Thursday, September 25, 2014

Amber Rose And Nick Cannon's Divorces From Wiz Khalifa And Mariah Carey Being Scrutinized As Accusations Of Cheating Surface

Amber Rose Seen Getting Friendly With Her New Manager Nick Cannon

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Rapper, Wiz Khalifa and music video model, Amber Rose, wed a year ago. This week she has filed for divorce and custody of their 20-month-old son and is requesting spousal support from the rapper, whose funds are running down. In short, Wiz Khalifa's career was hot a year ago and now it's colder than the Arctic in winter.     

Nick Cannon to Wiz Khalifa: "I've got your kid!"

Comedian, Nick Cannon, recently filed for divorce from his wife, mentally ill singer, Mariah Carey. The split turned ugly, as Carey accused Cannon of cheating (and he did). Carey is demanding custody of their 4-year-old twins, while Cannon states she is mentally unstable and the kids are not in a safe environment.

Mariah Carey is gonna escalate the crazy and snatch out all of Amber Rose's hair until she is bald...oh wait! (white shoes with that dress, Mariah, really?)

Coincidentally (sarcasm) Cannon signed Rose to a deal, promising to launch her television career in Hollywood. Now social networking is awash in rumors Cannon has been having sex with Rose and the two filed for divorced from their significant others because they were cheating.