Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Justin Bieber Angers Famous Pro-Football Neighbors By Speeding On The Streets

Justin Bieber

19-year-old pop singer, Justin Bieber, angered his famous neighbors in the Calabasas subdivision known as "The Oaks." The teen star was spotted speeding in the gated community, inhabited by multi-millionaires. Two in particular were outraged by his behavior. Former NFL football players, Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson, went public this week complaining about Bieber's driving, as kids are sometimes crossing the street or playing in front yards.

Johnson was driving his car with his child present, when he observed Bieber traveling at a very high rate of speed along one of the community's roads. Johnson chased him down, leading to Bieber running out of his car and dashing into his home. Johnson called the police, who arrived at the property and questioned Bieber. Police are now investigating the matter.

Keyshawn Johnson and his daughter

Dickerson stated, "I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his a** down." He further explained, "I've seen him driving fast around Calabasas before in the Ferrari. It's just not safe. I don't blame Keyshawn, he's got kids. I don't blame him for trying to get Justin's attention. I would've been the same way ... when you're a father it takes on a whole new meaning."

This is the second run-in Bieber's had with a neighbor, after being accused of spitting on and threatening the life of a man that lives near to him. Ironically that incident erupted over Bieber speeding in the neighborhood, which is deemed dangerous. Police stated they have investigated the aforementioned matter and forwarded the case for criminal prosecution, due to the fact it involves a threat and is one of many incidents involving the singer and alleged infractions of the law.


Keyshawn Johnson

Police have expressed their concern, as there are too many open cases against Bieber, which they deem a pattern of behavior that needs to be addressed. Bieber needs to take it as a wake up call, lest he ends up in jail or worse, like James Dean. He and others could wind up  seriously injured or deceased in a preventable mishap.