Thursday, October 10, 2013

Undercover NYPD Police Officer Arrested And Charged In Motorcycle Road Rage Case (Video & Photos)

32-year-old undercover cop Wojciech Braszczok was arrested and charged with "gang assault" and "criminal mischief" in the New York Motorcycle Road Rage case. A large group of motorcyclist surrounded, taunted then beat up SUV driver, Alexian Lien, for running over one of their members, in trying to get away from them.

Wojciech Braszczok being led out of court after being arrested, charged and posting $150,000 bond 

In fleeing from the large group of motorcyclists, motorist Lien accidentally hit three people in the convoy, running over one of the men on a bike, 32-year-old audio engineer, Edwin Mieses, crushing his spine. Mieses is now paralyzed, as Lien's Range Rover ran over the lower portion of his body. Mieses' family wants Lien charged for this conduct.


Lien being pulled out of SUV and beaten by motorbike mob 

According to reports, undercover police officer Braszczok, was seen on video repeatedly kicking the back door of Lien’s SUV, where the driver’s 2-year-old daughter was located. Prosecutors are stating he was an "active participant" in the gang assault on Lien. Fellow police officers have questions his conduct, stating their disapproval of his deeds. Braszczok's attorney states he is innocent. The district attorney disagrees.

Wojciech Braszczok in the motorbike convoy surrounding the car

While the Judiciary Report is sorry anyone was injured in this incident, at the end of the day, the motorcyclists should not have surrounded anyone’s car, doing dangerous tricks and slowing down in front of the vehicle, creating panic and fear in the Lien family. They were out of line. Most people would find said conduct intimidating and fear for their safety. To make matters worse, the vehicle had a toddler present.

Rosalyn Lien and husband Alexian Lien

Think about it, if you were driving and an aggressive motorbike convoy suddenly surrounded your vehicle, slowing down in front of you, doing reckless stunts and refusing to depart from your space while encasing you with your spouse and small child present, what would you do? How would it make you feel?