Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heavy Public Criticism And Concern Over Chris Brown Stating He Lost His Virginity At Age 8

Chris Brown

The feedback sections of blog sites are displaying messages of concern over Chris Brown's claim he lost his virginity at age 8 to a 15-year-old girl. The public is stating he was "molested" and exploited, but does not realize it. Some are attributing the incident to issues he has experienced as an adult (and in the public eye). Some males see it as a rite of passage, but an 8-year-old having sex has to be a damaging experience in some form or another. Brown was taken advantage of in that situation.

The pattern repeated itself when at age 15, Brown moved in with his manager, a woman in her forties, with a number of websites alleging she initiated a sexual relationship with a then underage Brown. His's former manager Tina Davis denied the claim, but it still persists today. The average age of consent in America is 18-years-old. Usually, mothers fear leaving their underage daughters in the presence of older men. 


Former manager Tina Davis, Chris Brown and his mother Joyce Hawkins

However, women also need to be careful regarding leaving their sons with male or female strangers. Men such as movie producer Tyler Perry, also spoke of being sexually exploited as a minor, by an older woman and the damage it created during his teens and adulthood. Sex should always be between people of age, who can consent under the law.


Anonymous said... He was molested at age 8, I think that's what he really means. 9:54 AM
Anonymous said... I'm pretty sure this is rape 10:04 AM

Zeeedeee said... What could an 8 year old boy for a fifteen year old girl sexually is what I wonder?..after reading the article it seems like he doesn't even realize it's molestation..i worked with a guy like that once..he had that misplaced anger and was horny as all get out..when he would talk to me about it it was as if it was a trophy not a crime...i felt so sorry for too chris 10:17 AM

Anonymous said... It WAS molestation.  It did not make him a beast. That would be an insult to all God's beasts upon this good Earth. It made him a monster. 10:26 AM

Anonymous said... He was molested. That explains alot. Men Always try to put a macho spin on it. 10:56 AM

Anonymous said... Maybe it's just me but at 8 years old sex was the last thing on my mind. And what 15 year old teenager has sex with an 8 year old child? That girl was a pedophile. As for Chris's parents they need to be slapped! Obviously he raised himself and his parents were nowhere around. What a sad sad shame. Babies should NOT be having sex. Imagine if he was a little older like 12 or something and he got a girl pregnant, would he be bragging then? This is a sick story ain't nothing cute about it 11:48 AM

Debbie L Childress · Ukiah High He didn't lose his virginity, He was molested!!!!

Porscha Allen · Waitress at Frisch's Big Boy. I agree, who ever had sex with him is a pedophile.

Amanda Hvostal · CCAC North - Exactly, even though the girl is fourteen, it still technically is true.

Amanda Hvostal · CCAC North Wow, this is what`s wrong with this country. Enough said. This is why watching porn doesn`t do men any favors. Good luck trying to actually have a functioning relationship with a woman. 8 years old and losing your virginity? WOW. Terrible role models he had growing up as a kid.

Guest - this is all gross and disturbing. ick ick.

melancholicmess - I think he's just saying all these things to get attention, sort of to distract people from what he did to Rihanna. However, if it were true, it could explain what how he got to where he is - emotionally damaged and psychologically disturbed.

Rheannon - Glad to see someone finally reporting this as this disturbing story it is. Yeah it may very well explain much of his attitude towards women, but doesn't make it ok. Guy needs therapy. If it were a woman talking about this at age 8 with a teenage boy it would be reported very differently.

Bad parenting - Posted at 9:38 PM on October 8, 2013 - Where the h*ll was MOMMA J when that thing happened?????? This is extremely disturbing!

Moni6626 - Posted at 2:53 PM on October 8, 2013 - He did not lose his v card at 8….he was molested at 8. A child cannot consent to sex at that age so it is rape. It’s sad and shocking. It’s even more disturbing that he thinks it’s okay.