Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thurman v. Porter Scores Big With Boxing Fans

Keith Thurman Jr vs. Shawn Porter

Thurman v. Porter lit up the boxing world on Saturday night in New York. Keith Thurman Jr. ("One Time") squared off against Shawn Porter ("Showtime"). Two great welterweight boxers went to war. Thurman won in a unanimous victory during the slugfest with a score of 115-113, 115-113, 115-113. Many on social networking are branding it the fight of the year. The reviews from fans are overwhelmingly positive. Ironically, though it was slugfest, the two men are friends. However, it was all business in the ring.

Thurman should fight boxer Adrien Broner, who can box, but is trouble prone outside the ring. Broner is a big puncher for his weight class and would bring a significant amount of publicity from fight fans and casual observers. Broner is currently fighting a criminal case for knocking out a man in a Ohio bowling alley parking lot, after he lost a $10,000 bet.

I need to stop making jokes about Broner, due to what I have written in past columns. He might sic his baby mama on me. You guys would just see it on the news “And on tonight's news, blogger knocked out cold in parking lot by Adrien Broner’s baby mama” (LOL).