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New Audio With Footage Released Of The Laquan McDonald Murder By Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Is Even More Infuriating (Video)

New footage has been released of the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke and it contains the sound that was scrubbed from the original video. Chicago Mayor and former Obama Administration alum, Rahm Emanuel, originally stated at a press conference that the dashcam video of McDonald's shooting has no sound. However, someone obtained a version of the dashcam video with sound and leaked it.

Original video of Laquan McDonald murder was released without sound:

The version of the video with audio is that much worse and more infuriating, as you hear bullets firing from Van Dyke's gun, the officer reloading and shooting again, in what was a preventable murder based in police brutality. The audio is jarring, as the shots just kept ringing out, one after another, leaving the underage teen dead in a pool of his own blood. The video reveals after the first two shots McDonald was incapacitated and on the ground. However, officer Van Dyke chose to fire 14 more bullets in an act of excessive force.

A still from the dashcam video of Laquan McDonald's shooting

Van Dyke, a known racist, showed no regard for the young black teen's life. Regardless of what racists think, everyone has rights. The court system is not set up to allow police officers to use excessive force in determining the death penalty on a public street. The misconduct McDonald is accused of, was a misdemeanor, not worthy of Van Dyke playing judge, jury and executioner ending the teen's life.

Laquan McDonald

The city of Chicago is under fire for covering up the crimes. For a year they did everything to suppress the case, refusing to release videos and files that illustrate McDonald was senselessly murdered in an act that was not self-defense. It took a court judge to order the city of Chicago's government to release the tape, as they kept resisting legal requests. In doing so, the government co-signed the crimes via the cover up that constitutes corruption. It's one thing when an employee does something crooked, but when it is brought to the government's attention, if they go along with it, that is corruption and a cover up, making them accomplices to crime. It is the equivalent of stating you agree with something evil that was perpetrated against someone.

Police officer Jason Van Dyke

Previously, the Judiciary Report proposed legislative lines be drafted on a congressional level (federal) legally compelling police officers to exercise restraint in cases when confronting suspects, meaning shooting unarmed people to death who are trying to flee from you should never be an option (Congress Needs To Enact Legislative Guidelines Regarding Police Brutality).



Serena Williams And Drake Are Over Again As The Rapper Is Spotted With Another Woman

Drake and Serena a few weeks ago

Tennis player, Serena Williams and her on and off again boyfriend, rapper Drake, are off again. The two reunited for a few months this year, but have already broken up again. They previously dated in 2011. Drake is still picking women off Instagram. On Thursday night Drake was at the Toronto Raptors basketball game and she was seated a few seats behind him near courtside. Those tickets aren't cheap.

One of Drake's side chicks LaLa

Lala was seated a few rows behind Drake in expensive seats at the game on Thursday

Drake is known for going on Instagram and sending women airplane tickets, flying them out to have sex with him for a few days, then dumping them like yesterday's trash until he's in their area again. Each woman falls for it, thinking they will be his new girlfriend, but they end up dumped. He just uses them for sex and in this day and age that is very dangerous due to HIV.


Drake Brought His Latest BBW Instagram Chick To The Game Last Night . . . And She’s The THICKEST CHICK . . . We’ve Seen Him With . . . EVER!!!! (She’s 180 Pounds . . . Of THICKNESS)

November 26, 2015: Last night Drake attended the Toronto Raptors game. He was sitting in the front row with his mom. What you didn't know is that he had his THOT-OF-THE-WEEK . . a girl named LaLa there with him also. Drake and LaLa have been messing around for MANY YEARS - but she's now even THICKER THAN BEFORE.

Of course he didn't buy her FRONT ROW seats, but he got her some pretty good seats NONETHELESS!! Here is her posting about it on Instagram. Drake actually threw a birthday party for the Toronto-based "model" last May, and had his personal chef make a cake for her. So you know she's been ridin' with him for a long time.


Butt Enhancement Procedure Kills Computer Specialist And Makes A Model Infertile

A Butt That's To Die For...Literally

Silvina Luna

The rise of celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea has led to women wanting to emulate their look and the attention it attracts regarding having large, round rear ends (Jennifer Lopez's butt is the only one that is natural). Some people have been dying to have a larger, rounder butt, literally. It has resulted in the deaths of people in several countries, who went to unlicensed individuals, who injected harmful substances into their bodies.

In some cases, side effects from butt enhancement surgery led to infection and death. 47-year-old Jane Kiiza of London, England, died days after liposuction and a butt enhancement procedure, due to infection. Kiiza's doctor removed fat from her stomach, thighs and back, then inserted it into the cheeks of her behind for a fuller rear end. The goal of the procedure was to rearrange the fat in the body removing it from the areas the patient felt were too big and placing it in the desired region they want enhanced via enlargement. Based on reports, Kiiza's surgery was done correctly, but was high risk due to what the procedure entails.

Jane Kiiza

 In other cases, some have been left with permanent damage from having butt implants. Case in point, Argentinian model, Silvina Luna, who underwent butt enhancement surgery. The procedure entailed, "injecting small acrylic beads suspended in a biological fluid that includes fat from other parts of the body, under the skin of her bum." She ended up with excruciating post-surgical pain and infertile.

It is understandable that people want to have plastic surgery to look their best. However, sometimes it can become excessive and in other cases flat out risky. Some people's hearts can't take it. A small percentage of plastic surgery patients have experienced heart attacks on the operating table, which negatively impacted the brain. In some cases it resulted in fatalities. At the end of the day, realize that surgery has risks. Complications can arise. Pick a reputable, licensed doctor and don't overdo it.


Mother-of-one died after getting infected with a flesh-eating bug during a 'bum-lift' operation by top Harley Street surgeon

Published: 18:07, 23 November 2015 - A mother-of-one died after contracting a rare flesh-eating bug during a Brazilian 'bum lift' operation by a top Harley Street surgeon, an inquest heard. Jane Kiiza, 47, is said to have 'treated herself' to the surgery because she wanted a 'new look' after her Cambridge-educated son left home. But it triggered a cascade of infection that tore through her body, killing her when she returned to hospital just four days after the procedure.

The IT consultant from Hampstead in North London is the first British casualty to die from the increasingly popular ‘curve enhancing’ cosmetic operation known as a Brazilian lift. Although no official statistics exist, the procedure is said to claim lives annually in the US and South America, where it is highly demanded by women hoping to emulate the hour-glass figures of celebrities such as singer Jennifer Lopez and reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Named after the famous beach-loving country where it became popular, it involves removing fat from the abdomen and re-injecting some of it into the buttock area. It is a serious but relatively routine procedure. Tests found no traces of the bacteria in the privately-run theatre or iodine supplies at the Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow. Senior Coroner Andrew Walker ruled Ms Kiiza's death was a result of complications from the operation...

Botched bottom surgery leaves model infertile: 'I was in incredible pain'

Published 1st October 2015  - Silvina Luna underwent a controversial procedure to give her a rounder, firmer bottom. The operation involved injecting small acrylic beads suspended in a biological fluid that includes fat from other parts of the body, under the skin of her bum. But the 35-year-old's plastic surgery went terribly wrong and she claims she has been left infertile.

"I was in incredible pain after the first stage of the operation, and considerably weakened," she said. "I couldn't even walk down the stairs properly without assistance." "I assumed it was a normal side-effect and it didn't stop me going back a month later for the second stage of the operation after which it was a lot worse," she added...


Madonna Rebuffed By Famous Young Athlete Who Calls Her Old


Psychopathic pop star, Madonna, 59, has become obsessed with a young athlete in his mid-twenties and been making him offers of fame and fortune if he will publicly date her. The athlete is already successful in his own right, but not a global superstar. The athlete is not amused by her unwelcome advances. He has been stating to his friends that he is not interested in Madonna. The athlete has told his friends "I don't want Madonna" and "I don't want that a**" and "Madonna is acting crazy" and "she's going too far" and "she's weird" and "that b***h don't look right" and "she is shaking her old p**** at me!" (he really could have phrased that last one a bit better LOL).

Jennifer Lopez

Madonna has been bombarding him with desperate messages via a member of her crazy Kabbalah Center and it is understandably disturbing him. His friends are also mocking him over it, as she is coming off like a desperate stalker. Madonna likes to associate with young stars, as it has become a well known gimmick she uses to get her name on popular blogs and in the entertainment section of newspapers to audiences of the younger celebrity.   

Halle Berry

Said athlete does have a thing for women his age and women who are older than his age as well. He has a thing for Halle Berry, 49 and Jennifer Lopez, 45. The athlete bragged to his friends regarding Halle Berry, whom he called "luscious" and stated of Jennifer Lopez "I'd wear her out" in the bedroom. The problem is clearly Madonna. 

If people want to date others who are younger than they are, that's their business. That's not the focus of this article. However, when a person heavily pursue someone who is not interested, causing the object of their affection distress and stress with the unwanted advances, that's definitely going too far. Nobody likes a stalker. Learn to leave people alone.

Side Bar: I want to name names so badly in this article, because I think it's hilarious, but said athlete will get upset with me, so I'm gonna behave myself. 


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chicago Police Officer Lied In Report After Shooting 17-Year-Old Black Teenage Boy Laquan McDonald 16 Times (Videos)

Revealing news report on the murder of Laquan McDonald is a must see:

Video has emerged of 17-year-old black teen, Laquan McDonald, being shot to death by white police officer, Jason Van Dyke, 37 on October 20, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. Cop car dashcam footage shows McDonald walking down the middle of the street with what is said to be a small, 3 inch pocket knife in his hand, as officers begin to surround him. McDonald is then shot to death by Van Dyke in what is a case of cold blooded murder. McDonald was shot in the head, chest, back, arms and legs 16 TIMES at point blank range in what is unquestionably excessive force and police brutality in the form of a extrajudicial execution. Van Dyke emptied his gun shooting McDonald, then reloaded and fired some more.

Raw footage from cop car dashcam of Laquan McDonald's murder:

After the shooting, Van Dyke and his fellow officers immediately mounted a terrible cover up. They threatened witnesses to the murder, motorists that saw what transpired, "Leave or be arrested." As a result, no witness statements were taken. The police officers then went to a nearby Burger King restaurant and with no warrant demanded access to their security cameras. The cops deleted 89 minutes of footage which all relates to the McDonald murder by police officer Van Dyke. Police later claimed the system has been powered down during that time, hence no footage relating to McDonald's suspicious death being available. However, Burger King refuted police claims stating the system is never powered down.

Laquan McDonald

The cover up went even further as the official police report stated McDonald lunged at the officer, which led to him shooting him once in the chest. This was a complete lie. The police dashcam video released months after the shooting reveals McDonald did not lunge at any of the officers. He was moving away from them, when Van Dyke decided to open fire, murdering the teen.

The release of the video yesterday, which police fought against, led to widespread protests in Chicago. People are understandably upset, as the video of McDonald's murder further confirms the blatant disregard for black life among some police officers in America. The McDonald family has been given a $5,000,000 settlement by the Chicago Police Department (though they did not file a lawsuit).

Police officer Jason Van Dyke

Van Dyke has a history of abusive behavior. The ABC Eyewitness News 7 television station revealed 18 complaints were previously filed against him, but he never faced disciplinary actions. Van Dyke has 8 complaints for excessive force and in 2 of the incidents a gun was involved. There are also claims among the complaint of Van Dyke using racial slurs.

Van Dyke is currently under indictment, charged with the murder of McDonald, which is apart of an ongoing investigation in Chicago. The case is also being investigated by the FBI on a federal level. However, considering the FBI are the cover up kings, getting the truth and justice out of them will be a real battle.



Man Arrested For Stalking 10-Year-Old Boy Via GPS After Trying And Failing To Adopt Him And Another Boy He Molested

William Thomas Duncan

41-year-old William Thomas Duncan Jr., owner of Infinity Distribution Services Inc, is under arrest after giving a 10-year-old boy three gifts that contained GPS tracking devices, he used to stalk the minor. The three gifts were a computer tablet, a stuffed animal and board game. Duncan previously tried to adopt the boy, but was rejected by the state.

Court documents also reveal a previous cases, regarding Duncan trying to adopt another 10-year-old boy, but was rejected after disturbing behavior. Department of Social Services allowed Duncan to have weekend visits with two boys on separate occasions that resulted in highly questionable behavior. In the first incident, Duncan rubbed lotion on the 10-year-old's genitals, claiming the child had a rash. He was rejected from adopting the boy after the incident.

In what is baffling, the Department of Social Services, allowed Duncan to have another weekend visit with a second boy (the one who was subsequently stalked). The boy stayed at Duncan's home for the weekend, which should not have happened after the incident with the first child. However, Duncan's adoption was again declined after he slept in the same bed as the second 10-year-old and pressed his body up against the boy. Duncan is clearly a pedophile, who poses a very serious danger to children.

After the second adoption was denied, Duncan showed up at the boy's school with a lunch bag, claiming the child had forgotten his lunch. Inside the lunch bag was a mobile phone and note stating, "At this point, it is you and me against DDS." Using the GPS tracker in the gifts given to the boy, Duncan also stalked the child on a school field trip to a local zoo in North Carolina. Authorities revealed, the boy was terrified believing Duncan was coming to get him at the zoo in an incident the pedophile labeled a "coincidence." The GPS tracker also enabled Duncan to find out where the boy lives. 

As seen in Hollywood cases regarding depraved celebrities, people are hiring private investigators not as a means of lawfully gaining information to protect themselves or to uncover bad behavior by partners or spouses, but to engage in criminal stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy and terrorization of innocent people they become obsessed with.

Private investigators are being hired by pedophiles and other perverts to help them stalk innocent people who want nothing to do with them. Stalking is a crime. It denoted serious mental illness. The average person knows stalking is wrong. Anyone who goes as far as to hire a private investigator to help them stalk someone is mentally far gone and should not be free.


A Virginia Beach man has been charged with stalking a 10-year-old boy he had unsuccessfully tried to adopt

William Thomas Duncan Jr., 41, showed up earlier this month at the boy’s school and later while the child was on a field trip at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, according to court documents. The problem: Duncan wasn’t supposed to know where the North Carolina boy lived or went to school. And he’d previously given the boy three items with GPS trackers hidden inside, documents said.

A federal magistrate on Tuesday ordered Duncan – the CEO of Infinity Distribution Services Inc. in Virginia Beach – held without bond on one count of interstate stalking. If convicted, Duncan faces up to five years in prison. In an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court, Homeland Security Investigations Agent Kristin Joseph said Duncan tried to adopt two 10 year-old boys in the past two years from different counties in North Carolina.

Both adoptions were denied. The first rejection came after Duncan applied lotion to the boy’s genitals for a possible rash, the affidavit said. Officials in another county initially agreed in July to let a second boy visit Duncan on the weekends, but they removed him from Duncan’s care in September after learning of the first denial. Joseph said Duncan slept in the same bed as the boy and pressed his body against him.

Joseph said Duncan was ordered to return the boy’s property. Three of the items turned over to the Randolph County Department of Social Services, however, were not familiar to the child. Among them were a computer tablet, a Sorry board game and a stuffed animal. Investigators found GPS devices hidden inside the tablet case and the stuffed animal and mixed in with the board game’s pieces, according to the affidavit.

Joseph said Duncan showed up at the boy’s school Nov. 4 with a lunch bag, claiming the child had forgotten his lunch. Inside, investigators found a cellphone and a letter instructing the boy not to tell anyone about it and to text him with an “identification code.” “At this point, it is you and me against DSS,” the letter said, according to Joseph...

Joseph added that the boy “curled up in a ball” earlier this month when a police officer went to his house to talk about the incident at the zoo. The boy thought it was Duncan coming to get him, Joseph said.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Linked To ISIS Deliberately Shoot Down Russian Rescue Helicopter Aiding Downed Jet That Was On Its Way To Fight The Terrorist Group

Barack Obama

The Obama Administration is under fire tonight, as newspapers revealed Syrian rebels the President of the United States backed and gave $500,000,000 in American weapons and training, shot down a Russian rescue helicopter that went to aid a fighter jet that had two pilots on board. The fighter jet with the two pilots were on their way to fight terrorist group ISIS.

The incident happened over Turkey, where according to the Daily Mail, the Obama Administration has a military base. The Russian jet was on its way to Syria. As the pilots ejected from the plane that was hit by a missile, the Syrian rebels shot them to death, then exclaimed, "allah akbar." A Russian rescue helicopter was sent and it too was shot down by Obama's Syrian rebels.

The Syrian rebels, who are apart of ISIS, downed the Russian rescue helicopter using American missiles given to them by the Obama Administration. Stories such as these give credence to claims by Obama's own fellow Democrat, Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard that, "Obama is working hand in hand with ISIS in Syria." Exactly what is Obama playing at. This does not look good at all.


Russian rescue helicopter 'shot down by Syrian rebels' while searching for pilots of plane downed by Turkey

13:58, 24 Nov 2015 Updated 19:56, 24 Nov 2015 - The Russian leader also warned it would have serious consequences for his country’s relations with Turkey. A Russian rescue helicopter has been shot down by Syrian rebels while searching for pilots missing after Turkey downed a Russian jet. The helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in a government-held area in Syria's Latakia province. A Syrian insurgent group, which uses U.S. Tow missiles, said its fighters hit the helicopter with an anti-tank missile.

Video footage has emerged online appearing to show the helicopter after it crashed in dense woodland. Plumes of smoke can be seen coming from the aircraft. Vladmir Putin earlier warned Turkey of "significant consequences" after the Russian plane was shot down. The Russian President also said the action by Turkey was a "stab in the back" and said it would have serious consequences for his country’s relations with Turkey...


Pretty Teenage Girls Who Went To Join ISIS Beaten To Death By The Terrorist Group For Trying To Leave

Samra Kesinovic 

Two pretty, but naive young girls, ages 15 and 16, left their family homes in Austria to join the terrorist group ISIS in Syria and it has ended in tragedy, as it has for many others who have done the same. Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic were beaten to death after trying to leave the terrorist group based in Raqqa. The Mirror Newspaper revealed, "They left behind a note telling their parents: "Don't look for us. We will serve allah - and we will die for him. Once they arrived it is believed they were married off to local fighters and both the girls were thought to have been pregnant at one stage."

Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic left home to join ISIS, were married off to local terrorists in the group, impregnated and beaten to death

The two girls had posted items about leaving the west to join the terrorist outfit, but soon found out it was not what it appears. As stated in a past article, the New York Post reported women are raped, sexually abused and swapped among ISIS terrorists, who engage in a type of rough sex that resulted in the hospitalization of some of the women in their camps. The New York Post also reports HIV is spreading through ISIS camps due to women who join or are kidnapped being used as sex slaves, while others engage in wife swapping.

Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic as jihadi brides at ages 15 and 16

Young women are joining ISIS after buying into the videos and stories they posted online, only to end up sexually used up, physically ill and desperately trying to escape. As stated in past Judiciary Report articles posted below, stay with your families and leave terrorism alone. Enjoy being teenagers by living normal, productive, violence-free lives in your communities.

Teenage ISIS 'poster girl' who travelled to Syria 'beaten to death after trying to escape Raqqa'

18:00, 24 Nov 2015 Updated 22:56, 24 Nov 2015 - A teen who became a 'poster girl' for ISIS after travelling to Syria along with her friend is believed to have been beaten to death while trying to flee the terror organisation. Samra Kesinovic, 17, who left home in April 2014 was killed after she tried to escape Raqqa, Austrian media have claimed. Her friend Sabina Selimovic, who was 15 when she left her Austrian home, is also believed to have died in the war torn Middle Eastern country. Tabloid Österreich quotes an insider who said the girls were living with women in a house in the ISIS stronghold when Samra was caught as she tried to escape. The pair, whose parents are Bosnian refugees, had disappeared in April last year after saying that they wanted to fight in Syria...

A short while after the pair fled their homes they appeared on social networking sites brandishing Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men - photos which Austrian police said acted as recruitment posters for young girls. An Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, Mirsad O., known by the Islamic name of 'Ebu Tejma', was allegedly responsible for the radicalization of the two young girls. Authorities say he brainwashed them into joining the jihad. He denies this...
"Once they have left the country, even if they then changed their minds, it is then almost impossible to get them back."


Boxer Tyson Fury Complains About Steroids Use In Sports At Wladimir Klitschko Pre-Fight Press Conference

Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury at press conference

British heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury, 27, who is set to face WBA, WBO and IBF world champion, Ukrainian pugilist Wladimir Klitschko, 39, this Saturday in Dusseldorf, Germany. During a press conference and interviews this week, Fury sounded off on a number of things. The jokes were in abundance as Fury tried to irritate Klitschko by leaning over and whispering in his ear "Ooh, you smell nice" then proclaiming to the press that his rival "Smelt of perfume. Women's perfume."

On a more serious subject, Fury has gone on record complaining about the use of steroids in sports. Fury stated in an interview this week, "I can look at a man and tell you if he's full of drugs by one glance at his body with his top off. Boxing has got a big problem with drugs. Why don't they make drugs totally legal in sports and then it would be fully fair? You can't tell me these sports people aren't taking drugs when they look like Greek gods. You can train for 100 years and your body will never look like that. But if a man wants to pump himself full of drugs it's only shortening his life."

Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury at press conference

Fury complained that he trains often and his body does not look chiseled. Fury stated, "I’ve trained all my life, I’m fighting for the heavyweight championship of the world. But my body is like jelly, it’s a natural body you see" (LOL). Fury has shaped up thanks to a new trainer. He looks firmer, slightly thinner and a bit more defined, but by no means does he have a very muscular body.

Some thought Fury was calling Klitschko "Drago" from the "Rocky IV" film, regarding the Russian boxer who was pumped full of steroids ('Rocky IV' Highlights The Advantages Of Contrasting Training Methods). When pressed about his steroids comments to the BBC, with some wondering out loud if it was a dig at Klitschko, who is very muscular, well defined and solid, Fury stated the comment was meant in general. 

The character "Drago" from the "Rocky IV" film

Steroids and all forms of performance enhancing drugs should not be legalized in sports. It is very dangerous for the health. As stated in past columns (Steroids Shortens Your Penis And Life), steroids wreaks havoc on the heart (and the penis, which women will not be happy about LOL). Studies have confirmed these facts. So many wrestlers and bodybuilders that have used steroids died young from heart attacks. It's not worth it.

If steroids were legalized it would lead to greater consumption, whereas now drug cheats are trying to hide it by only using it at certain times. Steroids are poison. Pumping that into one's body frequently will promote heart attacks and cancer. Nothing beats hard work and doing things the right way.


Legalise drugs in sport, says world title challenger Tyson Fury

Posted on: 05:19 PM IST Nov 24, 2015 - Tyson Fury, the British heavyweight boxer who fights for the world title in Germany on Saturday, says boxing has a "big problem" with doping and that the only way to combat it is to make drugs legal in all sports. In the latest in a round of interviews publicising his challenge for Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko's three world titles in Dusseldorf at the weekend, the controversial Fury said he could tell if any sportsman had been doping...

Robert Smith, general secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control, told the BBC on Tuesday that he did not believe doping was a major problem in the sport. A statement from board said it was "committed in its fight against drug use in professional boxing" and has "an extensive programme of out-of-competition testing and in-competition testing."


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rumors Rife In Washington President Obama Battling Serious Personal Issues

Obama smoking weed in university and beyond...

I have been informed by one of my trusted, credible sources that rumors are rife in Washington that U.S. President Barack Obama is still battling substance abuse issues via a relapse. Obama, who drank alcohol and smoked marijuana in university, is said to be having sobriety issues, under the pressures of being president. Obama has made a number of decisions that has people wondering what is going on with him. Obama has adopted a party attitude from his Hollywood friends and donors, whom people complain, are running the White House (into the ground).

Barack Obama

Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, was an admitted alcoholic. Bush was photographed unaware at times, drinking beer on the back lawn of the White House. When Bush left office, a massive number of wine and champagne bottles were missing and unaccounted for from the White House wine cellar. Many also stated Bush battled substance abuse issues in university regarding narcotics use as well.


The Clintons Accused Of More Shady Financial Dealings As Their Offshore Investment Fund Is Shutdown In Colombia

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton

Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and her husband, former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, are mired in controversy this week, as their offshore company Fondo Acceso, was shut down in Colombia for operating as an unregistered private equity fund. A report on the Washington Free Beacon website reveals the company was "not registered as a private equity fund in the country, which may have allowed it to avoid certain industry regulations and oversight from the Colombian government."

The site also further states, "Fondo Acceso is registered in Colombia as a 'simplified stock corporation' which legal experts said precludes it from doing business as a private equity fund." Fondo Acceso had $20,000,000 in funds and branded itself a "private equity fund." In what also looks quite shady, the unregistered, private equity fund that kept the identity of its owners hidden (the Clintons) was run out of a Bogotá, Colombia office, when the Clintons' actual office is in New York.

This brings to memory the recent September 29, 2015 Judiciary Report article "Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Accused Of Hiding Money As $50 Million Disappears" which carried a report from the Forbes website  regarding the Clintons missing or hidden money. As stated in the column years ago, an investigation revealed the Clintons hiding money in the Cayman Islands.


Clinton Foundation’s Colombian ‘Private Equity Fund’ Was Unregistered

Company’s website removed from internet after Thursday report

November 23, 2015 5:00 am - The Clinton Foundation’s Colombia-based investment company was not registered as a private equity fund in the country, which may have allowed it to avoid certain industry regulations and oversight from the Colombian government. Although Fondo Acceso described itself as a “Private Equity Fund” in company promotional materials and business presentations, it is not listed in a database of current or previously registered private equity funds maintained by the Colombian government.

Colombian legal experts consulted by the Free Beacon said that Fondo Acceso did not appear to have violated any laws by calling itself a private equity fund, as long as it was not doing so while trying to raise capital. According to its corporate records, Fondo Acceso is registered in Colombia as a “simplified stock corporation,” which legal experts said precludes it from doing business as a private equity fund.

Fondo Acceso’s website was also removed from the internet this week, shortly after the Washington Free Beacon reported that the $20 million investment firm was owned by the Clinton Foundation and was run out of the foundation’s office in Bogota... 

The Privacy Of HIV Positive Star Charlie Sheen Violated As He Is Secretly Filmed Having Sex With A Man In Conduct Indicative Of Hollywood Exploitation

Charlie Sheen

The Radar Online website has revealed it was offered a secretly made sex tape for sale that features HIV positive actor, Charlie Sheen, smoking crack cocaine and performing oral sex on a male prostitute. As stated in the column a week ago, Sheen has been paying female and male prostitutes and porn stars for unprotected sex, despite knowing he has HIV and not disclosing this fact to them. To withhold his HIV positive status is illegal. However, Sheen's rights have also been violated by people secretly filming him without his consent in situations "privacy is to be expected" under the law. Sheen has also been the target of many blackmail attempts and to date, states he has paid out over $10,000,000 to people extorting him.  

The Judiciary Report has consistently maintained there needs to be stronger privacy laws in America, as people's rights are being violated by unscrupulous vultures in sick ways. The current voyeurism laws are too weak with slap on the wrist penalties for what is abhorrently sick behavior. The late U.S. senator, Arlen Specter, presented the Surreptitious Video Surveillance Act in Congress for passage, but since the time of his death it has stalled. It would bar individuals from secretly filming others without their consent, as in the case of what transpired against Erin Andrews. These sick acts of voyeurism are not only violating adults, but children as well. Recently, someone placed a hidden camera (via hidden mobile phone that was recording and transmitting the feed over the internet) in a Starbucks bathroom without the knowledge or consent of the coffee chain and filmed a 5-year-old in a state of undress, who was using the toilet.

Hidden camera via mobile phone found in Starbuck's ladies room secretly filming people using the toilet

In another disturbing incident, rapper Lil Wayne was secretly filmed having sex without his knowledge or permission, in a tape being shopped around for payment and potential publication. The lawbreaking individuals who are demanding big money for the video have offered it to sites such as TMZ, as well as porn companies, in criminal violation of basic privacy and voyeurism laws. Wayne is threatening to sue, as it truly is a gross invasion of his privacy.

Select famous perverts in a Hollywood cult, Kabbalah, have paid private investigators, such as the now incarcerated Anthony Pellicano, among others, to plant hidden cameras in people's bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and offices, whom they have illegally spied on like depraved, sick, sexual predators engaging in criminal voyeurism. World has been going around the entertainment industry that sick members of the Kabbalah Center, who have employed private investigators such as Anthony Pellicano and Gavin DeBecker, secretly watch people in their homes in this manner, with some bragging about masturbating to it. They've even thrown said fact in victims' faces.

Depraved Hollywood pervert Madonna has paid huge sums to private investigators to perversely and insidiously spy on innocent people she insanely becomes obsessed with. This sick, mentally deranged conduct has gotten Madonna sued by different people in America.

The illegal hidden camera feeds are uploaded to a private, password protected website that nasty, dirty, depraved Kabbalah Center members log-on to (which also contains illegal wiretap transcripts, hacking data from mobile phones and computers, swiped mobile phone photos, as well as surveillance reports compiled on innocent victims) in criminal violation of the law. The mere fact that this is how the sick cult is getting their sexual kicks speaks volumes about how depraved and disgusting they are on every level. They are an abomination, as such perversion and nastiness should not be happening in any society. The U.S. government has failed to protect the public's rights that such sick behavior is transpiring in America against innocent people.


HIV+ Charlie Sheen Caught On Camera Performing Oral Sex – ON A MAN!

Posted on Nov 23, 2015 @ 6:54AM - The Charlie Sheen HIV scandal is set to explode with the bombshell revelation that he has been caught on video performing oral sex — ON ANOTHER MAN! has viewed a series of outlandish clips as part of our investigation into the controversy engulfing Sheen. They show the drugged-up former “Two and a Half Men” star smoking a crack cocaine pipe and performing fellatio on a male lover.

In a bombshell world exclusive, Radar can reveal that at least three videos were recorded of the thrice married father-of-five. The clips last about 30 seconds and depict Sheen smiling on cameras as he brazenly indulges in the illegal drug. Once high, the Tinseltown train-wreck seduces his male companion before pleasuring the individual with a hardcore sex act. A source told Radar the videos were recorded in Nevada in 2011...

HomeLil Wayne Lawyers Up In Sex Tape Battle - Lil Wayne Take Down the Sex Tape ... Or Else!!!

10/17/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF - Lil Wayne is on a mission to make his sex tape disappear ... now with the help of his legal guns. Wayne's attorneys fired off a cease and desist letter -- obtained by TMZ -- to HollywoodStreetKing ... an urban blog that's been posting clips. Wayne's legal team is demanding the site to remove the video within 5 days, or else. As for what "or else" means ... it's a lawsuit, dummy! TMZ broke the story ... the tape shows Wayne wearing nothing but his socks, cavorting with 2 girls. The demand letter does not even concede there is a sex tape, but Wayne's rep tells us if there is one the rapper had NO idea he was being filmed...

Mom Horrified After 5-Year-Old Son Finds Hidden Camera in Starbucks Bathroom in Lancaster

Posted 11:09 PM, July 9, 2015 - Sheriff's deputies in Lancaster were investigating the discovery of a hidden cellphone camera recording video inside the ladies bathroom at a Starbucks in Lancaster on Thursday. A woman, who asked not to be identified, told KTLA that her 5-year-old son made the discovery around 10:30 a.m. at a Starbucks near Avenue K and 10th Street West.

"My son used the restroom first and I used the restroom after him," she said. "I noticed he was staring at the sink a little bit perplexed. I asked him what was wrong and he said, 'Mommy, why is there a phone under there?'" When she looked under the sink, the woman saw a cell phone propped up by paper towels with the camera pointing toward the toilet.

She immediately notified employees who contacted the sheriff's department. "The deputies discovered that the cellphone was running in a video-recording motion," said Lt. Joseph Fender with the Lancaster Sheriff's Station. "It's such a violation of privacy," the victim said. "Not only of mine, but my son." It was not clear where the video was being sent or how long the phone may have been recording...