Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Los Angeles Police Department Is Investigating Bill Cosby For Drugging And Raping Women

Bill Cosby

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has announced it has an open investigation into actor and comedian, Bill Cosby, for sex crimes. A number of women have been stating for years Cosby drugged and raped them. The actor, who became a household name due to the hit 1980s television series “The Cosby Show” has also been accused of sexual assault by famous women, who feared he would destroy their careers if they went to the police, due to open threats he issued after attacks.

Yesterday, the Associated Press prevailed in court and obtained a deposition of Cosby from a previous lawsuit, where he admitted under oath in the sealed document that he drugged women with Quaaludes in order to have sex with them. This admission has caused police and prosecutors to have a renewed interest in the allegations that have been made against him. Here's hoping the victims receive justice.


LAPD Says It's Investigating Bill Cosby Over Sexual Assault Allegations

July 07, 2015 4:09 PM ET - The Los Angeles Police Department is conducting at least one current criminal investigation into allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby, the department tells NPR's Mandalit del Barco. "LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has said his department would investigate any sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby — even past the statute of limitations," Mandalit reports. "The department's public information officer, Det. Meghan Aguilar, told NPR that the police have at least one open criminal investigation that may have multiple accusations. The LAPD would not offer any more details because the case is ongoing."

The news comes on the heels of new revelation that Cosby, 77, had said during a deposition in 2005 "that he obtained the sedative Quaalude with the intent of giving the drug to women with whom he wanted to have sex," as NPR's Krishnadev Calamur reported Monday. Accusations of sexual misconduct against Cosby have increased dramatically in the past year; dozens of women have now come forward to say he assaulted them. In some instances, the allegations date back decades...