Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eminem Confirms This Site's Previous Claims That He Had Sex With Rihanna

Eminem and Rihanna

This article is a follow up to August 5, 2014's "Beyonce And Jay Z's Marriage Problems Creating Terrible Publicity For Rihanna" and August 12, 2014's "Chris Brown And Rihanna Come Face To Face" where I emphatically stated so-called singer Rihanna had sex with rapper Eminem, among other people. I have been proven right again, in what was an exclusive regarding Rihanna and Eminem having sex. This week, Eminem released a new song entitled "Shady XV" where he raps about having sex with Rihanna:

"Shady XV"

"Still get along with this voice cause that's the monster
So do-si-do with a sociopath, everyone who knows me knows that
What they don't know is the fact Rihanna calls me Pinocchio, meh
She loves the way I lie
Sits on my face and waits for my nose to grow" 

So basically, Eminem just stated he had oral sex with industry mattress Rihanna. Dude probably has lockjaw, scurvy and rickets now, performing intimate sex acts, including penetration, with promiscuous Rihanna, who has herpes. Rihanna has become a full fledged junkie as well, who sleeps with anyone in the industry, who will give her a deal, song, movie or high profile collaboration. That's called prostitution. She is a prostitute. She is no role model. Her career is the casting couch and stealing copyrights, which is a federal and international crime.  

Rihanna and Eminem

Side Bar: Rihanna's dwindling fanbase makes me laugh. Some of them are crazy and quick to jump on every story published about her as a lie. I have 247 exclusives that were later proven true. The only pop culture site with more proven exclusives than mine is TMZ. If I were lying all this time, none of my articles would have later been proven true and I'd have been sued for defamation, libel and slander long ago. I have no reason to lie about anyone. Some members of the public need to stop being so gullible and naive regarding vouching for stars they don't even know. Some, not all celebrities, are not what you think they are (case in point, Bill Cosby). 

Rihanna is not a nice person. She's done a lot of evil, cruel and vile things to innocent people, while trying to become famous and stay in the spotlight, in a career built on stolen copyrights. She's a fraud. Her whole career is a lie built on theft of other people's property. She has damaged people's relationships, marriages and separately others' careers and bank accounts via theft. Stop publicly swearing for people you don't know in clear sight of everyone, before you end up humiliated for falling for their lies.