatedly had sex with him knowing he is married and not caring about it, which is wrong. Beyonce unwisely cheated with her bodyguard Julius to get back at Jay Z, bringing sin on herself. Jay Z is the greater offender in all of this, but two wrongs don't make a right. Not to mention, none of this is good for their child Blue Ivy. I imply the public not to follow their example. 

Some members of the public are desperately trying to hold up Jay Z and Beyonce as a model couple but they are not. The rampant adultery, chronic criminal copyright and trademark theft, unethical business deals defrauding others and occult message in their music and videos makes them anything but a model couple or role models. They are two uneducated usurpers stealing from others for money and credit that does not belong to them. Do not follow their example, as you will fall as they are going to for said financial and social crimes. 

Jay Z posing with Dame Dash's 16-year-old daughter. They better be careful. That's the same age websites state Jay Z went after Beyonce (she was allegedly 16 and he nearly 30, which is illegal in New York and California)
Beyonce's current album is doing half the sales its predecessor did on the charts. People are not amused with her or Jay Z. This scandal will have a negative impact on Jay Z's mistresses as well, as they are bold and completely out of order showing off about cheating with a man none of them would give the time of day if he was not famous. It always amazes me how fame fools some men into thinking they are good looking. 

Men who look like David Gandy, Tyson Beckford, Trey Songz and Shemar Moore would be considered good looking by society, whether they are famous and rich or not (and women routinely call the aforementioned men good looking). However, the world has never put Jay Z in that category. Many on Twitter and other social networking websites are stating Jay Z is too "ugly" to cheat on Beyonce: 

Side Bar: Beyonce's new videos again contain copyright infringing items from my preexisting work, such as the baptism scene and the item of her sitting at a keyboard allegedly playing music. Beyonce can't play the piano/keyboard (I can and do when I write songs on my laptop with my earphones on, as seen in her rip off). It's a dead giveaway. The scene also looks like the wood floors in my old house in Miami:


Beyonce Steals Again Illegally Using Copyrighted Footage For Her Deceitful New Video ‘Formation’ While Ripping Off A Model's Pictures And Is Slammed By The National Sheriffs' Association

Rita Ora Bragging About Cheating With Jay Z Is A Dumb Move

Rita Ora wearing see through bra with lemons on it, offending Beyonce's fans, as she taunts the singer about cheating with her husband Jay Z. Photo cropped by the Judiciary Report.
It's not secret in the music industry that rapper and Roc Nation records owner Jay Z has sex with the women he signs to deals.  He frequently has sex with protégés Rihanna and Rita Ora. He hides them from his wife, singer Beyonce, but stories have leaked out in the industry regarding Jay Z's rampant cheating that he has no intention of stopping.

Where Rihanna has kept a low profile regarding their disgraceful cheating, Ora is showing off about it online, wearing a see-through lemonade bra. She is under the impression that nothing can be done to her for this unethical behavior. However, if there's one thing women consumers dislike, it's an adulteress. Plain and simply put, they will not buy your products. So essentially, it was a dumb move on Ora's part (and that of Jay Z's other mistress, designer Rachel Roy, flaunting their affairs).

Jay Z uses Rita Ora (pictured above) and Rihanna to have sex with entertainers and athletes in trying to get them to sign with Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports and Roc Nation Boxing and for industry favors [Boxer Adrien Broner Says F**k Jay Z, Rihanna And Her P***y After The Rapper Pimps Her Out Again (Video)]. Keep it up Roc Nation and the government is gonna charge Jay Z, Rihanna and Rita Ora with prostitution. 

For disclosure purposes I have sued the aforementioned people for violating my privacy and copyrights. One thing I have noticed about Ora is she is sexually depraved and has no respect for herself. Men I have written about, complementing them in my column and on social networking, she crazily stalked and approached for sex. She's done it five times. She keeps doing this like clockwork. She's weird and creepy. Even places I have mentioned on my social networking pages, within days or weeks she goes there like clockwork. She's even mimicked original things I have written in this widely viewed copyrighted column seen by millions, attributing them to herself, which is a violation of the "right of attribution" regarding copyrights.

Recently, rapper ASAP Rocky outed STD infected Ora on being a promiscuous whore (Rihanna And Rita Ora Slammed Again As Music Industry Mattresses In ASAP Rocky's New Song 'Better Things'). Rocky wrote he ejaculated in Ora's mouth, then kicked her out of his room. Considering the number of men she is pictured dating and going into hotels with, it begs the question, has Ora, who is using her mouth and vagina as a sperm bank for various men, informed them of her slutbag activities. It begs the question, when last have Ora and Rihanna been to the dentist. I used to wonder about items I read on social networking regarding men refusing to kiss promiscuous women on/in the mouth. Now I understand why.

Side Bar: At a future date, I will be writing in greater detail about Ora's copyright thefts and the other weird behavior she has been engaging in regarding me behind the scenes. Ora's parents must be so proud they raised a crazy, creepy, thieving prostitute (sarcasm).


Rita Ora becomes latest star accused of having an affair with Jay Z... as fans claim racy lemon bra selfie proves she's 'Becky with the good hair' mentioned by Beyoncé 

Published: 18:40 EST, 25 April 2016 | Updated: 22:38 EST, 25 April 2016 - It is the question on everyone's lips after Beyoncé released her explosive new album, Lemonade, on Sunday. And while Rachel Roy has been the number one candidate for the mystery other woman Beyoncé mentions in the eye-opening track, 'Sorry', some fans now believe former Roc Nation star Rita Ora could be 'Becky with the good hair'. 

Clue? Fans accused the 25-year-singer of causing trouble in Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship after she posted a snap in a lemon bra while wearing a gold necklace with the initial 'J' just days before Beyonce's album release. In the past few hours, Rita's Instagram page has been flooded with insults, along with bee and lemon emojis, which is Beyoncé fans' favored form of attack on social media. Used to be close: While the British singer, who is of Albanian-descent, has previously shut down claims she has had affair with her then label boss, fans were quick to share their anger over the affair claims online...



Michael Jackson's Music Catalog Sold To Sony For A Fraction Of Its Value Is Very Suspect

Michael Jackson

IN life, the late singer Michael Jackson, feverishly fought to maintain control of his stake in the Sony Music catalog, which he had merged with his own copyrights. For decades Jackson refused to sell his stake in the Sony Music catalog. However, last month something very strange happened. Jackson's stake in the catalog was sold to Sony Music for far less than it is worth.  

Sony Music purchased Jackson's stake in the catalog for $750,000,000. Jackson's stake in the catalog was worth upwards of $3 billion dollars. Considering Jackson's family and music industry experts have openly stated Sony Music had Jackson killed, via Dr. Conrad Murray deliberately overdosing him on large quantities of the potent drug Propofol, which became highly toxic in his system, no one in the industry is surprised the singer's stake in the catalog has been sold at cut-rate princes to the greedy, lawbreaking corporation, against the singer's wishes. No doctor worth their salt would ever give a patient that lethal dose, then not call police for hours after he realized Jackson was dying.
Well, they've murdered him off and gotten the catalog just like they wanted. However, things won't be smooth in the future for Sony or its lawbreaking employees. There is trouble ahead. The company is going to experience a massive, unprecedented fall and collapse due to its greed and madness. And it is richly deserved, you thieves and murderers! It's amazing to me that you think you can engage in murder and God not bring it back to you. However, God doesn't like ugly, as He has plainly stated, "You reap what you sow." You haven't gotten away with anything.


Sony buys Michael Jackson’s music catalog for $750M

Associated Press 11:42 a.m. EDT March 15, 2016 - Michael Jackson's estate recently made a deal to sell its stake in some of the world's most iconic songs for nearly $750 million. Some of these classic hits come from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Taylor Swift. LOS ANGELES — Michael Jackson’s estate has agreed to sell its remaining stake in a lucrative music catalog to Sony Corp. for $750 million, the entities announced Monday.

The agreement for Jackson’s half-share of the Sony/ATV Music Publishing catalog will give the company sole ownership of works by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and other hit making musicians, including Eminem and Taylor Swift. The deal is another posthumous blockbuster deal for Jackson, whose estate has erased the singer’s massive debts through a mixture of new music and movie ventures and re-releases of the singer’s most popular music. Jackson’s estate benefits his mother and three children, known as Prince, Paris and Blanket.

“This agreement further demonstrates Sony’s commitment to the entertainment businesses and our firm belief that these businesses will continue to contribute to our success for years to come,” Sony Corp. president and CEO Kazuo Hirai wrote in a statement.

Reports Indicate Singer Prince Left No Will

Legendary singer/musician/songwriter Prince died on April 21, 2016. He was cremated this past weekend and a private ceremony was held at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Minnesota to remember his storied life. Reports indicate Prince left no will. His estate is worth approximately $100,000,000. Paisley Park and its contents is worth an estimated $10,000,000.

As Prince was a songwriter, he left behind a fortune in music. Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, who is also a singer, is his heir. Tyka is also a mother. My advice to Tyka is this, get a good lawyer and call all the shots yourself (be careful, Warner Bros and Sony Music, are known in legal circles for bribing lawyers and judges). Set up a trust regarding Prince's estate. Prince, like me, had legal fights with the record label Warner Bros, which is a greedy, evil, unscrupulous company. The only worse one in the entertainment industry is Sony Music.  Prince stated Warner Bros made him feel like a "slave" (he wrote it on his face) and it's the exact same way they have made me feel. 

Inside Prince's gorgeous Paisley Park studios
Do not sell off Prince's music catalog. He fought to keep as much ownership of it as possible. He wouldn't want certain music industry people owning it. There are some greedy psychopaths in the entertainment industry circling, as they know he has died and will seek to prey upon you and your family to rip his catalog from your hands. Do not let them do that. I know how evil they can be. Therefore, be careful and protect yourself.

Prince would not want other musicians, especially those he did not approve of, traipsing through his record studios and making music there. It would have devastated him in life. Do not let this happen to him in death. However, I don't think he would mind the public visiting it to take a look at where he made his hits. I think he would like that.

Prince's sister, singer Tyka
Prince was also very particular about who he licensed his music to for other works. He was not into music with violent themes and other negative messages. Do not authorize such singers or rappers to sample his work. He wasn't even a fan of the sampling to begin with, as he was a real songwriter/musician who could compose music from scratch, which is sadly no longer the norm in music. Don't allow movie producers to place his music in films of a twisted or negative nature.  

Prince left behind unreleased music. Make sure to properly secure the copyrights in America. The rest of the world immediately recognizes a copyright the moment it is authored in accordance with United Nations laws, via the Berne Convention (time stamps help to secure authorship dates, regarding who did what first in the vent a dispute arises). However, in America the law requires you pay the Copyright Office a fee, in violation of international law, to protect your copyrights on U.S. shores which grants you the right to sue in federal court, in the event they are infringed. If you choose to release Prince's unreleased songs, do it through your own record company.


Appeals Court Overturns Tom Brady's NFL Football Suspension Being Lifted By Fawning Judge

Tom Brady
The NFL scored a victory against one of its top football players, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who has been convincingly accused of engaging inappropriate behavior that is tantamount to cheating on the grid iron. Brady was accused of having teammates and Patriots' staff deflate footballs, making them easier for him to handle, which gave him an undue advantage in play.

Tom Brady in court last year smiling after questionable judicial ruling

Brady was handed a four game suspension for this misconduct. Brady filed a lawsuit and a biased judge, Richard M. Berman ,questionably and mysteriously tossed the suspension. The NFL filed a case with the appeals court to have the improper judicial ruling overturned. Yesterday the appeals court sided with the NFL and reinstated Brady's suspension. 

Tom Brady
This reallly was not a matter that should have been brought before the courts. Sports leagues around the world have internal systems athletes agree to abide by and process decisions through. For Brady to have taken it to a partial judge, who is a fan of the sports star was inappropriate and brought the judiciary into disrepute due to the corrupt, fawning decision that was issued. 


Federal court has reinstated the NFL's four-game suspension of Tom Brady

11:54 a.m. EDT April 25, 2016 -Round 2 – unlike the first – goes to the NFL – and Tom Brady’s four-game suspension has been reinstated. A panel of three judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has ruled in favor of the league in the ongoing Deflategate case against the Patriots quarterback and the NFL Players Association. 

The court announced the decision on its website Monday to reverse the decision by a U.S. District Judge, and reinstate Brady’s four-game suspension. This comes as a drastic momentum swing in the case, after the players union secured a significant victory last September, when District Judge Richard M. Berman vacated Brady’s four-game suspension for his alleged role in intentionally deflating footballs prior to the 2015 AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts...

Tom Brady's Suspension Being Lifted By Judge Sends The Wrong Message About Cheating In Sports

Erin Andrews Settles Hotel Peeping Tom Lawsuit With Marriott Hotels

Erin Andrews in court recounting the terrible ordeal
A settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed by sports analyst, Erin Andrews, filed against the Marriott Hotel, after poor security led to a stalker invading her privacy. Stalker, Michael Barrett, was able to obtain Andrews' suite number from a Marriott Hotel staff member and booked a room right next to it. This enabled him to watch her movements and hack off the hotel room peephole, placing his mobile phone camera up to it and film her naked in the suite, while she was getting ready to make television appearances. Barrett caused Andrews tremendous emotional and mental trauma by uploading the secretly made video from the peephole, to the internet, where millions watched Andrews naked in her hotel room, without her permission.

Michael Barrett
The Marriott Hotel has settled with Andrews for an undisclosed sum of money, after jurors threw the book at them for their poor security practices. Jurors informed the media they were very dismayed by the case and want greater assurances their privacy will be protected in places such as hotels. Contrary to what a handful of crazy people like to think, particularly in Hollywood, the world is not headed in the direction that it is permissible or appropriate to spy on people in their homes, hotels and public toilets, to satisfy someone's sick sexual urges, in behavior psychiatrists denounce as the mentally ill sexual disorder known as voyeurism. It is depravity of the highest order associated with sexual predators and pedophiles.