Thursday, August 21, 2014

CNN Reports The National Guard In Ferguson Threw Gasoline On The Fire Of Racial Tensions During Mike Brown Protests By Calling Black Protesters N*ggers

Don Lemon

CNN television news reporter Don Lemon is reporting, while attending protests in Ferguson, Missouri, regarding the police murder of 18-year-old unarmed, university bound student, Michael Brown, he and his television producer heard the National Guard refer to protestors as "n*ggers." The National Guard attempting to corral peaceful protestors, exercising their constitutional right to assemble (freedom of assembly) called the crowd "n*ggers" when they would not disburse and go home. 

What was that? Was that really necessary calling people n*ggers? And some wonder why people believe Brown's murder was racial profiling and racially motivated. Explain that! The National Guard brought race into it confirming people's worst suspicions. Some want the case to quickly go away, but there are issues that need to be discussed to prevent this from happening again. It needs to be formally brought out in the open in appropriate venues, so there can be peaceful dialogue with meaningful answers and effective solutions. Racial unity is needed.


CNN’s Don Lemon: National Guard Used ‘N-Word’ to Describe Ferguson Protesters

10:55 pm, August 19th, 2014 - CNN’s Don Lemon was back in the CNN studio Tuesday night after several days on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri. The anchor was hosting a town hall called “Black and White in America,” when one questioner asked what “safeguards” police departments could put in place to prevent shootings like the one that killed Michael Brown in the future. 

When one of Lemon’s panelists brought up the idea of putting cameras on officers to make them more accountable, Lemon said that measure might also affect the types of people who decide to become cops...He then shared this story from his time in Ferguson last night: 

“I’m just going to be honest with you. Last night, one of my producers said that they — I won’t say if it’s a he or she, because I don’t want to give anyone away — said they came in contact with one of the members of the National Guard and that they said, ‘You want to get out of here because you’re white, because these n-words, you never know what they’re going to do.’ True story. I kid you not. 2014, a member of the National Guard. And my producer doesn’t lie. It is a true story.” Watch video below, via CNN...