Wednesday, July 8, 2015

15-Year-Old Girl Arrested In London On Terrorism Charges

Metropolitan Police

This past weekend authorities in London, England arrested a 15-year-old girl on terrorism charges. She clearly got involved with something she should not have in any measure and it caught their attention. It is very sad to see people, especially teens, go down this negative path in life that only leads to trouble and misery.

As stated on the site yesterday, stay away from terrorism. Do you know what kind of future you will have if you get involved with terror - none! You will be watched and heavily scrutinized for the rest of your life and so will your family, always looking over your shoulders. Is that what you want for your family. A life of constant surveillance, no privacy, trouble obtaining employment and a bleak, tumultuous future.

Parents need to know who their children's friends are, where they go and when. While much of the indoctrination is occurring via materials posted by terrorist recruiters online. Some of the recruitment is being done via people claiming to be friends and so-called community leaders. However, how could anyone calling themself a friend or leader get a person involved in something so negative and dangerous.

Kids, be kids. Enjoy your youth. Hang out with your friends, go to the movies, enjoy your favorite TV shows and music. Look forward to the good things in life. Plan a good and productive future filled with hope, promise and peace.


Girl, 15, bailed on suspicion of terror offence 

3 July 2015 at 11:08am - A teenage girl arrested at an address in east London on suspicion of a terrorism offence has been bailed. The 15-year-old was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command on suspicion of preparation of terrorism under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act, 2006. Scotland Yard said today that the girl has been bailed to return to a central London police station pending further inquiries.