Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Judge Should Order Adrien Broner To Rehab For His Own Good

Adrien Broner's Instagram page requesting the public write to him in jail

Former four time world champion boxer Adrien Broner was arrested for drunk driving last year. He was temporarily detained, then bailed. This year, Broner was sentenced to 10-days in jail for the offense. Broner is now in jail again, for contempt of court, as he showed up 3-hours late to a court hearing on an assault case, as he had a terrible hangover.

Broner unquestionably has a substance abuse problem, as something so serious as court and he still could not get himself together and show up sober and on time. It speaks volumes. The judge should order Broner to rehab for his own good. It is not getting better. It is getting worse. Something is troubling Broner that he is drinking to the point of total inebriation. He has become addicted. When people reach the point they can't stop themselves through their own willpower, it is time for an intervention. The court is in a position to do that.

Broner needs medical help and treatment for addiction. It's way past the point of recreational drinking, where you have a drink with dinner or at an event. Broner is at the point that he drinks until he is impaired. And sometimes gets behind the wheel of a sports car, which could turn fatal. The cop that stopped Broner for driving while intoxicated did him a favor, because who knows, he was speeding and driving so poorly, an accident could have happened.

Broner is a boxer and alcohol consumed to excess is very damaging to athletes. And the end of the day, Broner is a human being first and foremost. He needs to take care of his life and health, so he can live a good life and enjoy his family.