Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rihanna Has Fight With Friend Who Routinely Annoyed And Fought With Chris Brown

Melissa Forde, Rihanna and Chris Brown

Media Take Out is reporting singer Rihanna sent her personal assistant/lesbian girlfriend, Melissa Forde, back to their home country of Barbados, after the two had a disagreement. Photos were released of an emaciated Forde in Barbados, while Rihanna remains in America.

Melissa Forde, Rihanna and Chris Brown

Forde is said to have caused problems between Rihanna and on again and off again boyfriend Chris Brown, who resented it. In industry circles, Forde is said to be jealous of Brown’s hold on Rihanna, the man she calls the love of her life and best friend. Forde, Rihanna's sex partner, wants to be the love of her life and best friend.

Forde in Barbados looking emaciated

For the past few years, the Judiciary Report stated Rihanna is hooked on cocaine, among other things, which is far more dangerous than the weed she smokes (not to promote marijuana use with that statement). People don’t overdose on weed. They overdose on cocaine, heroin and ecstasy, especially when alcohol is present in the system.

There have been incidents where Rihanna required emergency medical assistants to reverse the adverse effects of an overdose. However, her label kept it quiet. Last month, during the Twitter war Rihanna initiated with singer/dancer Teyana Taylor, the latter referred to her and Forde as coke addicts who are miserable and unhappy.

Rihanna is also fond of what is known as a "woola" which is lacing marijuana joints with cocaine. It’s the same habit that tragically killed super gifted singer Whitney Houston. That type of chemical interaction wallops the brain in terrible ways, creating a massive high and equally massive addiction.


Remember Yesterday When We Told Y'all That Rihanna FIRED Her Best Friend . . . Well We Got A Pic Of Her . . . And She Looks Like A CRACKHEAD!!! 

October 08, 2013: An MTOer sent us this pic of Melissa yesterday in a bank in Barbados. Look how skinny she looks . . . we hope she's ALRIGHT. She may need our prayers y'all.

MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna Reportedly 'FIRED' Her Best Friend . . . And Shipped Her BACK TO BARBADOS!!!

October 07, 2013: The rumor mill is BUZZING right about now with news that Rihanna and her best friend Melissa are NO MORE. What happened . . . well it's not entirely clear. What is clear is that Melissa, who is usually a FIXTURE at Rihanna's side is NO LONGER ON TOUR with Rih.

One insider told, "Rihanna's crew is still the same, Jenn, Yusef, and Lora (Rihanna's assistant and stylists) - but no Melissa." So what happened, you ask? Well no one has ENOUGH BALLZ on the tour to actually ask Rihanna but it must be bad, because the crew has been told not to even "mention Melissa's name." Melissa is currently back in Barbados figuring out what o do with herself....