Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Married Reality Star Tiny Slams Boxer Floyd Mayweather For Stating He Had Sex With Her (Video)

During a press conference a week ago to promote the upcoming rematch Mayweather v. Maidana 2, boxer Floyd Mayweather stated he’d engaged in sexual intercourse with reality star/singer, Tiny, the wife of rapper T.I.. The rapper, who is making death threats against Mayweather, is a convicted felon, who went to prison on gun charges. Hours after the statement caused controversy on social networking, Mayweather stated he did not say he was having sex with Tiny. However, her husband thought he was having sex with Tiny.

Floyd Mayweather

Tiny recently did a radio interview with comedian/actor Rickey Smiley, where she stated, “Tough that you can’t just be out and take a picture with somebody” to which he responded, “That don’t mean that you sleeping with somebody because you took a picture.” 

Floyd Mayweather press conference

Prior to this incident, the Judiciary Report warned about famous people taking photos with others and what one writes/says on social networking, regarding how it can sometimes be misconstrued by the public [Thirsty Groupie Publicly Touching And Flirting With Carmelo Anthony Gave The Public A Certain Impression Sure To Upset His Wife LaLa (Video) and Why Do Women Take To The Internet And Imply Sexual Things About Famous Men]. People will automatically assume you are having sex with the person, especially based on the body language in the photo or the nature of what is written or said. 

Tiny and TI

Tiny further stated regarding Mayweather, “He has never been in a room with me by himself” and he “turned his head when he said ‘he thought I was f****** his b****.” Tiny also stated she was not happy with him using the b-word in reference to her. Mayweather previously apologized for using the b-word in reference to Tiny (then did it again).