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Iranian Government Refers To Kim Kardashian As A Spy

Kim Kardashian
The Iranian government has made sensational allegations that "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reality star, Kim Kardashian, who is American and of Armenian descent, is actually a spy. They are of the belief Kardashian is a spy for the U.S. government, encouraging Iranian women to be promiscuous and post revealing photos on the social networking website Instagram. Kardashian is being accused of working with Instagram CEO to accomplish this goal. As a result, nearly 200 Iranians that use Instagram have been targeted for arrest and other serious consequences. 

The Inquisitr reports, "Earlier this week, Mostafa Alizadeh, a spokesman for the state-run Centre to Combat Organised Cybercrime, alleged in a statement that Kim is collaborating with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom for the purpose of encouraging Iranian women to violate Islamic dress codes and undermining Iran’s morality laws. In Iran, a 1979 law requires women to cover their hair, but according to authorities, women who show off Kim Kardashian hairstyles on Instagram are violating the country’s modesty laws — and authorities believe Kim Kardashian herself is to blame. 

Kardashian certainly does not set a good example for any woman or girl, due to prostituting herself for fame and money and while exhibiting no talent. However, I am not of the belief it is a U.S. government plot. Kardashian comes from a family of tramps that Americans complain about as well, stating they are corrupting impressionable young women. Furthermore, aren't spies supposed to be smart. Spying is branded intelligence work. How can you do intelligence work without, well, intelligence. The Iranian government needs to let their citizens go and free them from further prosecution on this matter. It's not a U.S. government plot. It's a skank plot (LOL). 


Kim Kardashian Accused of Encouraging ‘Promiscuous’ Iranian Women And It Has Scary Consequences For Women Worldwide [Video]
May 25, 2016 - Kim Kardashian has been targeted by the country of Iran for encouraging Iranian women to post “promiscuous” photos of themselves — and human rights activists are going wild over what it means for women’s rights worldwide. According to the International Campaign for Human Rights, 58 models, 51 designers, and 59 photographers and makeup artists based in Iran have been targeted, with eight of them being arrested, by Iranian authorities for refusing to “reform” their “immoral” Instagram photos copying Kim...

Chris Brown Cozies Up To Pretty Female Olympian

Chris Brown and Maya Harrisson. Chris Brown looks like a 1980s Puerto Rican break dancer in this photo (it's the new hair). 
26-year-old R&B singer Chris Brown has a number of female fans due to his looks and singing voice. 24-year-old Olympic athlete Maya Harrison is one of them. Brown posted a photo of himself with the pretty Brazilian skier, who lives in Geneva, after Harrison attended one of his concerts. Brown in hugging her in the photo with a boyish smile on his face. I mean, he is showing all his teeth in the photo.

Maya Harrisson's post on Instagram about meeting Chris Brown
Brown captioned the photo "@mayaharrisson good luck at the OLYMPICS thanks for coming to the show." Brown also added a heart emoticon to the caption (Chris and Maya "sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g"). Harrisson is grinning in the photo as well. Harrisson also posted the photo to her Instagram page. At the end of her caption Harrisson wrote of Brown, "Hope to see you in Geneva next time" and added a winking emoticon. It sounds like they like each other.

Prince's Ex-Girlfriend States He And Madonna Were Not Friends Despite What She Tries To Claim Now


Prince: no they don't have Madonna on stage singing my song off key, voice cracking like her face
Anna Fantastic, the British ex-girlfriend of the late singer, Prince, unmasked Madonna's opportunistic Billboard Music Awards tribute to the star that was roundly slammed all over the internet as abysmal and terrible. Madonna has been trying to give the impression she and Prince were great friends, when industry insiders know better.

Prince: at least they had Stevie there!

Fantastic stated, "You know I was there when they recorded their duet together, Love Song and she really wanted to do a music video and he refused. I think he liked the song, but didn't want to do a video. I even said, 'I think you and Madonna in a video could be really cool,' and he said, 'Me and Madonna in a video? No thanks.' 'She (Madonna) also said, 'I'm going through a lot right now with my divorce with Sean.' And he said, 'What has your divorce with Sean got to do with me or this song? I'm not doing a video with you.' They didn't seem like really good friends.' Last year she wanted to do a tour with him and he said something like, 'it's too much, the world can't handle this' or, 'it's too much for the world to handle right now', but he had a great sense of humour."

With all the friends he has in the music industry who care about him, she was one of the last people that should have been on stage doing a self-centered, attention seeking tribute. Using a visually impaired man, Stevie Wonder, for public sympathy, in the wake of all the terrible press she has been receiving, was low and pathetic. Some people will do anything for attention and publicity, including exploit the dead.


Prince 'refused to film video to his '80s duet with Madonna', according to his ex-girlfriend Anna Fantastic

Published: 03:58 EST, 25 May 2016 | Updated: 10:05 EST, 25 May 2016 - Madonna's musical tribute to her late friend Prince at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards was savaged on social media. And according to the pop star's ex-girlfriend Anna Fantastic, he may not have been too impressed if he would have seen it. English singer and model Anna dated and lived with Prince in the late '80s when he recorded a duet with Madonna for the latter's album Like A Prayer... 


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders Expresses Concern About The CIA's Illegal International Conduct (CIA Accused Of Torturing Innocent Children To Get Information From Their Parents)

Bernie Sanders
Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has expressed concern about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and their illegal conduct in America and the world. Sanders stated, "I do have some concerns about past activities of the CIA, which, continues, by the way, to the present...CIA was involved in the overthrow of a gentleman named Mohammad Mosaddegh way back when in Iran. Overthrew him on behalf of British oil. And you know what happened, that led to the Iranian revolution and we are where we are today...A democratic candidate (Salvador Allende of Chile), he won a fair election, the CIA overthrew him."

There is an inherent and virulent hatred for blacks, Latinos and Arabs (also known as people of color) at the CIA and its sister agency FBI. So much, the number of minorities have plunged at the agencies, as Americans come to the horrific realization of what the two government entities are truly like. If you look carefully at the federal agencies history of insidious and nefarious attacks on others, the victims are usually blacks, Latinos and Arabs.

Americans are often baffled when they take vacations in the international community and are treated badly. It is because the CIA and FBI were there before you and made such enemies with unlawful conduct, people of various world nations in turn have America off for it. The CIA and the FBI have made it very unsafe for Americans in the world. The agencies have broken so many international laws and committed such heinous crimes in foreign nations that it has provoked hatred for America in the world. The FBI and CIA are the source of the anti-American sentiment in the world.

The irony is if the American people were asked to take a vote regarding the illegal activity the CIA and FBI get up to in America and the world, the country's citizens would overwhelmingly vote against it. For decades, the FBI and CIA have been led by racist, hateful, power hungry, money grubbing men, who all know or are related to each other and have deranged goals regarding so-called world domination. 

The CIA and FBI are the catalyst for much of the corruption U.S. presidents engage in when they assume office. A president gets elected, then the CIA and FBI fill their heads with pure paranoid madness and the deranged "us against the world" mentality, in bids at controlling the head of state and keeping big budgets flowing at the American taxpayers' expense. Rather than seeing the world as a whole, the CIA and FBI seek division through divisiveness, in bids at "divide and conquer."

The CIA and FBI live for toppling world governments. It is a perverse obsession. They think they are playing some board game of world domination and end up killing millions of global citizens with this madness. They invent "weapons of mass destruction" and brand world government after world government a danger that must face upheaval and the instillation of the head of state the federal agencies see fit. The will of the people, who voted in each respective nation to chose their leader, be damned. 

CIA Director, John Brennan, has done the devil proud, as he and his predecessor, along with former FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, ordered heinous human rights abuses against children and old ladies. They are the embodiment of evil and have done America a great disservice, that when fully exposed in the press, the history books will record in a terrible light. 
The CIA has kidnapped people from a number of western nations, as well as Middle Eastern countries, viciously tortured them in gruesome acts (burning their flesh, mutilation, boring holes into victims with drills, repeatedly cutting their body parts including genitals with sharp knives, waterboarding, punching, kicking, stabbing and electrocuting kidnapped victims) only to release them after months of torture, proclaiming they nabbed the wrong people. As a result, there are many lawsuits against the CIA and FBI for terrible, abusive acts. 

There are prevalent claims that the CIA with the support of the FBI has been torturing people's children in their presence, as a way to extract information and or cooperation from them. One doesn't fall any lower in life than to do such unspeakably evil things and God is going to judge the CIA and FBI. You don't commit crimes against children and God not punish you for it.

Due to the conduct of the CIA and FBI, there are a number of lawsuits against the U.S. government in America and the international community, for serious criminal misconduct that constitutes heinous human rights abuses. The U.S. government has also gotten many world nations into legal and social trouble over the aforementioned sick criminal misconduct, when innocent people were kidnapped from their streets and viciously tortured for months. The CIA and the FBI has gotten Britain, Italy and France sued by people, who were illegally abducted from their streets by the psychopathic federal agencies, then tortured in other nations.

It is completely deranged. How can the U.S. government claim to be a shining example of human rights and allow the CIA and FBI to do such sick, depraved things. Security experts have stated on record that torture does not produce credible intel/data from the subjects being abused. Yet the U.S. government is actively engaging in this sick practice via the FBI and CIA, with the knowledge and consent of the President and Congress. 

Here are A FEW of many other offenses committed by the CIA and some with the assistance of the FBI:
1. Under former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, whose vice president at the time was George H.W. Bush, who had previously worked as CIA director, the CIA flooded the African-American neighborhood of Compton, California and surrounding Hispanic communities with crack cocaine, to raise money for illegal initiatives during the Iran-Contra affair. It gave rise to the crack cocaine epidemic that wreaked havoc on America in the 1980s, as it began to spread from California to the rest of the nation. 

The damage from it can still be seen today regarding addiction rates and the way it has moved through generations of families (addiction becomes embedded in DNA, making some more predisposed to it than others). Convicted drug kingpin "Freeway" Rick Ross, among others, confirmed the story, regarding illegal interactions with the CIA, who sold Nicaraguan drugs to dealers in America for large scale sale and distribution in Compton. The CIA then used the millions of dollars in illicit, illegal drug proceeds to wage an illegal war in Nicaragua and other locations.   

2. Under former president, Richard Nixon, the CIA. used an alleged "war on drugs" to target black people. Former Nixon aide, John Ehrlichman, was quoted as stating, "We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did." 

3. Under former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, the CIA with the assistance of the FBI, illegally invaded Panama and overthrew its head of state, Manuel Noriega, killing 3,500 Panamanians.

4. Under former U.S. President George W. Bush, his vice President, Dick Cheney and the CIA and FBI encouraged him to invade Iraq under the deceitful premise its then head of state, Saddam Hussein, had "weapons of mass destruction" that threatened the whole world. They all knew the story was a lie and sold it to the American people in trying to drum up support for the illegal war. The war was about controlling Iraq's massive oil reserves and pilfering tons of gold. Hussein was known to accumulate gold bricks as a form of universal currency. Credible American and international papers began to report millions of barrels of oil had gone missing during the Bush invasion. A photo was also released of soldiers loading thousands of gold bricks into tankers. 

Over 1,000,000 Iraqis died and 4,000,000 fled for Syria, due to the Bush Administration's invasion in Iraq. Over 6,000 U.S. soldiers died as well. Bush was heard on a tape telling the U.S. military not enough Iraqis had died and to take off the gloves and hurt them. This is the kind of heinous cruelty that surfaces when one's genetic code includes the DNA of a man that funded the construction of Nazi concentration camps.

5. Under former U.S. President, George W. Bush, the CIA with the assistance of the FBI, illegally entered the island of Haiti and kidnapped its democratically elected head of state, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In 2004, U.S. congressional representative, Maxine D. Waters, informed the public she received a call from Aristide stating a representative from the U.S. embassy in Haiti, threatened he would be killed if he did not resign. The U.S. embassy representative threatened Aristide stating "a lot of Haitians would be killed" and he "has to go now." 

The CIA then forced Aristide to resign and kidnapped him. They forced him at gunpoint onto a U.S. military airplane against his will. Aristide had no idea where he was being taken or what would be done to him by the CIA with the support of the FBI. Aristide was removed because the U.S. government wanted to financially exploit Haiti as though slavery is still in effect, via not reasonably paying black workers on the island employed by American corporations.

The CIA funded military rebel Emmanuel Constant in Haiti, who began to murder Haitian civilians that supported Aristide and wanted him back as head of state. The United Nations imposed an embargo to force Constant out. The CIA did the same, battering Haiti's economy (granting only an exemption to the embargo to American businesses with outposts in Haiti). The CIA, with the support of the FBI, destroyed Haiti's economy and plunged the nation into extreme poverty and bloodshed. 

6. In 1983, the CIA with the assistance of the FBI, encouraged former president, Ronald Reagan, to invade the small island nation of Grenada (population 1,000 people). The Grenadian government was toppled and the Reagan Administration installed their own government in Grenada, against the will of the people. 24 civilians as well as 60 Grenadian and Cuban soldiers were killed during the illegal invasion. The U.S. government even bombed a mental hospital in Grenada killing 18 patients in what Washington said was a mistake. Canada, as well as the United Kingdom, the latter the former parent nation of Grenada, condemned the invasion, via a resolution in the United Nations, labeling it, "A flagrant violation of international law."

7. The U.S. government invaded Afghanistan in bids at controlling their oil reserves, but told America and the world it was about political problems and national security issues. Over the years, the bloodshed and death count as a result of the ongoing CIA instigated attacks, has been massive.
8. It is a well-known fact in international circles that the CIA created and funded, Al Qaeda, which has become a massive terrorist outfit.  

 10. It was revealed this month, the CIA was the agency that unjustly had world hero Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 27-years. 

Nelson Mandela (center) with wife Winnie Mandela (right) in Jamaica with former Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley, another innocent man the CIA also criminally harassed and terrorized.
The CIA is desperately deranged, greedy and evil. More than anything, the CIA and FBI are about money and power, not national security and social justice. It's about stripping foreign nations of their wealth and assets, even if it means the enslavement and death of innocent people. They have attacked and brutalized children and little old ladies (in some cases killed them) to get what they want from their relatives. The CIA is a cruel, wicked agency full of vicious, murderous, lawbreaking criminals.

The Associated Press revealed the CIA on average, breaks international law 100,000 per year. The CIA is a criminal outfit, not a law abiding intelligence agency. Based on the egregious things the agencies are doing, coupled with mushrooming problems in the U.S. economy that is not being corrected, the CIA is going to massively collapse and end up a weak shell of its former self and the FBI shuttered.  


Bernie Sanders says he still has 'some concerns' about the CIA - an agency he once wanted abolished and said was accountable to only 'right-wing lunatics' 

Published: 20:49 EST, 23 February 2016 | Updated: 23:47 EST, 23 February 2016 - Bernie Sanders said at tonight's CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall that he still is uncomfortable with the Central Intelligence Agency. 'I do have some concerns about past activities of the CIA,' Sanders told host Chris Cuomo. 'Which, continues, by the way, to the present,' the Vermont senator added. While the question came seemingly out of left field, Politico wrote a story yesterday detailing Sanders' adversity to the CIA as a radical activist in the 1970s. Back then a 33-year-old Sanders called the agency, 'a dangerous institution that has got to go,' adding that it was accountable to nobody 'except right-wing lunatics who use it to prop up fascist dictatorships.'...

Sanders explained then why he still had his reservations. 'CIA was involved in the overthrow of a gentleman named Mohammad Mosaddegh way back when in Iran,' Sanders explained. 'Overthrew him on behalf of British oil.' 'And you know what happened,' Sanders added. 'That led to the Iranian revolution and we are where we are today.' Sanders also pointed fingers at the CIA when it came to the overthrow of Salvador Allende of Chile. 'A democratic candidate, he won a fair election, the CIA overthrew him,' Sanders said...
Report: Nixon's War On Drugs Targeted Hippies And Black People 

Mar 24, 2016 - Disgraced president's aide sheds light on discriminatory policy. Former President Richard Nixon's anti-drug laws were used as a political weapon against African Americans and the anti-war left, according to a recently published 22-year-old interview with one of his top advisers. Former Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman's interview with writer Dan Baum was published by Harper's Magazine. In it, Ehrlichman says the criminalization of drugs such as marijuana and heroin was used to help Nixon stay in office. 

"We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities," he said. "We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did." ... 

Former president Nixon's paranoia and racist tactics have been well-documented, which also included keeping a list of political enemies. The Drug Policy Alliance, a reform group pushing for the end to the discriminatory war on drugs, issued a statement in response to the revelations, saying Nixon's sentiments towards hippies and black people are not surprising. 

"This explosive admission, while provocative, is sadly nothing new," the statement read. "Our (DPA) allies in the movement to end the drug war have long known that U.S. drug policies and have been inherently racist and discriminatory. Despite comparable rates of drug use and sales, communities of color and other marginalized groups have been the principal targets of drug law enforcement and make up the vast majority of people who have been incarcerated or otherwise had their lives torn apart by the drug war."

CIA admits: We sent Mandela to jail

May 15 2016, 12:01am, The Sunday Times - Nelson Mandela, pictured in 1994, was in prison for nearly 28 years after police were told where to arrest him. A former CIA spy has revealed his key role in the arrest of Nelson Mandela, which led to the future South African president’s trial and imprisonment for almost 28 years. 

The bombshell disclosure led yesterday to a demand for the CIA to come clean about putting behind bars a figure who became one of the world’s most revered statesmen. A veteran political associate of Mandela called it a “shameful act of betrayal” that “hindered the struggle against apartheid”. The former CIA operative, Donald Rickard, was unrepentant, saying that when arrested in 1962 Mandela was “the world’s most dangerous communist outside"...



Barack Obama Curses And Slams British Prime Minister David Cameron As 'Distracted' But He Is The Biggest Distraction Of All


Obama Criminally Targeting The Guardian Newspaper In London With No Legal Mandate Or Jurisdictional Right

Russia: Obama Is Protecting ISIS

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Arrest Warrant Upheld For Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Set Up On Rape Charges By The CIA Over Damaging Leaks

Julian Assange
The arrest warrant issued in Sweden, against the 44-year-old Wikileaks website founder, Julian Assange, has been upheld. Assange is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, England and risks arrest if he leaves the property. The Australian whistleblower, ran afoul of the U.S. government, after leaking documents revealing widespread criminal conduct emanating from the White House.

CNN reports Assange's attorney stated, "In defiance of the U.N.'s order to release Mr. Assange, Sweden's lowest court is keeping him detained. We are appealing and are confident Sweden's higher courts will finally put an end to this terrible injustice, which has seen Mr. Assange held without charge, for the last five and half years."

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) engaged a woman in Sweden to make false rape charges against Assange, as a means of "neutralizing" him regarding the document and video leaks that revealed criminal misconduct by the U.S. government under former president, George W. Bush and incumbent, Barack Obama. The two women in question sensationally went to police, on the CIA's orders and claimed Assange raped them two days apart in separate incidences. They claim they initially willingly had sex with him separately, but he was rough and AFTERWARD they wanted him to stop. The cases are pure garbage. 

There are cases where a woman told a man no before sexual penetration, but he raped her anyway. That is a crime. It is even being stated some women have told a man no during penetration having changed their mind, which in itself is somewhat suspect, but if a woman tells a man to stop midstream, he should do so. However, to tell a man stop penetrating you AFTER sex is crazy. It makes no sense. You willingly and consensually engage in sex with a man, complete the act, then afterwards change your mind. That's complete rubbish. That is not rape.  

While Wikileaks took a massive risk in making document dumps, as it had no legal authority to leak documents belonging to others, it is considered whistle blowing, as it revealed criminal conduct by the government. If the U.S. government sought to prosecute Assange, they should have done so through the proper channels, rather than resort to criminally framing someone for rape.


Swedish court upholds Julian Assange arrest warrant 

Updated 1302 GMT (2102 HKT) May 25, 2016 - (CNN) A Swedish court on Wednesday upheld the arrest warrant of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, with a Swedish prosecutor saying there's still probable cause to prosecute him on a rape allegation and that "the risk of him evading justice is still large." Assange's legal team immediately issued its own statement, saying it will appeal to a higher court.

While the legal back-and-forth continues, Assange apparently will remain in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, which granted him political asylum in June 2012. He's wanted in Sweden on rape allegations, and the United Kingdom arrested him in 2010. He has said he's afraid that if he leaves the embassy, he could end up being extradited and facing the death penalty in the United States over allegations of revealing government secrets through his site, WikiLeaks...

WikiLeaks rose to fame posting confidential items such as the U.S. military manual on handling prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, documents from the Church of Scientology, emails from Sarah Palin and pager messages in New York from 9/11. But the website gained worldwide attention in 2010 when it published hundreds of thousands of pages of classified documents related to U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


State Department Inspector General Slams Hillary Clinton For Violating Government Rules In Email Hacking Scandal And Covering Up Hacks (Video)

The U.S. State Department's inspector general published a scathing report slamming presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as having violated government rules in maintaining and unsafe, private email server that was the subject of hacks. Clinton's conduct compromise U.S. national security. Clinton's staff discovered her private email server, which at one point had no anti-virus or anti-spyware software protection, was the subject of hacking. Their solution was a nonsensical one, in turning the computer server off for a few minutes. This constituted extremely poor computer security.

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton stonewalled criminal investigation

Clinton and her staff stonewalled the inspector general's investigation, which is being noted in the press. It was discovered Clinton ordered her staff not to speak about the matter, which is also under criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Some have stated, though there appears to be criminal wrongdoing, Clinton is simply" too big to fail" which is corrupt and a poor reflection on the justice system. 


Hillary Clinton

The U.S. government has extradited hacker, Guccifer, from Romania, who stated he hacked Clinton's email server. This confirms the Judiciary Report's claim that Clinton's email server was hacked (The Communist Block Accessed Hillary Clinton's Unencrypted Emails). Guccifer has cut a deal with the U.S. government in the case. Clinton's rival, republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has slammed her as "crooked" regarding the latest revelations contained in the inspector general's report. The press is collectively stating Clinton's conduct in the email scandal illustrates she has very poor judgment and is unfit to be President of the United States.


Both Hillary Clinton And Her Aide Huma Abedin Illegally Used Private Email Box To Send Classified Government Documents

The Communist Block Accessed Hillary Clinton's Unencrypted Emails

Court Shuts Down The Mother Of Chris Brown's Child For Requesting Restricted Visits And $16,000 Monthly In A Tough Lesson On Trapping Men With An Unplanned Pregnancy


Chris Brown and Nia Guzman, the mother of his child, Royalty Brown, squared off in court today. Guzman demanded the court restrict Brown's access to their daughter, citing his drug and alcohol use, as well as that of his friends, OHB. The judge rejected Guzman's request. Brown and Guzman will continue to share joint custody of their daughter.  Guzman's request was hypocritical, as she has drug and alcohol issues as well. They both need rehab for the sake of their child. Their daughter needs court supervision while in the care of both parents, due to drug and alcohol issues on each side of the dispute.

Guzman also requested $16,000 in child support, which would be a massive increase from the $2,500 per month Brown has been giving her, for taking care of their daughter 2-weeks out of each month (and has rented a home for them to live in). The judge again sided with Brown, rejecting Guzman's request for increased child support. $16,000 is excessive under the circumstances. 

Beautiful little Royalty deserves to be properly taken care of in the financial realm. However, Nia does not deserve $16,000 per month for ruining Brown's relationship with his then long term girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, costing him some of his fans, who sided with her and others who were upset with him for concealing the fact he had become a father.

Guzman was not Brown's wife (it's not alimony). She wasn't even his girlfriend. She is a woman he had sex with while under the influence, leading to a pregnancy that came as a total surprise to him. He trusted her and she betrayed him. It's ironic, as he's known her for years. People tend to think the ones they've known for years or before fame can be trusted, where newer friends or acquaintances can't be. However, when fame and money enter the picture, some people start scheming and will take advantage of you. They will trap you with a pregnancy thinking they'll get a big support check every month, lavish home and force your hand into marriage.


Brown does not want a relationship with Guzman, as he is not in love and feels betrayed. Guzman was just sex for Brown. Nothing more. She was one of several women he had sex with at the time. She put herself in a bad situation cheating with a man and one who does not love her. Women, don't do that to yourselves. Don't ruin someone else's chance at happiness in trying to trap them into something they don't want for their life, then costing them the one they love (Brown losing Tran). 

There's no honor or decency in that. You are setting yourself up for a world of pain. Brown's fans don't like Guzman and neither does his mother, who wanted him to marry Rihanna.
Women who trap famous men with pregnancies they weren't ready for, open themselves up to so much embarrassment when the male does not commit to them in a relationship or marriage and all the acrimony goes public. A baby will not make a man love you.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Confirmed: Smart TVs Are Being Hacked And Used For Revenge Porn Against Children And Adults

FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Director Robert Mueller and U.S. President Barack Obama 
In the November 26, 2016 Judiciary Report article "AT&T Uverse Hacked" the site revealed that smart TVs can be hacked. The site also revealed the same in the 2015 lawsuit "Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora And Jessie J Sued Over Copyright Infringement, Invasion Of Privacy, Commissioned Criminal Harassment And Assault Via The Kabbalah Center."

This month, a new report was released confirming smart TVs can be hacked and even worse, used to commit revenge porn against innocent, unsuspecting people. In short, people are being watched in their homes via smart TVs (and in some cases known to the FBI, people are being illegally watched in their homes through illegally modified cable boxes in completely criminal violation of the law). Some in society, such as sick, abominable Hollywood cults, are really dragging society into the gutter with this depraved, voyeuristic, evil behavior that qualifies them as sexual predators. 

The Daily Mail newspaper listed cases regarding women whose smart TV's were hacked to spy on them, secretly taking naked pictures of them in their homes, then criminally uploading the nude images to revenge porn sites. The Daily Mail newspaper stated, "These so-called ‘revenge porn’ sites are one of the darkest incarnations of the internet, housing images of now-spurned former partners who once voluntarily posed in a sexually provocative way, thinking they were taking part in something intimate and private with someone they could trust. But it’s not just those who willingly — some might say naively, even foolishly — take and send such images who can end up as the victims of revenge porn. Some images are lifted from social media sites and manipulated on-screen to turn them into pornography. Others are stolen using sophisticated spyware, which can switch on and then control cameras on a victim’s computer or ‘smart’ TV."

The Daily Mail also stated sick, perverted people are engaging in revenge porn against victims as young as 11-years-old. Children are being victimized by perverts spying on them naked via spyware illegally installed on their computers and smart TVs, secretly taking photos of the unsuspecting underage victims using the camera on said computers and smart TVs, then uploading the images to revenge porn site. What is this world coming to. That is so sick. A person has to be depraved out of their mind to do something so despicable and disgusting. What kind of deranged, nasty, subhuman scum secretly watch other people in their homes.

The Obama Administration was formally made aware of the sick voyeuristic crimes being committed in America. However, thus far they have not made substantial legal changes to deter sick behavior from perverted criminals, who are victimizing adults and children alike. Since the time the Obama Administration was formally notified of the sick behavior occurring in America at the hands of some disgusting voyeuristic hackers, there has only one notable revenge porn conviction (Revenge Porn Site Founder Hunter Moore Pleads Guilty And Is Facing Several Years In Prison In What Should Serve As A Warning To Privacy Invaders).

If some sick, perverted hacker secretly hacked into the computers or smart TVs of Malia Obama, Sasha Obama or the children of members of Congress, with the contents uploaded on illegal sites, as is being done to adults and children alike in America (and other nations), the law would change really fast to lock up perverts victimizing people in this manner.


Trolls who take sneak photos of you through your TV and turn it into porn: How images can be lifted from screens and end up on revenge porn sites 

Published: 19:59 EST, 18 May 2016 | Updated: 01:54 EST, 19 May 2016 - Nikki Elliot first met Oliver Whiting when he interviewed her for a job at the Sovereign Harbour, a pub-restaurant overlooking the marina in the Sussex resort of Eastbourne. He was the restaurant manager and she was applying for a job as a waitress. 

Nikki got the job and worked closely with the man she knew as Olly for 18 months. ‘He seemed like such a normal guy, though with hindsight some of the things he did were a little weird,’ she told the Mail. ‘He was always really nice to me, but some of the staff complained about his mood swings and said he could be a nightmare to work for.’ 

Olly Whiting was most certainly a nightmare, but not merely as a temperamental boss, as Nikki has discovered to her continuing cost. ‘Shadows make me nervous now, and I am even worried in my own home and want the lights on at night,’ she says, strain passing over her face. Sophisticated spyware, which can switch on and then control cameras on a victim’s computer or ‘smart’ TV can be used to make revenge porn. Whiting is an illustration of how little one can know a person, of the darkness that can lurk beneath the surface, of the distorted workings of a damaged mind hidden behind a friendly and familiar face. 

Late last month, he received a caution from police for an offence under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015. The fact that it was a caution makes it all sound rather trivial, but there was nothing inconsequential about the shame and fear he instilled in a group of innocent young women — one of whom was his own sister.Whiting, 36 and a father of one, posted explicit images of 13 women on a website that serves as a forum for users wanting to express their most disturbing sexual fantasies — and exact revenge on those who have supposedly wronged them. 

These so-called ‘revenge porn’ sites are one of the darkest incarnations of the internet, housing images of now-spurned former partners who once voluntarily posed in a sexually provocative way, thinking they were taking part in something intimate and private with someone they could trust. But it’s not just those who willingly — some might say naively, even foolishly — take and send such images who can end up as the victims of revenge porn. 

Some images are lifted from social media sites and manipulated on-screen to turn them into pornography. Others are stolen using sophisticated spyware, which can switch on and then control cameras on a victim’s computer or ‘smart’ TV.

Whiting was an avid supplier of such pictures, a man who expressed his violent sexual fantasies via the keyboard. In one instance, he posted photographs of a former girlfriend naked, imploring viewers to ‘rape this slut, she deserves it’... 

Between April and December last year, 1,160 people came forward to complain about revenge porn, including the parents of three children who were just 11 years old. A third of complainants were under 19, but the average age was 25. Three-quarters of victims were female. The spyware may be installed by an ex-partner, but equally it could be installed by a stranger hacking into your computer...
Malicious posting of images can result in marital breakdown, if infidelity is disclosed, and ruined careers. Post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts are common in victims, as is self-harm

Boxer Adrien Broner Causes A Stir On Social Networking In Stating He Is Voting For Donald Trump In U.S. Presidential Election Due To Promise Of Lowering Taxes (Video)

Warning: video contains profanity

Former four time boxing champion, Adrien Broner, is being heavily criticized on social networking for stating he is going to vote for hatemonger, Donald Trump, in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Broner explained his reasoning for voting for Trump stating he will lower taxes. However, Broner has been duped. Trump has made a massive u-turn on previous statements regarding lowering taxes in America.

Apparently, Marcos Maidana hit Adrien Broner harder than we thought, as he has announced he is voting for Donald Trump, who has made comments that upset minorities

A new report on Reuters this month stated, "U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Sunday he was open to raising taxes on the rich, backing off his prior proposal to reduce taxes on all Americans and breaking with one of his party's core policies dating back to the 1990s. 'I am willing to pay more, and you know what, the wealthy are willing to pay more,' Trump told ABC's 'This Week.'"

Donald Trump
The Judiciary Report has maintained from the time of the 2008 financial crisis, which I predicted first in published site articles, the only way out of the problem, is to raise taxes on the rich. America needs a moderate tax increase on the rich and austerity to get out of the ongoing financial crisis (Newly Released Financial Data Reveals America Has Hit An Unprecedented Economic Low Under President Obama). Former U.S. President, George W. Bush, created the problem with his poor, corrupt political policies and current president, Barack Obama, added to it via massive spending that has not worked out, morphing into fruitless debt.


Trump changes tune on tax hikes for wealthy Americans
Mon May 9, 2016 4:52am EDT - U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Sunday he was open to raising taxes on the rich, backing off his prior proposal to reduce taxes on all Americans and breaking with one of his party's core policies dating back to the 1990s. "I am willing to pay more, and you know what, the wealthy are willing to pay more," Trump told ABC's "This Week."...

Adrien Broner: I’m Voting for Donald Trump

2 weeks ago - Adrien Broner has voiced his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. In a New York radio interview, the boxing champion and Cincinnati native said that “everything he’s saying is correct”. He also supports Trump because he’s going to lower taxes and “that’s what I’m with, for real, because taxes been kicking my @$$”. Broner is currently awaiting trial for assault and robbery charges. If convicted, he would not be able to vote in the upcoming election.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Johnny Manziel Could Learn From Jamie Vardy's Success As Family And Friends Fear For Former NFL Star

Johnny Manziel

The Judiciary Report first did a story on then NFL quarterback, Johnny Manziel, sounding the alarm on his partying (Partying Your Career Away). In the two years since the Judiciary Report article, Manziel has hit rock bottom this year. He has been dropped by the Cleveland Browns, his girlfriend dumped him after a domestic violence incident that left her deaf and he is currently under criminal indictment in connection with the aforementioned fight. Today, TMZ is reporting Manziel's family and friends are afraid he is going to die from his wild partying. 

Manziel could learn from British Leicester City football player, Jamie Vardy. A couple years ago, Vardy began showing up to training drunk. The Leicester City staff decided to take a proactive approach with Vardy, who was receptive to their suggestions that he control his alcohol intake for the sake of his health and career. Leicester City was fighting off relegation last season. This month, Leicester City hit the news worldwide, as Vardy, its leading scorer and the squad made history in winning the Premier League. Vardy and the team are the success story of the season, as what they accomplished is unprecedented in football. 

You have to make disciplined sacrifices in life to truly get the things you want. Some things money can buy. Others things it can't. You have to develop and protect your talents and gifts in life. Do not squander what God has given you. Make something of your life. Invest in yourself in getting clean and sober. Make an effort to get your life and career back on track.

Johnny Manziel Friends Concerned ... 'He's Gonna Die'

 5/24/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY - Johnny Manziel's drinking and drug use is worse than ever -- but the QB refuses to seek help ... and now people close to him are convinced he's going to die unless something changes soon. Here's what we know ... Manziel has become even more reckless with his drug problem recently -- even blowing lines in front of people he barely knows. "He's in a horrible downward spiral," one source very close to the QB tells TMZ Sports. 

There have been multiple serious attempts to help Johnny -- with one group of close friends recently sitting him down and "confronting" him about his situation. But, as one source put it, "He flipped out and would not hear it." "He's too much of a risk," one high-powered nightclub source tells us ... "He's a good guy, but he's a f***ing mess."...  

Instead, he continues to party like a maniac -- L.A., Vegas, Miami, Coachella, Dallas -- and, as one source put it, "If he continues this way for much longer he will die.” His own father expressed grave concern about Johnny back in February -- saying if he doesn't get help, "he won't live to see his 24th birthday." 


Prince's Ex-Girlfriend Confirms Madonna Had Feud With The Deceased Star Confirming Previous Site Claims


Yesterday, the Judiciary Report contended hypocritical Madonna did things to Prince while he was alive that is mean spirited, leading to arguments between the two. Today, the TMZ website did an interview with Anna Fantastic, who is an ex-girlfriend of the late singer Prince that confirmed, "Madonna and Prince had a heated feud." 

Anna Fantastic revealed a tidbit regarding a song Prince had produced for manipulative Madonna stating, "Madonna tried to play the sympathy card by telling Prince she was in the middle of divorcing Sean Penn...and the song meant a lot to her. Prince's reply, according to Anna? ' What does your divorce have to do with me or this song?'"

Mainstream outlets reveal Madonna tried to pull the race card on social networking in response to the terrible public backlash regarding her performing the Prince tribute at the Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday. However, Madonna being white is not why people objected to her doing the Prince tribute. After all, Prince granted white Irish recording artist Sinead O'Connor permission to remake "Nothing Compares 2 U" and she sang the song perfectly. Reports reveal Madonna sang "Nothing Compares 2 U" at the Billboard Awards last week and botched it badly, sounding awful. So awful that even BET network trolled her on social networking.

For someone who did mean things to forgiving Prince in life and simply cannot sing, it was highly inappropriate for Madonna to do the tribute. "Nothing Compares 2 U" requires someone who can sing, not a pop pretender. My mother stated Meghan Trainor would have been a good choice and she is right. Sheila E could have done the tribute as well, having worked with and been engaged to Prince. Singers such as Miguel, Maxwell, Bruno Mars and D' Angelo could have done the tribute as well with Stevie Wonder.

Madonna didn't give a darn about Prince. She just wanted to see her plastic surgery butchered mug on TV. She is an attention seeker unable to cope with the fact the public has moved on from Prince and so many men have done.


Prince Crushed Madonna's Music Vid Dreams ... According to His Ex-GF

5/24/2016 9:39 AM PDT - THEY DIDN'T SEE EYE TO EYE. Madonna and Prince had a heated feud over the one song they ever recorded together, and the showdown involved one of Madonna's divorces ... according to Prince's ex-gf Anna Fantastic. Anna dropped this bombshell about Prince and the Madge's "Love Song" ... which they recorded in the late '80s. Anna says she was there when Madonna propositioned him to shoot a music video for the track. 

She claims Madonna tried to play the sympathy card by telling Prince she was in the middle of divorcing Sean Penn ... and the song meant a lot to her. Prince's reply, according to Anna? "What does your divorce have to do with me or this song?" Check out the rest of Anna's take. Maybe Madonna's tribute was just payback -- but if nothing else, we got the song out of 'em.


Untalented Madonna's Jealousy Of Talented Entertainers Such As Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey And Celine Dion

Madonna's Billboard Awards Tribute To Prince Slammed As Terrible As She Tries To Leech Off Public Sympathy In The Wake Of His Death