Friday, October 31, 2014

Singer Chris Brown Settles Assault Lawsuits Against Him Confirming Previous Site Claims

Chris Brown looking happier than he has been in a while, as he got his life back

R&B singer Chris Brown has settled two assault cases against him. The first case brought by Frank Ocean's cousin, whom witnesses stated started the fight with Brown, was settled for the small sum of $20,000, when he originally demanded $3,000,000. That's less than the $25,000 gold iPhone Brown recently purchased.

The second case, filed by Parker Adams in connection with the case where he got too touchy feely with the star and was blocked from entering his tour bus in Washington, DC, was settled for $100,000. Adams originally demanded $3,000,000 from Brown and his bodyguard Chris Hollosy.

Chris Brown and his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, pictured by his Lamborghini, have resolved their recent internet spat as well

Several months ago on March 21, 2014, the Judiciary Report was the first to report Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, was looking into settling the main assault case against his client brought by Parker Adams (Chris Brown’s Lawyer Looking Into Settling Washington Assault Case). After months of negotiations, the demand amount has been significantly reduced, making way for the settlement.

Now Brown just has to be careful of where he goes and with whom (Getting Negative Influences Out Of Your Life). Some people are looking to set him up for an undeserved payday, while others are industry rivals out for revenge. There's nothing wrong with being a homebody and laying low. Brown's life has turned around over the past few months and he needs to continue on that path.


Chris Brown I Settled 2 Assault Cases For Chump Change

10/30/2014 12:50 AM PDT - Chris Brown is a little lighter today ... he just lost more than a $100K but in return got rid of 2 pesky lawsuits. Sources connected to Chris tell TMZ ... the guy who Chris punched in Washington D.C. a year ago just settled his civil lawsuit against Chris. We're told the singer anted up around $100,000.

You'll recall ... Chris dodged a major bullet with the help of his lawyer Mark Geragos by striking a plea deal in the criminal case. He avoided probation, jail and fines by pleading guilty to simple assault. As for the second case ... TMZ broke the story Chris got into an insane fight at a West Hollywood recording studio in January with Frank Ocean's posse. Frank's cousin sued Chris for $3 million. We've learned the case just settled for UNDER $20K. It's handled.

Floyd Mayweather's Father Says His Son Will Fight Manny Pacquiao In 2015 In News Welcomed By His Top Rival

Floyd "Money" Mayweather

There are reports from champion boxer Floyd Mayweather's camp, as well as that of Manny Pacquiao, that a fight could be on the horizon from the top rated pugilists. Floyd Mayweather Sr. has stated regarding his top grossing son, "It's gonna happen. That fight's gonna happen. Trust me. That fight's definitely gonna happen. It's a fight for the world, man, right there. It's the biggest fight that has ever been in life, so like I said, man, that fight's gonna happen. Floyd never told me the fight's gonna happen, but ... the fight's gonna happen. You mark my words, and we'll see.”

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao

Adding fuel to the fire is Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington. The Los Angeles Times reported, "Last week, Mayweather Jr.’s friend, actor Denzel Washington, said on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show that Mayweather Jr. has told him he plans to fight Pacquiao in June."

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Well loved boxer, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, stated regarding the potential bout, "I'm crossing my fingers. Hopefully that fight will happen by next year. I'm crossing my fingers that that fight will happen but right now my mind is already set to focus on my next fight with Algieri. I think the time to talk about that issue is after the fight." Pacquiao is ready for his next fight, having accidentally broken the nose of his sparring partner, Viktor Postol.

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana

Pacquiao next fight is against New Jersey's Chris Algieri on November 22, 2014. Next year could be quite busy for Manny, as another tough and worthy opponent, Marcos Maidana, recently stated he wants to fight him in 2015. Maidana stated, "He is the biggest thing for me after Mayweather, and [it makes] business [sense to] fight him. There is a desire to stage something here, but it would be very difficult to make a fight so big in Argentina."


Floyd Mayweather Sr. further fuels Mayweather Jr.-Pacquiao talk

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is on vacation and Manny Pacquiao still has a world title defense ahead of him next month, but the speculation that the pair are headed to a long-awaited superfight is heightening. Mayweather’s trainer and father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., told that he believes Mayweather (47-0) wants Pacquiao as his next opponent.

"It's gonna happen. That fight's gonna happen. Trust me," Mayweather Sr. said. "That fight's definitely gonna happen. It's a fight for the world, man, right there. It's the biggest fight that has ever been in life, so like I said, man, that fight's gonna happen." Mayweather Sr. was quick to note that his son “never told me the fight's gonna happen, but ... the fight's gonna happen. You mark my words, and we'll see.”...

Last week, Mayweather Jr.’s friend, actor Denzel Washington, said on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show that Mayweather Jr. has told him he plans to fight Pacquiao in June...

Manny Pacquiao Next Fight: Marcos Maidana Wants Shot Against ‘Pacman’ After Twin Defeats to Floyd Mayweather

First Posted: Oct 28, 2014 02:52 PM EDT - Former World Boxing Association welterweight champion Marcos Maidana wants to face Manny Pacquiao in 2015. Marcos Maidana took two straight defeats to Floyd Mayweather Jr. this year, but the Argentine believes that he still deserves to be in big fights, saying that he wants to face Manny Pacquiao next year.

Maidana, who holds a 35-5 record with 31 knockout wins, said in an interview that facing Pacquiao is the next best option after the Mayweather fight. The 31-year-old wants the fight to be staged in Argentina, but he conceded that it will be difficult for both parties to schedule the fight in his home country.

"He is the biggest thing for me after Mayweather, and [it makes] business [sense to] fight him," Maidana said of Pacquiao via BoxingScene. "There is a desire to stage something here, but it would be very difficult to make a fight so big in Argentina."...

Pacquiao still hopeful on Mayweather showdown

Posted on » Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - HONG KONG: Filipino boxing star Manny Pacquiao said he hoped to finally step in the ring with arch-rival Floyd Mayweather next year as he denied he was taking his upcoming opponent Chris Algieri lightly. Pacquiao, mobbed by his supporters during a promotional trip to Hong Kong, said: 'I'm crossing my fingers' that the hotly anticipated Mayweather fight could happen in 2015.

'Hopefully that fight will happen by next year,' he said. 'I'm crossing my fingers that that fight will happen but right now my mind is already set to focus on my next fight with Algieri. I think the time to talk about that issue is after the fight.' The eyes of the boxing world have long been on a showdown between the unbeaten American and eight-division world champion Pacquiao (56-5-2), two of the greatest boxers of their generation.

The two regularly exchange taunts with 'Money' Mayweather recently posting pictures of Pacquiao's losses, and the Filipino last month telling his rival to stop 'blabbing' and fight him...

Manny Pacquiao breaks sparring partner's nose before fight

First posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 01:50 PM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 02:07 PM EDT - Manny Pacquiao is more than three weeks out from his next title defence against unbeaten American Chris Algieri but the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion is already in devastating form, trainer Freddie Roach says.

Sparring partner Viktor Postol, the number one contender in the World Boxing Council's super lightweight division, would undoubtedly agree after the Filipino southpaw left him with a broken nose in training last week. Pacquiao (56-5-2), who has won titles in a record eight different weight classes, suffered successive defeats in 2012 but has got back on track with two impressive wins over Brandon Rios and Timothy Bradley.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moniece Slaughter Attacks Lil Fizz's Girlfriend Amanda Secor On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood (Video)


In the October 22, 2014 Judiciary Report article "Is Lil Fizz Too Good To Cheating Amanda Secor" the site joked "Never mind the mother of his child, Moniece Slaughter, seems like she’d cut him and Amand." Well, one week later, during this Monday's episode that aired on Monday, October 27, 2014, Lil Fizz's girlfriend, Amanda Secor, was attacked by, Moniece Slaughter, the mother of his child, Kameron.

Amanda Secor and Lil Fizz
Amanda got mouthy with Moniece and she basically let her have it. Moniece pounced on her like a cheetah, pulled off a slap and snatch move. This prompted security to pull Moniece off Amanda, after she'd grabbed a hand full of Secor's hair and tried to pop off her head by pulling her locks.

Moniece Slaughter

Coincidentally, Fizz had a restraining order against Moniece, but later dropped it. Will Amanda file a restraining order against Moniece due to their fight. One thing's for sure, Moniece resents her for trying to play mommy to her son and for cheating on Fizz.

Nelly Says Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancee Shantel Jackson Got With Him Because He Is Better At Sex


You know Nelly is mocking Floyd right!
Things are getting ugly again between rapper Nelly and boxer Floyd Mayweather. Nelly has been dating Mayweather's ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson, who has sued the boxer for domestic violence and invasion of privacy, among other claims.

Shantel Jackson and Nelly

Mayweather has far more money than Nelly and is of the view that the rapper cannot afford Shantel. Many, including the Judiciary Report, have stated Shantel is with Nelly in a bid to become famous and gain access to his money. One problem, Nelly's finances were not what Shantel thought, as he has experienced setbacks. Hence the lawsuit against Mayweather.

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather before their break-up

However, Nelly believes Shantel is with him for another reason. Nelly believes he is better at sex than Mayweather and proclaimed she is with him for that reason (she probably told Mayweather the same thing, as she's a gold digger). Nelly stated on Twitter in response to Media Take Out's claims Shantel is using him for money and fame, "Haha MTO how much $ they pay yall?And who ever ya snitch is u need 2fire cuz she ain't doit for no part she did it cuz it's goooooood..!" The implication is he is better at sex than Mayweather. Hide your wallet, Nelly.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Bigger Boxer Doesn't Always Win (Video)


Mike Tyson

Everyone's heard stories of the little guy triumphing against the big one. It's an age old tale that gives the underdog encouragement. It is true in boxing as well. People tend to look at potential fights and assume the bigger boxer will win, but that is not always the case.

Take for example, former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers to ever step into the ring. In his prime Tyson beat men who were bigger and taller. He did so with purpose, accuracy and precision. Legendary boxing trainer, the late Cus D'Amato, famously stunted Tyson's growth as a teen, by making him jog with heavy weights on his back that were placed inside a bookbag. As a result, Tyson is shorter than many of his peers at 5'10. 

David Haye v Nikolay Valuev WBA World Heavyweight Championship in 2009 

Another fine example of this is the fight David Haye v Nikolay Valuev for the WBA Heavyweight title. On paper, the casual observer would assume 7-foot 320 pound Valuev would beat smaller, but still big opponent, Haye, who is 6'3 and weighs 235 pounds, but the find did not turn out that way. 

Valuev, who was a worthy and skilled opponent, who is now retired, but to date only has 2 losses in 53 fights, was outclassed by his smaller rival, Haye, another pugilist with a great record. Haye put on a masterful performance feverishly circling Valuev the entire fight, landing accurate and effective shots. It was a masterclass and one of my favorite fights.

Haye's defensive skills during the fight were so good, that he was elusive, consistently evading shots that could have resulted in a knockout from towering Valuev. The fight was billed "David vs. Goliath" and it certainly lived up to its name with David winning.  


Stills from Haye v. Valuev 
In closing, if your opponent is bigger than you are, it does not mean they will win the fight. Great defensive skills (head movement and footwork) coupled with clean, accurate shots can win the fight. 

At the end of the day to be a great, well rounded boxer, especially in the heavyweight division, you must be an effective power puncher with great footwork/head movement (defensive skills). You cannot just focus on one aspect of your boxing game, you must master them all. It means more time training, but that's a sacrifice you have to make if you want to win. 

David Haye won the title

Side Bar: Mike Tyson was on the television show "The View" this week and he stated he doesn't miss getting into the ring, due to the nervousness and anxiety it created, coupled with the damage it did to his personal relationships from working all the time. Tyson still loves boxing though and is now a promoter.

American Nurses Recover From Ebola And Make Public Appearances

President Barack Obama to nurse Nina Pham who just recovered from Ebola: don't get too close (kidding, he didn't say that)

Some good news has been released on the Ebola front, regarding the war against the dreaded hemorrhagic disease. Nurses, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, have been released from quarantine and are in good health. The nurses contracted Ebola from Liberian tourist, Thomas Eric Duncan, who sadly died.

Amber Vinson

Ebola still continues to be a problem in African nations such as Liberia and Sierra Leone. They need the world's help in combating the disease. This year, an estimated 4,000 people from all walks of life have died in Africa from Ebola. 


Producer Teddy Riley Lays Down The Law On Soulja Boy Regarding His Daughter (The Dangers Of Putting Too Much Private Info On Social Networking)

Soulja Boy and Teddy Riley

This week's episode of "Love And Hip Hop Hollywood" featured legendary music producer and singer, Teddy Riley, interrogating rapper Soulja Boy about dating his daughter Nia. Riley asked Nia to let him speak to Soulja Boy alone at the restaurant table, prompting her to excuse herself and go.

Riley, who became famous in the 1980s as a member of the singing R&B trio Guy, as well as producing many hits for various artists, was promiscuous to the point he fathered 10 children by different women. Prior to their first meeting at lunch, Nia informed Soulja Boy that her dad has 10 children, which left him in stitches.

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley

Riley grilled 24-year-old Soulja Boy who has dated Nia on and off for 8-years. Riley was puzzled as to why he has never met the rapper, after his daughter dating him for such a long time. Riley cut right to the point and asked Soulja Boy if he slept with his daughter on the first date. This prompted stuttering from Soulja Boy which should have indicated yes, but he managed to mumble out a no.

Riley also reproved Soulja Boy in stating, "I've seen you on You Tube with females videotaping you under the influence of drugs and alcohol." He was speaking of promiscuous Soulja Boy's sexual conquests. Riley began staring him down, as he was not amused. 

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley

The Judiciary Report has consistently maintained that people need to be careful regarding what they put on their social networking sites. There have been a number of reports from mainstream news outlets indicating potential employers are taking submitted applications and running the applicants names through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, among others, to gain an accurate picture of the individual.

To show off online, for people, many of whom you don't even know, then damage your professional and personal life as a result, is regrettable. It may seem like fun at first showing off online, but it can come back to haunt you in many ways that on the surface you can't imagine. 

"Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" cast

Potential employers, sponsors, love interests and the family members of those you are dating or want to date, check social networking. If they see reckless items online regarding drugs, alcohol, sex, you with a different lover or love interest every other week or month, hateful statements or unprovoked vicious attacks on others, it will cause them to flat-out reject you. It can get you rejected from your dream job or the person you want most. It can change the course of your life, because people will interpret this as who you are. Think about it, what else do they have to go on if they don't know you.

Therefore, clean up your social networking pages and make them look presentable. Putting too much information out there can prove detrimental, depending on the nature of what is being placed online. When people visit your social networking pages, let them see a smart, skilled, responsible person in control of their life and faculties. Let employers or sponsors see someone they would want to hire for a good job, which means money in your bank account. Let the opposite sex see someone great and decent they would want to love in a relationship.

Teairra Mari And Hazel Continue To Be Insulted By Their Exes On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Ray J drinking in the studio after telling off Teairra Mari

Singer, Teairra Mari and her former friend, Hazel, who is working on becoming a rapper, are being insulted by their respective exes on the reality show "Love And Hip Hop Hollywood." Teairra Mari dated rapper and co-star Ray J on and off for 9-years.

Ray J insulted her in this week's episode, for showing concern for him, after he was arrested in Beverly Hills for touching a woman's rear and vandalizing a cop car, by kicking out the window, while he was allegedly drunk. Ray J snapped and cursed at Teairra, then stated, "Whatever I had for you is way in the past and that's where I'm gonna keep it." Ray J further stated he "didn't cheat" because they "wasn't together" and were only "f*****g  around."

Hazel and Yung Berg right before the fight

Hazel fared even worse, as the man she is so in love with, after hooking up with him for sex on and off over the course of 8-years, music producer Yung Berg, told her off for using his beats to write a song about the terrible state of their relationship. The problem is Hazel believes there is a relationship. Berg does not believe there is one. He refuses to own up to her publicly and sees her occasionally for sex.

Berg angrily stated, "She writing this record about me" and it is "an open love letter to me." Hazel referred to it as a "four page letter" which is also the title of a 1990s Aaliyah song. Berg further fumed, "You ain't never been my b***h." He informed Hazel "You can't use my material for that" and called her wack. To get back at Hazel, Berg cruelly stated regarding her former friend turned rival, Teairra Mari, whom he is also working with, "I believe in her more than I believe in you" (Berg is now trying to bed Teairra).  


Teairra Mari and Hazel when they were friends

Hazel flew into a rage and started hitting Berg, before the show's security pulled her off him. Berg grabbed her purse and vindictively emptied the contents on the street, then walked off. Hazel then angrily threatened, "I know too many people in these streets. You'll get more than your chain snatched f*****g with me."

I hope Hazel and Teairra Mari finally realize the type of men they are dealing with and move on. Neither Ray J or Berg, respectively, will publicly own up to dating or being in a relationship with either woman, opting to use them for sex, while looking for women they deem better. That's a bad warning sign.