Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reports Indicate Singer Prince Left No Will

Legendary singer/musician/songwriter Prince died on April 21, 2016. He was cremated this past weekend and a private ceremony was held at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Minnesota to remember his storied life. Reports indicate Prince left no will. His estate is worth approximately $100,000,000. Paisley Park and its contents is worth an estimated $10,000,000.

As Prince was a songwriter, he left behind a fortune in music. Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, who is also a singer, is his heir. Tyka is also a mother. My advice to Tyka is this, get a good lawyer and call all the shots yourself (be careful, Warner Bros and Sony Music, are known in legal circles for bribing lawyers and judges). Set up a trust regarding Prince's estate. Prince, like me, had legal fights with the record label Warner Bros, which is a greedy, evil, unscrupulous company. The only worse one in the entertainment industry is Sony Music.  Prince stated Warner Bros made him feel like a "slave" (he wrote it on his face) and it's the exact same way they have made me feel. 

Inside Prince's gorgeous Paisley Park studios
Do not sell off Prince's music catalog. He fought to keep as much ownership of it as possible. He wouldn't want certain music industry people owning it. There are some greedy psychopaths in the entertainment industry circling, as they know he has died and will seek to prey upon you and your family to rip his catalog from your hands. Do not let them do that. I know how evil they can be. Therefore, be careful and protect yourself.

Prince would not want other musicians, especially those he did not approve of, traipsing through his record studios and making music there. It would have devastated him in life. Do not let this happen to him in death. However, I don't think he would mind the public visiting it to take a look at where he made his hits. I think he would like that.

Prince's sister, singer Tyka
Prince was also very particular about who he licensed his music to for other works. He was not into music with violent themes and other negative messages. Do not authorize such singers or rappers to sample his work. He wasn't even a fan of the sampling to begin with, as he was a real songwriter/musician who could compose music from scratch, which is sadly no longer the norm in music. Don't allow movie producers to place his music in films of a twisted or negative nature.  

Prince left behind unreleased music. Make sure to properly secure the copyrights in America. The rest of the world immediately recognizes a copyright the moment it is authored in accordance with United Nations laws, via the Berne Convention (time stamps help to secure authorship dates, regarding who did what first in the vent a dispute arises). However, in America the law requires you pay the Copyright Office a fee, in violation of international law, to protect your copyrights on U.S. shores which grants you the right to sue in federal court, in the event they are infringed. If you choose to release Prince's unreleased songs, do it through your own record company.