Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Instagram Shuts Down Rihanna's Page Over Nude Photos


Attention seeking singer Rihanna ran afoul of Instagram, who had issued her repeated warnings to stop posting nude and semi-nude photos. She continued engaging in this conduct, a violation of Instagram rules and the company banned her from the site. Her fans logged on only to find her Instagram page gone. Rihanna tried to turn Instagram into a porn site and they were not having it.    

Drake and Rihanna a few weeks ago on stage during his tour. He's since flown in a woman from Instagram to take Rihanna's place

Rihanna's nude and semi-nude photos have been heavily criticized and slammed on social networking as lacking and desperate. It's at the point it's not even about the music anymore. With all the indecent exposure, her sales are still weak. It's telling when you take your clothes off and still can get strong sales for a CD. Not to mention, it's setting a bad example for her impressionable audience.