Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ciara's 2-Year-Old Son Calls Stepdad Russell Wilson 'Papa' Instead Of Reserving That Title For His Biological Father Rapper Future (Video)

This month singer Ciara married NFL football player Russell Wilson. Ciara has a 2-year-old son Future, named after his rapper father, who has treated the singer disgracefully. The rapper has publicly insulted Ciara and Wilson in cruel ways, even threatening the football player online by using a gun emoji. Today, a video surfaced showing Ciara, baby Future and her husband, Wilson, getting ready for an event. 

Ciara, her son Future and Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson and baby Future

In the video, Ciara saw her toddler and stated to him "kiss mama" and he did so. Then, her son said "papa kiss" to Wilson, who gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was very sweet, but sad at the same time. The rapper is going to be enraged when he sees the video, which is what makes it sad. However, if he spent more time with his son, rather than music industry groupies, the little boy would have a relationship with him. 


I feel sorry for the little boy. His biological father is not treating his mother well, neglecting his paternal duties and another man had to step in to become a father to him. Baby Future has seen Wilson more than his biological father. While it is great he has someone around for support, the rapper is really letting his child down.