Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Riots Erupt In Baltimore Over Freddie Gray Killing By Cops Reiterating The Need For A Federal Law Regarding Police Brutality (Video)

Today was the funeral of Freddie Gray, a man in Baltimore, Maryland, who was the subject of deadly police brutality and excessive force, simply for running in fear from several police officers. Gray had committed no crime, but became afraid when he saw several police officers staring at him.

Gray ran away and was caught and beaten. Gray was dragged into an ambulance and hours later pronounced dead at the hospital. His spine was snapped and ribs crushed, all while in police custody. No one is saying what truly happened to Gray, which has resulted in rage from people in Baltimore. This rage turned into violence as riots erupted. 

The people of Baltimore have every right to be angry at the violence being directed at black people. However, rioting and looting is not the answer. Peaceful protests would be better. Gray's death is the latest of many at the hands of select police officers in America, who have used an extraordinary amount of force against black people. 

It is painfully clear there needs to be a federal law enacted at a congressional level to address police brutality. Clear lines need to be drawn in the proverbial sand, regarding what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct from police officers. There should be stiff penalties to any officer who engages in police brutality and excessive force.