Saturday, April 21, 2012

George Zimmerman Should Not Have Received Bail In The Trayvon Martin Murder Case For The Following Reasons

The latest development in the Trayvon Martin case adds insult to injury. George Zimmerman, who murdered unarmed, underage African-American teen, Trayvon Martin, right before issuing a racial slur regarding him on 911 tapes, was inappropriately granted $150,000 bail and is set to go free pending trial.

Judge Kenneth R. Lester Jr., made the wrong decision in granting Zimmerman bail, for a murder that was not self-defense, as prescribed by the controversial "Stand Your Ground" act, because he is the aggressor and instigator that broke the law and neighborhood watch rules, via carrying a loaded gun, acting as self-appointed captain.

In the interest of fairness, a new photo was released yesterday showing a few trickles of blood coming from the back of Zimmerman's head, which he alleges were inflicted by Trayvon Martin. However, he stalked, chased, approached and got into a violent confrontation with the scared teen and said superficial wounds could be the result of that struggle, with Trayvon, the victim, who was being unlawfully pursued, acting in self-defense.

I state this, because I have no idea when the photos were taken, as Commissioner Lee acting in collusion with George Zimmerman's dad, Judge Robert Zimmerman, acted very inappropriately, engaged in a cover-up, did not collect the proper evidence and Zimmerman, despite his claims of significant injury allegedly inflicted by Trayvon, declined to go to the hospital and was walking around like nothing happened. 
Zimmerman's credibility is non-existent, as his story has changed so many times he cannot be believed.

Zimmerman has stated Trayvon came up to him and circled his car five times before attacking him. However, a witness, Martin's girlfriend, who was on the phone with him, disputes the story and 911 tapes reveal Zimmerman was chasing the teenager, against the authorities advice and instructions.

911 tapes also corroborate the witness statements of Martin's girlfriend that "creepy" and "crazy" Zimmerman was aggressively and illegally stalking Trayvon, who was scared and in fear for his life. We know Trayvon was scared because:

a.) Trayvon did not have a gun or weapon of any kind, Zimmerman did.

b.) When asked about the screams multiple witnesses heard on the night of the murder, many indicated it was that of a boy (Trayvon) not a man (Zimmerman). Why would Zimmerman, the person with a man's voice and a loaded, deadly gun be screaming for help, as his brother illogically and irrationally tried to claim on television.

Trayvon Martin

28-year-old Zimmerman stated yesterday, he thought Trayvon was a little younger than himself, but on 911 tapes he told authorities Martin is in his teens. How can over a decade be "a little younger." That's 11 whole years. The two were not even in the same age group.

Zimmerman has consistently lied throughout the case and cannot be believed. In the legal world, you are taught to look for inconsistencies and constantly changing stories, to determine if a person is lying. Based on the facts of the case, Zimmerman is lying.

Judge Lester disrespected the substantial efforts of civil rights advocates and peaceful protestors, who lawfully fought to gain justice for Martin, while keeping the peace and keeping the public calm during this terrible case. Why would you release a mentally unstable, violent, trigger happy man, who attacked a cop, his ex-fiancée and racially profiles black people, murdering a kid for lawfully walking on a public street in his family's neighborhood.

People have been begging the public to remain calm and not react with violence, due to the awful injustices stemming from this case and Judge Lester flushes it all down the toilet with the bang of his gavel. It was within his discretion to remand Zimmerman into custody, due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the case and he did not - much like the accused murderer's father, Judge Zimmerman, publicly proclaimed he would not issue an arrest warrant for the acts his son is accused of, which says it all. Can you say corruption.
George Zimmerman

Weeks ago, the Judiciary Report cited this case as more proof "the justice system does not work." Granting Zimmerman bail, after all the death, pain, shame, trouble, division and expense he has caused, adds credence to the Judiciary Report's claim. No matter what color they are, no one is worth all this trouble, when they have done something wrong.

Note that when Zimmerman was finally arrested weeks after the murder, the Judiciary Report commented "it is a beginning" because the site has seen and documented so much corruption coming from the justice system, some stunt was expected and here it is via this latest corrupt act.

The government needs to wake up and smell the coffee. While I do not wish for it to happen, based on what I have read online throughout this case, if you release Zimmerman he will be killed. If you acquit Zimmerman, he will be killed. Riots will ensue and billions in property damage and losses - not to mention, more loss of life. This needn't happen, but you are failing the public with these acts of corruption.

Side Bar: it should be noted, to the gun owning members of the American public, the Judiciary Report is not attempting to challenge your constitutional right to carry a gun (though I do not and never have owned a weapon). The site is challenging anyone's conduct in stalking, confronting and murdering anyone of any color, as this is a sin against God and man, which is criminal and positively wrong. That is not self-defense. It is outright murder.