Monday, September 8, 2014

To Snitch Or Not To Snitch

Rappers "No Snitch" Policy

There is an pervasive attitude in rap culture that arrogantly chastises people for "snitching" and it is nothing short of ignorance. At the end of the day, some rappers are violent criminals, who have not forsaken the life of crime they knew before they became famous. Therefore, it is easy for them to spout this illegality and gibberish to the impressionable public, leading others astray.

I for one believe that people should speak up (I spoke out publicly and to police, but you can do so to the authorities anonymously). I have filed police reports in Hollywood related matters, where I was targeted by criminals in the industry and it lead to arrests. Am I sorry? Absolutely not.

In one case, I gave my personal account to the FBI of crimes targeting me (and others) by Colombo mafia member, Anthony Pellicano, who engaged in these crimes on behalf of singer Madonna, who hired him. It took a great deal of courage to do so, as Pellicano is a violent criminal (but I was enraged and extremely offended at what she hired him to do regarding me and didn't give a rat's behind who he or she think they are).

Pellicano was arrested months later and sentenced to 15-years in prison. This is a man that would threaten men, women and CHILDREN, of all people, with grievous bodily injury and death if they did not do what his sick clients in Hollywood demanded. Oh his parents must be so proud they brought a human being into the world doing such things *sarcasm.*

What kind of animal threatens to harm or kill people's children. Is that someone any reasonable human being who isn't absolutely insane should want roaming around free in society. According to a few famous ignoramuses involved in crime, I was not to quote unquote "snitch." Fame without responsibility is a dangerous thing.

In another case, stemming from madwoman Madonna's misconduct, I filed a police complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London, in what ended up becoming the phone hacking scandal (Andy Coulson Found Guilty In The Phone Hacking Case (Confirming Previous Claims I Made About Him On The Site)). After I filed the complaint against Rupert Murdoch's News Corp/News International and Madonna, for phone hacking, hacking and wiretapping, it was discovered and announced the royal family was being phone hacked by Murdoch's company. That is just the height of arrogance. Who is Murdoch to be invading the royal family's privacy (or anyone's for that matter). Arrogant animal. 

However, it was just the tip of the iceberg. The police also discovered in said case that missing and subsequently murdered underage girls were being phone hacked as well, their privacy grossly violated while they were missing and then sadly killed. That made people's blood boil and led to greater protests.
The one good thing that happened was the parents were able to receive millions of dollars (pounds) in damages from insidious Murdoch, over the phone hacking, which won't make up for their great loss in losing their loved ones, but it will make their lives a little easier. So once again, am I sorry I quote unquote "snitched" - absolutely not. Something good came out of it.

What kind of person would I be to (unintentionally) discover that type of a criminal problem, something harming underage minors and not speak up. I would have to be a savage and an animal to not quote unquote "snitch" regarding something like that. So, once again, am I sorry I quote unquote "snitched" - absolutely not.
In society, on one hand you have civil rights leaders and educated members of government asking people to come forward with information regarding crime, with the hope it will lead to justice. Then, on the other hand you have rappers irresponsibly telling impressionable members of the public "don't snitch."

I ask you "no snitch" rappers, if an investigative blogger such as myself discovered some of your famous peers were sexually molesting your underage daughters and sons, would you want me to remain silent or quote unquote "snitch" to the authorities to stop your children from being harmed?

I would love for one of you "no snitch" rappers to answer that question, to my face, since you rappers, who spout that stuff have all this mouth. I'm not scared of anyone on this earth and would love for you to face to face, put forth the key points of why I or anyone else should remain silent when defenseless, innocent people, especially children, are being harmed...and trust me, I will quote you on that.

That's the problem with some famous folks, you don't listen to your conscience or instincts, which would be your better judgment - you do whatever risky and reckless thing you think makes you look cool and macho in the public eye, even if it harms others.

You should hope that, God forbid someone was harming your little child, niece or nephew, someone would have the decency to speak out to put it to an end. Those of you on this "no snitch" wave, need to stop shaming and embarrassing your parents with this conduct you are engaging in online and in song, via these harmful views. Many innocent, vulnerable people in society, who cannot protect or defend themselves, are being harmed by others and need people to speak up for them to stop the abuses.
In life I don't do things for money, attention or pride. I could have sold out to certain music industry people in New York and made millions long ago, but what some of them do is not right, not to mention, quite a bit of it is illegal and I want no part in that. In life, I don't want to be apart of the problem. Everyone should endeavor to be apart of the solution that makes things better for others.

At the end of the day right is right and wrong is wrong. There are no gray areas. You're either walking the line of truth or living a lie in the eyes of the law and God. Make up your mind regarding which side you're on and do remember, choices have consequences.