Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chris Brown Appears In Court Looking Depressed As Judge Sentences Him To More Jail Time

Chris Brown

R&B singer Chris Brown arrived in Los Angeles yesterday after spending days shackled on Con Air, the justice system's airline service for inmates who are extradited to other jurisdictions in America. He has been jailed for the past six weeks due to a probation violation. The singer has gained a little weight, giving him a healthier look. However, Brown looked troubled and depressed during his court hearing, as Judge James Brandlin order the singer to spend another week in jail, while his lawyer negotiates a plea deal over his probation violation. 


This means Brown will spend his upcoming birthday in jail. Brown turns 25 on May 5th, 2014, also known as Cinco De Mayo. The star also spent Easter in jail, regarding a Washington assault case involving local, Parker Adams. Brown's trial has been delayed while the singer's bodyguard, who was also charged in the incident, appeals his conviction in the aforementioned matter. The circumstances surrounding the case are not working in Brown's favor. 


CNN is reporting, "The prosecutor said last week that she would "strenuously object" to Brown being released because it appears likely Brown will be found guilty of the assault charge in Washington. Assistant District Attorney Mary Murray argued the only change since Brown was jailed in March is that his case has "gotten worse." The Washington judge who found his bodyguard guilty in the assault case also concluded that Brown was "the initial aggressor" in the incident, Murray said." 

Chris Brown and Mark Geragos

KTLA also reported, "The prosecutors cited Hollosy’s refusal to talk to them about his testimony as a major reason for the decision not to grant immunity. Their motion also said they suspected he might lie in his testimony to help Brown."