Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling From The NBA For Life Over Racist Discriminatory Remarks (Video)

Newly appointed NBA commissioner Adam Silver has thrown the book at Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, over racist remarks he made during a telephone call to his girlfriend Vanessa Stiviano. Sterling engaged in discrimination by demanding that Stiviano not bring black people to his Los Angeles Clippers games. TMZ aired the tape on its website and show. Sterling‘s comments left many appalled.


Donald Sterling and wife Rochelle out to dinner on Sunday night in downtown Los Angeles

As the NBA is a group of teams that comprise a franchise, the regulatory commission is able to assess penalties and fines for inappropriate behavior that brings disrepute on any or all of its teams by default. Team owners sign binding contracts pledging to abide by league rules.

Donald Sterling

Sterling has been banned for life from the NBA and slapped with a $2,500,000 fine. Silver also stated he will do his best to impress upon other team owners in the league the necessity to compel Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. This is the correct course of action. It is in the best interest of the NBA. 

Donald Sterling, pictured here smiling on Sunday night, has not issued an apology for his offensive comments

Sterling’s comments have upset millions of people, who don’t want a side order of racism with their basketball. The NBA has treated black people very well, which is why Sterling’s comments floored so many members of the public. However, his comments are his own and the league should work to move on and rebound from his scandal (and it can).