Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal In Washington Assault Case And Prepares For Trial In September

Chris Brown  

TMZ is reporting Chris Brown by way of his attorney, has rejected a plea deal in the Washington assault case against him, regarding local man, Parker Adams, who targeted the singer. It resulted in a confrontation between Adams and Brown and his bodyguard. Adams photobomed Brown, was excessively rude to him and engaged in inappropriate contact, as it was without permission, in trying to come on to the heterosexual crooner. 

Parker Adams

TMZ states there was a failure to agree on the statement of facts Brown would have to cop a plea to in order to avoid jail in the Washington case. Brown has consistently stated he is not guilty of the charges that have been brought against him. As desperate as Brown is to avoid going back to jail, if he cops a plea in this case and the statement in essence reads he did attack Adams, rather than protecting himself and property (tour bus), it could trigger a probation violation in the Rihanna domestic violence case and send him back to jail in Los Angeles.