Monday, October 3, 2016

Florida Purse Snatcher Kidnaps Baby And Runs Over Woman's Leg In Two Thefts (Video)

A Florida purse snatcher was caught on a gas station camera, stealing a $300 purse out of a woman's SUV as she attempted to fill her vehicle with gas. 32-year-old Janelle Della-Libera, looked over just in time to see him remove her purse from the vehicle. Della-Libera chased the thief, who fled to his car. 

She hopped on the hood of his car and began hitting him with her wallet she had removed from her purse, prior to pumping gas. She hit him several times, which caused him to drive off with her on the hood. This resulted in the woman falling off the hood of the car. The thief then ran over her leg. Della-Libera was taken to hospital with a sprained ankle.

Woman leaps on the hood of purse snatcher's car

Della-Libera told the press, "He could have killed me. What if he had a gun? What if he would have been more vicious? The scenario could have played out so much worse." Indeed. What Della-Libera did was brave, but very risky. Thankfully she did not die as a result of the purse snatcher's conduct. 

People must be careful not to keep their purse or wallet with their money/bank cards/credit cards in their vehicle while they pump gas or going into businesses. Thieves often walk by vehicles looking for unlocked doors to steal cars or items on display such as purses/wallets to break the window of vehicles and stealing people's belongings. Keep your purse/wallet on you. Some thieves in smash windows. For years Florida has been plagued by people engaging in what is known as "smash and grab." Some incidents left victims dead.

Woman attacking purse snatcher

This same man was accused of stealing a car days prior that had a baby in the back seat. Police were able to apprehend him. They have since discovered he was a felon who was recently released from prison. Some people fail to learn from prison, that it is a correctional facility meant to rehabilitate bad behavior. I do believe people deserve a second chance. However, what you do with that second chance is up to you. 

You can take your freedom and turn your life around or go back to criminal behavior and end up in prison again. The choice is yours. Do not make the unwise decision of returning to crime. Make the most of your life in an honest manner.