Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Autopsy Report Reveals Teen Mike Brown Was Shot In The Head Twice And Four Times In The Torso After Surrendering To Police Officer Darren Wilson

An official autopsy report has been released in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old, Mike Brown, by police officer, Darren Wilson and the contents reveal it was murder. The autopsy reveals Brown, who witnesses had stated held his hands up in surrender, was shot six times - twice in the head and four times in the torso. 

One bullet went through Brown’s right eye, another directly into the top of his head, while the remaining four lined one of his arms. It was as though Wilson used Brown as a target practice poster at a gun range. Brown was executed by Wilson in a brute display of excessive force that cut the university bound boy's life short. This is known as an extrajudicial killing, which is forbidden by law.

Being a police officer means using reasonable force if and when necessary. Reasonable force is not shooting someone’s eye out and sending an execution style bullet into the crown of their head. Wilson behaved like a marksman. This was not an accident or miscalculation. He meant to kill and kill he did. 

Police in Ferguson, overwhelmed with protests and rioting in the wake of Brown’s murder, released a videotape that allegedly shows Brown stealing $40 in cigars from a convenience store. However, some online have stated the person in the video appears to have a full head of hair while wearing shoes, while 5 minutes after running from police, Brown’s dead body had sandals on and the corpse bald. 

Something strange is going on and regardless of what one believes, no one deserves to be executed over $40 worth of cigars. That is insanity and injustice. A human life is worth more than $40. 

Officer Darren Wilson and the convenience store attendant/owner have gone into hiding. However, CNN and other networks posted a video of Wilson’s house which included the street address, making it very easy for irate members of the public to find his residence.