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Famous Athletes Being Threatened And Forced Into Gay Sex By Madonna And Jay Z's Kabbalah Center As An Initiation Into The Hollywood 'Illuminati'

Jay Z and Madonna

Madonna and her lecherous Kabbalah Center cult has been seeking out and contacting high profile and emerging athletes as targets for the sect. They go through an array of  popular sports sites and blogs attempting to ascertain the identities of popular athletes with a following, who can best assist them in promoting the cult, their agenda and provide big donations to the Kabbalah Center.

Madonna and rapper Jay Z are the ones contacting people, their managers and agents. I was informed by a very credible source responsible for some of my site exclusives that they approach athletes with the line, "We are the Illuminati organization." They ramble off promises of increased fame, appearances on television shows and, "We'll get you endorsements." Madonna, Jay Z and the cult's management give this same deceptive sales pitch to the athletes, not truly informing them what the Kabbalah cult is about or what they have to give in return. 

Alex Rodriguez stated Jay Z and the Kabbalah Center gave him terrible advice, such as not paying his lawyer, who ended up suing him. 

There are famous athletes who made the mistake of getting involved with the Kabbalah Center and now regret it. One of the most famous examples being multi-millionaire baseball player, Alex Rodriguez. The Kabbalah Center cult cost him his marriage, family, sound mind and mental well being.  

Alex Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, filed for divorce, due to the sick Kabbahah Center harassing and trying to control their lives at every turn. Cynthia complained in court papers filed in Miami, Florida that the cult electronically spied on them in their home. She also complained members of the Kabbalah Center were always in the family's home and trying to control their every move, which was unwelcome and intrusive.

Cynthia and her brother further stated the Kabbalah Center was literally brainwashing Rodriguez in trying to extract huge chunks of his $125,000,000 fortune. The Kabbalah Center demanded $10,000,000 then $20,000,000 from Rodriguez. Cynthia and her brother further also stated they used the cult technique known as "trance" via putting people in trances via music and or repetitive phrases, in trying to get the handsome star to fall in love with unattractive Madonna, who became obsessed with him. 

However, Madonna is not his type, as Rodriguez likes women who are pretty like his wife. No amount of brainwashing can convince a man to fall in love with Madonna, a woman that looks like she came from Middle Earth. Hence Madonna paying the men she has dated for the past several years, according to the New York Post.  

Lebron James and Kabbalah Center rabbi who extracted $100,000 from the basketball star for doing nothing. Does Lebron look happy in this photo to you? No, he looks depressed and fearful. He is not the only athlete afraid of the sick, violent cult Kabbalah, responsible for the deaths of many people in various incidents that made the news in several countries.

One of America's top athletes, Lebron James, was aggressively pursued by the Kabbalah Center, using rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyonce. In fact, things got so bad regarding the invasion of privacy, intrusions and harassment by the Kabbalah cult when James and his family lived in Miami, his wife, Savannah, pushed for them to return to their home state of Ohio. The same insane madness the Kabbalah cult did to Alex Rodriguez and his family was also done to James and his family.

Kabbalah cult rabbi, Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, has repeatedly meddled in James' life in bids at controlling him and his fortune. Pinto claims he is an advisor, but it is a load of rubbish. Articles on credible sites paint Pinto as a dangerous, violent charlatan and crook. Pinto has been linked to the death of rich real estate developer Solomon Obstfeld in New York. 

Press reports revealed, "Solomon Obstfeld rented at least one apartment to the rabbi at a below-market rate in Jumeirah Essex House, an elegant Central Park South building. That business arrangement reportedly ended in harsh feelings between Obstfeld and the rabbi." Pinto is a suspect in Obstfeld's death. So much so a private investigator was hired to investigate his death, as it is believed there was foul play. Pinto is also connected to disgraced former congressman, Anthony Weiner. 

Kabbalah Center members are insanely told not to tell anyone about their communications with the cult. However, some disgruntled cult members have not kept quiet, as they have been defrauded and violated. Therefore, stories have gotten around the industry as warning to others to stay away from them.  

For example, one of the requirements Kabbalah Center members find out about after a short while is they have to worship the devil and attend sick cult rituals known as "Spirit Cooking." For further reference see: Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Campaign Team Are Devil Worshippers (Video) and Secret Video Shows Angelina Jolie Talking About Joining The Illuminati And Making Satanic Animal Sacrifices (Video).

Jay Z and gay boyfriend former NFL football player Larry Johnson  

Another requirement is Kabbalah Center members have to engage in homosexuality as a part of their membership into the occult (cults use gay sex in this manner). This has been a massive problem for many athletes who backed away from the cult, only to receive death threats and threats from them that they will ruin their careers and harm their families.

Jay Z and gay boyfriend, former NFL football player, Larry Johnson, have been having sex for years. Rapper and ex-girlfriend, Foxy Brown, stated Jay Z gave her the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea, is bisexual and secretly has sex with Larry Johnson. Foxy Brown also revealed Jay Z is a pedophile, who took her virginity when she was 15 and he 27. Jay Z also had sex with singers Beyonce and later Rihanna when they were both underage. Pedophilia is common in Kabbalah. The children of stars and some child stars have been molested by men and women while in the cult. 

Madonna's rabbi in Kabbalah, Yehuda Berg, recently lost a case for sexually assaulting a student.
An athlete who is single and in his twenties, whom many of you know of in Europe, began dating a gold digger the Kabbalah Center paid and sent after him at a night club. The Kabbalah Center illegally monitors all his movements via phone hacking and activating the GPS on the mobile to track him wherever he goes. He routinely goes to a specific night club on Friday nights. They knew he would be there and that pretty women catch his attention. They also knew he often picks a random woman from the club on Friday nights and takes her back to a hotel for sex. 

Said athlete kept refusing to do the homosexuality initiation the Kabbalah Center demanded, as he is straight and a ladies man as well. He told them he changed his mind about Kabbalah and don't come near him again with anything regarding the cult. Angry at losing the budding young athlete, who is fast becoming a fan favorite, with analysts stating he will do great things in sports, the Kabbalah Center had a gold digger introduce him to cocaine, telling him it would help block the physical pains he incurs in his sport from injuries and rough training sessions that last hours per day. 

Not long after he began dating the gold digger, they had a small party at his place in Europe, where she brought over other women for him and his friends. When the athlete was high out of his mind and drinking, the gold digger invited a bisexual male friend to sodomize the star in his bedroom, without his consent, on the instructions of the Kabbalah Center, to complete his initiation into the cult he had chased away, because he did not want to engage in gay sex. 

When the athlete sobered up the next morning and started having flashbacks of what transpired he was enraged. He wanted to beat the gold digger to a pulp, but did not. He threw her out of his house and warned her never to come back. He is distraught and embarrassed by the incident. He was sexually assaulted and raped by that sick, satanic cult Kabbalah. They are refusing to let him go and still harass and hound him. 

Madonna, looking terrible, is pictured with her son, who has been exposed to such sick things in her care, under the Kabbalah Center, that he ran away to his dad's house in London, England

There is another famous athlete, who is single and in his thirties, that Jay Z hounded to get into the Kabbalah cult, promising to increase his fame and wealth. Said athlete has recently found out about the initiation the Kabbalah Center is demanding he engage in, regarding being sodomized by a man and vice versa, among other homosexual acts. The athlete is also straight and a ladies man. He is very distraught at what they are demanding he do, which goes against his natural desires, as he is only attracted to women. 

I was told by a good friend who knows the details of what is going on that the athlete "is afraid of them (Kabbalah cult)" as they are violent and have made threats of what they will do to him, his family and career if he doesn't do what they say. Based on the words of that very credible source, said athlete has become depressed and suicidal, as he does not want to engage in homosexuality. 

Madonna, Jay Z and the Kabbalah Center are skating on very thin ice. They need to leave that athlete alone. If said athlete ends up killing himself, they can rest assured, the government of his country where he is a national hero, will submit extradition papers to the U.S. State Department, demanding the cult answer to a host of criminal charges in his nation for computer and email hacking, phone hacking, aggravated stalking, aggravated harassment and manslaughter. You will also be hit with several wrongful death lawsuits from the government, his family and sports agent. The U.S. State Department, already sick of you and the trouble and embarrassment your cult has caused in three countries, will hand your backsides over. And if you think the prisons are nice in his third world country, you are in for a nasty shock.

The irony is these athletes all became famous before the Kabbalah cult approached them. The cult suckered them in with a scam and lies of increasing their fame and bringing them more wealth, when they did not need them to achieve these things, as they were already on their way. The Kabbalah cult is not responsible for any athletes' success. The Kabbalah cult did not give these athletes their athletic ability. The Kabbalah cult did not train said athletes for years since they were young unknowns in school.

These athletes put in grueling hours at the gym and in related training sessions during weekdays to achieve their dreams in support and here comes this crazy, sick, evil, manipulative, money grubbing cult trying to scam them out of money they've worked so hard for, while giving them empty promises, broken minds and sick privacy violations in return. There is also a legal liability associated with being in the Kabbalah cult, as they are committed many crimes that implicate members as well.

People need to avoid the Kabbalah cult like the plague. Do not get involved with this cult. They are giving people false assurances that they have special permission from the FBI to commit insidious crimes such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, pedophilia, assault, battery, theft, wiretapping, hacking, phone hacking, breaking an entry, financial fraud and the issuance of death threats. However, there is coming a time when people affiliated with Kabbalah and those that aided in their crimes will be arrested.


Foxy Brown Says “Jay-Z Gave Me Gonorrhea”, claims Larry Johnson & Jay were Undercover? 

December 3, 2012 - You know this is not my first time hearing of Jay giving someone the Clap….. If I recollect, Nas’s baby momma Carmen Bryant also caught a similar situation while messing with Jay and she actually thought Nas did it…. LOL, could this have happened at a time when Foxy was just a minor? Plus more shocking news of Jay that Foxy is revealing…. She signed multiple GAG orders, but I guess she is tired and wants to put her former mentor on blast for his alleged actions! 

Foxy Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has revealed that her ticket to rap success came at a price — and that it all happened while she was underage. She says the man who put her on to the rap game, Jay Z (then 27-years-old), took her virginity when she was just 15-years-old — adding Hova (who she says has a ‘horse d**k’) funded her shopping trips and pampering at hair and nail salons while she was still in high school…all to get into her panties! 

But that’s not all!!! Foxy claims Jay Z is an undercover tranny chaser. She says she learned that after a tranny began calling and harassing her, not long after Jay Z gave her gonorrhea. WTF?!?! Foxy says one of her sex sessions with Jay Z was all caught on tape. That’s when Foxy says she and Jay weren’t alone. Their company was the real “Wanda” from In Living Color…Mr. Jamie Foxx. According to Foxy, Jay Z signed her to “multiple gag orders for where she, Jamie and Jay engaged in a threesome” and that not long after the incident the tape was ironically robbed from her home. Foxy insists Jay Z had everything to do with that robbery. 

Besides alleging that Jay Z chases tranny’s, Foxy says there was one constant man in Hova’s life. According to Foxy, Jay Z and Larry Johnson were ‘f**k buddies.’ This doesn’t seem so far fetched given the fact that Jay once shared an apartment with the NFL baller who once repped Rocawear.
During her no holds barred account of her experience with Jay Z, Foxy was reported to clearly display a strong disliking for Jay’s wife, Beyonce. Here’s what Foxy had to say about Mrs. Hova: “Now he is with Beyonce…F**k that halitosis-infected heffa.”... 

The Mysterious Rabbi Who Gave LeBron James Business Advice 

Aug 10th 2010 5:30PM - LeBron James could use some sound advice; that much has been clear since his much-criticized decision to announce that he would be joining the Miami Heat in a one-hour ESPN special that shot that network's credibility and enraged the city of Cleveland. And now he's getting some, from a most unexpected source: an Israeli rabbi who speaks no English and bases his teachings on the Kabbalah. 

In a move likely to puzzle some of his fans, James met Tuesday with Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, a 37-year-old spiritual leader whose following in the business community is as intense as it is mysterious to the uninitiated. According to TMZ, the NBA star was seeking guidance in advance of a major merchandising meeting set to take place on a yacht later in the day. 

A follower of Pinto's tells DailyFinance that the meeting was arranged by Jay Schottenstein, an Ohio retail executive who himself has become acquainted with Pinto in recent months. The relationship between James and Schottenstein, who serves as chairman of the boards of both American Eagle Outfitters and DSW, is no secret: When Time asked James whom he would nominate to the magazine's annual list of influential people, he suggested Schottenstein, prompting speculation that he was interested in converting to Judaism. The follower of Pinto's adds that James made a "six-figure payment" to Pinto's organization, Shuva Israel, in the course of arranging the meeting.

Strange as that sounds, James is far from the only well-known personage to seek Pinto's counsel on worldly matters. A descendant of famous Moroccan rabbis on both his parents' sides, Pinto has for several years been regarded as something of a guru in the New York real estate community. 

"Rabbi Pinto, who has no formal business education, only speaks Hebrew and won't meet with women, is considered by Israeli real estate professionals as well as people in other professions and of different faiths to be a holy man," wrote The Real Deal, a real estate industry publication, in a 2008 profile. Others who have attended his sermons or waited on him in person include Congressman Anthony Weiner, former New York governor Mario Cuomo, ad executive Donny Deutsch, jeweler-to-the-stars and convicted felon Jacob Arabo, and public relations man Ronn Torossian, according to various published reports. 

When he's not advising real estate moguls on whether to sell buildings, Pinto runs a number of Jewish educational and philanthropic organizations. His name recently surfaced in the press after a Hasidic real estate broker with whom he'd had business dealings, and with whom he'd had a falling out, died in an apparent suicide. 

Charismatic Moroccan Kabbalist Draws Crowds And Questions

Josh Nathan-KazisJune 23, 2010 - It was almost 11 p.m. on a Monday night, and Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto was two hours late. A crowd of about 200 packed the main hall of the mystically inclined rabbi’s Manhattan headquarters, a four-story building on a tony Upper East Side block just around the corner from Bloomingdale’s. A disciple of the rabbi lectured in Hebrew to the audience, which included secular Israelis, Orthodox Sephardim, Hasidim and a smattering of boldface names who had come to hear him speak. Outside, one man complained about the disciple’s lecture style, but even as the hour grew late, everyone seemed content to wait. 

Pinto, an Israeli-born rabbi of Moroccan descent, is little known in the United States. But he was thrust into a sort of prominence following news reports linking him to a Hasidic real estate broker who died June 9 in what the medical examiner ruled to be a suicide. According to press reports, Solomon Obstfeld rented at least one apartment to the rabbi at a below-market rate in Jumeirah Essex House, an elegant Central Park South building. That business arrangement reportedly ended in harsh feelings between Obstfeld and the rabbi. 

Obstfeld’s death is currently under scrutiny by a private investigator hired to examine whether foul play may have been involved. Tom Ruskin, a former New York City Police Department detective investigator and president of the CMP Protective and Investigative Group, would not say who had hired his firm. Ruskin said that he would examine many of Obstfeld’s past relationships for hints of what might have happened to him...