Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Usher's Ex-Wife Sexually Aroused By Him On Twitter (Photo)

Really, Tameka, "You Got It Bad" LOL

Tameka Foster's tweet to Usher today. Tameka, you can stop drooling now.

Two days ago the Judiciary Report wrote about singer Usher and the problems he is having with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster. In the October 6, 2013 article "Usher Raymond's Ex-Wife Asks Court To Address His Behavior " the Judiciary report stated, "The problem is Foster continues to view Usher as her husband and is treating him as such, which is causing him distress. The marriage is over. Foster, who cheated on then left her husband, the father of her children, to be with Usher, has not accepted the fact it is over. Foster needs to stop looking at the parenting classes as marriage counseling." 

The Judiciary Report wrote that two days ago, as I was informed by someone familiar with the situation that Foster, "Continues to treat him like he is still her husband and he resents it." Usher's ex-wife proved the Judiciary Report right again, as she went on Twitter today lusting after his shirtless body. She posted a photo of a ripped Usher showing off his muscles and wrote, "Well dizzzzzam @Usher. Yep!!! Thats it ;-)." You sound horny. Girl, go take a cold shower, before he storms out of the next parenting class with you, which will not benefit you or the kids.

Usher's gotten himself into a bit of mess. His girlfriend, Gracie Miguel, whom he cheated on Foster with during their short, contentious marriage, after cheating on singer Chilli from TLC with Foster, gets upset anytime Foster makes a play for him. But as stated previously in the column, Usher is cheating on Gracie Miguel with other women too. Usher should have stuck with Chilli or his Spanish ex-girlfriend he dated for a longtime prior to her, because his ex-wife, Gracie Miguel and his other current women are making his life miserable.  

Usher and Tameka let way too much of their business become public information. The details of their marriage troubles should have been kept private and worked out behind closed doors, for their sake and most of all, that of their children. Their story should be a reminder to people of what the Judiciary Report has stated in the past on different occasions, if someone will cheat with you, they will cheat on you. All they've done is hurt each other and who needs that.