Tuesday, August 2, 2016

President Obama's Daughter Taped Lifting Her Skirt, Exposing Her Backside And Twerking At A Festival Causing A Scandal In The Press And Online (Video)

 Malia Obama, the newly 18-year-old daughter of President Barack Obama, caused a scandal in the press and on social networking, after being videotaped with a camera phone, lifting her skirt to reveal half her backside and suggestively dancing/twerking (shaking and gyrating one's backside in a sexual manner) at the Lollapalooza festival. It was inappropriate and not they type of behavior the daughter of a head of state should be engaging in, exposing herself like that. It was disappointing. She should set a better example and conduct herself like a proper young lady. Many on social networking are embarrassed by the incident.

This is what comes of her parents pushing vulgar, low class, low brow, thieving singer Beyonce as a role model, as her entire career is based on copyright theft and shaking her barely clad backside in acts of vulgarity. This is who Malia is behaving like and to the embarrassment of the Obama family. Blacks and whites took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to write of their disappointment and disapproval of Malia's behavior.

For the past couple years, the Judiciary Report had heard rumors of Malia misbehaving in Washington and giving trouble in the White House. Only one incident of many became public and that was being befriended by drug taking, violent rappers, one of whom leaked a private photo of Malia in the White House, in a pose that revealed the minor trying to be seductive. However, based on the rumors going around Washington, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Malia has been behaving like a wild child for the past couple years, causing the Secret Service grief and headaches. She has been growing up too fast and learning and doing things no minor should have, as it is completely inappropriate. She should not be engaging in underage drinking either.

Obama needs to stop spending his time obsessed with his press clippings and having the FBI and CIA terrorize journalists and bloggers (and their families and friends) who lawfully criticize him in newspapers, columns and blogs and pay more attention to his child, who is flying off the rails to her detriment with underage drinking and sexual activity. At the end of the day, God is not partial or corrupt. You go around harassing, browbeating and spying on people and their families, while threatening to humiliate and destroy them over words in newspapers and on websites, God will expose your own, because as the phrase goes, "You reap what you sow."