Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rihanna Sued By Bodyguard For Defamation


Rihanna has been sued in Ireland by her former bodyguard, Geoffrey Keating, who was head of security for the drug addled, alcoholic star between 2012-2013. He filed suit against Rihanna for defamation of character, in defaming him to his family, friends and business associates via, email and via telephone. He contends it has damaged his reputation. 

Rihanna was recently slammed in court documents for defaming accounting firm Berdon LLP, falsely accusing them of giving her bad advice in stating buy a home, as she contends she couldn’t afford it. However, the bank is the entity that makes that determination and clearly they deemed her financially fit enough to purchase the home, based on her income and debt ratio. 

Rihanna damaged the firm’s name with her highly publicized claims, much like she is being accused in legal documents of ruining the name of her former bodyguard, who is seeking legal redress. Rihanna, the self-professed “bad gal” is going to be the “broke gal” if she keeps it up.