Thursday, May 8, 2014

Amir Khan And Other Boxers Accused Of Having A Weak Chin


Amir Khan: my chin ain't weak 

It’s called the dreaded “weak chin” “glass chin” and “glass jaw” said in reference to boxers, who get knocked out more easily than others. Former welterweight champion, Amir Khan, recently fired back at widespread claims online that he has a “weak chin.” Khan suffered a few defeats that saw him knocked down in the ring.

Amir Khan

Boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao recently did an interview to talk about his training regimen. When asked the worst place to be hit, PacMan stated “the chin.” I was speaking to my dad over the phone recently about this. My dad, a former athlete, football and cricket coach, says it’s due to the fact a punch to the chin causes “dislocation” that “goes straight to the brain. 


Manny Pacquiao

The fact of the matter is anyone can get knocked out. My dad stated that’s why boxers exercise the trapezius muscle, with the hope it will aid in withstanding a potential knock out. There are other strategies in the ring that aid in evading a knock out. My dad stated developing “defensive skills to protect oneself in situations” as well as offensive skills in being able to adeptly “maneuver your opponent into a situation and deal with him.” 


Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao in their highly anticipated rematch PacMan won

Athletes must love their sport, be well-rounded and learn their trade if they are to succeed in their chosen profession. Some boxers are big power punchers, but that’s their main game. However, as stated above, it is better to be well-rounded, learning and developing all the skills to make one's game total and complete. My dad’s favorite boxer is Muhammad Ali, a man he met (click here for that humorous story). 


Muhammad Ali

My dad highly rates Ali as a power puncher, but also as a boxer who could skillfully move around the ring and duck punches with great defensive skills. As my dad says, a boxer “can’t be flatfooted” as they always “have to be on their toes” with “legs that are in good shape.” Ali is a prime example of these skills.


Sugar Ray Robinson

Floyd Mayweather also has great defensive skills. During his fight with formidable challenger, Marcos Maidana, "Chino" put in work repeatedly throwing flurries of punches at Mayweather, but many of them did not land, due to Mayweather’s superb defensive skills. When Mayweather went on the offensive, he landed more punches with selective, well timed shots. 

Floyd Mayweather

My dad also stated boxers should beware of "forming bad habits." Boxing is such a risky endeavor, where some have sustained serious injuries during practice and in the ring. One's boxing form and training regimen must be as textbook as possible in adhering to established, winning principles and techniques used by legendary pugilists. 

Marcos Maidana

Boxers who are just beginning their professional careers should seek to gradualize their ascent and career trajectory, selectively choosing the appropriate opponents that match their level of experience. The more you box, the more experience you will gain. There is raw talent out there, who have the ability to take on the best pros in the world, but it should follow a process to ensure they are not outfoxed in the ring by someone who has more experience and has already learned all the tricks of the trade.