Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Google's Appeal In Oracle Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Accusing The Tech Giant Of Ripping Them Off


The tide continues to turn against Google. Recently, the city of Mountain View, California, snubbed the tech giant, awarding them a small parcel of land for purchase, while giving the lion’s share of the property for sale to smaller rival, Linked In. In Britain and Europe, Google has come under fire in houses of legislature for illegally spying on people by using Google Maps cars to illegally sweep up and collect residents' computer data such as private files, passwords and detailed profile information, as the vehicles drive through neighborhoods all over the world, under the auspices of capturing video of streets.

Google Maps labels the White House "nig*a house" and the U.S. Supreme Court "dumb f**ks"

This week the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Google’s appeal in a case filed by tech rival, Oracle, who alleges copyright infringement of their software Java for Google's Android computer program that is used in millions of mobile phones. Google willfully infringed Oracle's copyrights to make Android software, refusing to obtain a license for the commercial, bulk use of Java. One cannot cite the Fair Use segment of the Copyright Act under such circumstances, as it does not apply. 

Side Bar: I wonder if calling the Supreme Court the "dumb f**ks" didn't help Google's plight in this case (LOL). 



Joseline Hernandez v. Jessica Dime Sees The Rivals Gear Up For A Fight On 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'

Joseline Hernandez

Things got ugly again between former strippers Joseline Hernandez and Jessica Dime on this week's episode of the reality show "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta." Karlie began gossiping back and forth between the two until the truth came out that Joseline paid Jessica for sex, which is pretty sad. Jessica also revealed that Joseline's fiancé/husband/something, Stevie J, wanted to cheat with her and offered to impregnate her. Stevie J already has 5 children by 5 women and can't pay all is child support, which has resulted in legal action against him by the State of New York. He needs to calm down.

Jessica Dime is similar to fellow Miami rapper Trina in look, sound and behavior

Jessica stated Stevie J said,"How beautiful I am, how feminine I am and how he wants to put a baby up in me." Notice he called Jessica feminine. That's because people think his woman Joseline is actually Jose, as in a man. Joseline is pretty, but she is muscular and has very manly features. Joseline also revealed Jessica Dime is a stripper and prostitute whom football players paid for sex. Of all the "Love And Hip Hop" spin offs, Atlanta continues to be the most dysfunctional. 


Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J's Opportunistic Relationship Is A Toxic One

Joseline Hernandez was out of place at the BET Awards in more ways than one (seated next to her is husband Stevie J)

Reality star and wannabe rapper, Joseline Hernandez, is struggling to launch a rap career. Hernandez began dating and allegedly married award winning R&B/rap producer, Stevie J, with the sole purpose of becoming a star. Stevie J has made Joseline a star, but not in a good way. Social networking views her as the delusional aspiring rapper who thinks she is the Lebron James of the rap world, when her rapping ability does not place her that high on the totem pole.

Hernandez is using sex to control her relationship with Stevie J. If he brings her songs or performance opportunities, she is nice to him. If he doesn't, she withholds sex and berates him in very unkind terms, when he tries so hard to make her happy. It is an opportunistic relationship. If you are married to someone, you should not be withholding sex from them until you get what you want. That is manipulative and wrong. You are supposed to have a normal, healthy sex life with your spouse engaging in intercourse on a regular basis. The man shouldn't have to be begging for it. What kind of marriage is that.

Stevie J is now promising to make Joseline a movie star when it is painfully clear she can't act

The sad fact of the matter is what Joseline does is not acceptable. She is a stripper, who wants to be a rapper, but is relying on half naked, vulgar stage shows and empty raps. Success is not going to come under those conditions. Joseline is not rapping anything of interest or entertainment value in English or Spanish. Both Spanish people and English speaking people are stating she does not make sense in either language.

There are successful Spanish entertainers such as Daddy Yankee and Don Omar, who have achieved chart success in their native tongue. Therefore, Joseline has no excuse for what has transpired with her career. Her husband is not to blame. Stevie J is a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer. He's done what he can for her and she needs to work way harder (and learn how to rap). To be frank, at this point she is proving a liability to his career.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kirk Frost Upsets Wife Rasheeda Again Going Off On A Second Cheating Promo Tour With Ashley Nicole

Is This An Actual Promo Tour Or A Hotel Promo Tour

Rasheeda an Kirk Frost

When will alleged music executive Kirk Frost learn to stop cheating on and upsetting his long suffering wife, rapper Rasheeda. The preview for next week's episode of "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" reveals Kirk going away on another promo tour with his bland, struggling artist, Ashley Nicole, who isn't exactly lighting up the charts or social networking with her music. Rasheeda is shown confronting them once again.

Kirk Frost and Ashley Nicole

Being on "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" should be more than enough promo to assist an aspiring artist to chart fairly well. However, Ashely Nicole's music still has no buzz and Kirk is jeopardizing his marriage to Rasheeda over an artist that is costing them money.  Kirk and Ashley Nicole's relationship has the appearance of cheating. This is disrespecting his wife and family, after all the previous trouble he'd gotten himself into with various women. Please tell me Kirk is smarter than this.


Monday, June 29, 2015

BET Awards Has Chris Brown Performing Many Times And Diddy Accidentally Falling Into A Hole On Stage

Yes, It's That Time Of Year Again - The EBT Awards (LOL)


Chris Brown

BET network (Black Entertainment Television) put on a big awards show yesterday to honor the top talent in black music. To show black people are good sports, the award for best new artist went to white British singer, Sam Smith, who had a big year due to his hit song "Stay With Me." The man of the night was R&B singer Chris Brown, who won two awards and was featured on so many artists' songs this year, he ended up on stage performing throughout the night. It was the Chris Brown Awards show.


Diddy in the hole
Gospel sensation Donnie McClurkin also turned in a rousing performance at the show that is watched by millions around the world. Being the smart aleck I am, one of the top highlights of the night for me was seeing rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs fall into a hole on the stage during his performance. The way he just falls out of view is hysterical. Music and comedy all in one night (LOL).

Rihanna with duct tape

Side Bar: why was Rihanna sitting in the audience fiddling with duct tape. It gave rise to jokes on Twitter that she was planning to kidnap Karrueche Tran, her rival for the affections of singer, Chris Brown, whom she publicly referred to as the love of her life. You know, kidnapping is wrong and will not solve her problems - by the way, has anyone seen Karrueche since (LOL)!


Coach Slammed, Humiliated And Demoralized Diddy's Son Justin Combs For Being Rich

Justin Combs (second from the right) and Sean "Diddy" Combs

TMZ is reported UCLA football coach Sal Alosi was demoralizing and verbally abusing Justin Combs, the son of music and fashion mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs, for being rich and connected. This led to Diddy physically attacking Alosi. TMZ states Alosi was so resentful of Justin being rich, he posted a photo in the locker room of the rap mogul and his son courtside at an NBA basketball game and stated, "While you guys are training, this guy is sitting courtside with his dad."

Sal Alosi

Alosi's bullying was completely uncalled for. Furthermore, how is attending a basketball game partying. Granted, Diddy handled matters the wrong way by resorting to violence, Alosi provoked it via bullying the rapper's child in his presence. Alosi has a problem with sportsmanship and fair play, having tripped a Miami Dolphins football player during an NFL game, in misconduct he was forced to publicly apologize for on television.


Hypocritical Nick Gordon Smiling As Bobbi Kristina Lays Dying From A Relationship Solely Based In Money

Nick Gordon smiling in Florida while Bobbi Kristina Brown is dying

Nick Gordon was spotted smiling again in Florida, living it up while the late Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, lay dying in a Georgia hospice, due to foul play. It is not right that he is smirking, soaking in a hot tub, lapping up the sunshine and going all over the place enjoying life, while she is dying because of what he did to her.

On January 31, 2015, the day Bobbi Kristina was discovered face down, unresponsive in her bath tub with unexplained bruises, in the same scenario as what occurred with her mother 3-years prior (Houston had unexplained bruising as well and Gordon was present when she died), Gordon had again beat her up. This time it was due to the fact he discovered Bobbi Kristina was leaving him over the domestic violence, manipulation, exploitation and cheating he subjected her to on a regular basis. When Houston died in 2012, Gordon's true colors came out (in more ways than one).

Bobbi Kristina, Cissy Houston and Whitney Houston

Gordon's behavior bears all the signs of an abuser, via controlling Bobbi Kristina's phone calls, who she spoke to, where she went and access to the sizable trust fund containing the millions her wealthy mother left to provide for the aspiring actress/singer. However, Gordon has taken all those dreams from Bobbi Kristina in an incident he refuses to tell the truth about, as it would instantly land him in prison.

Gordon's behavior was so brazen he would abuse Bobbi Kristina, then buy her expensive gifts with her own money as an apology. Gordon also used Bobbi Kristina's money to obtain luxury cars, expensive clothes and gifts for women he was cheating on her with. No one deserves to be treated like that.

Another Top Executive Leaves Jay Z And Madonna's Failing Tidal

Peter Tonstad and Jay Z

After two short months on the job,  top executive of Jay Z and Madonna's failed Tidal music streaming company has left his post, after replacing Andy Chen, who also bailed on the troubled outfit. Peter Tonstad abandoned the bogus company, adding to the stream of employees that have made a run for the exit as it crashes and burns.

Drake helping to launch rival Apple Music streaming service, which has received a much better reception from the public than Tidal

A month ago 11 Tidal executives, including the company's chief operating officer, quit and ran from the beleaguered venture social networking and the press loudly labeled a flop. Jay Z and Madonna's attempt to rip off Spotify's business has failed. The market has become even more difficult for Tidal, with Apple Music's take on music streaming, pairing it with other items.