Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain Votes To Leave The EU

David Cameron
Britain has voted to leave the EU. The British people have spoken. The will of the people must be honored. Britain belongs to the British people and they get to decide what they do with it (much like in any other sovereign nation). British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has resigned after backing the failed move to remain in the EU. Cameron stated a new Prime Minister will be selected in October 2016. People online have commented that U.S. President Barack Obama’s trip to Britain a few months ago regarding remaining in the EU, did the movement more harm than good. Britons do not want to be told what to do by Obama or any other leader they did not elect.

Cameron has done good things for Britain, via austerity and proper tax collection, which helped to guide the nation out of the 2008 financial crisis that emanated from Wall Street. Financial cuts were needed and it helped to increase Britain’s fortunes. The pound has lost some of its value due to the vote to leave prevailing, but is still holding. Markets all over the world have lost some of their value as well, in what is a correction to reflect the current vote.

There is no need to panic. Britain will be just fine. The Chinese yuan is relatively low and China is still a prosperous, industrious, wealthy nation. The key to flourishing in the world is producing goods and services people want and need. Britain has many great products and services people want and need. Britain has innovative companies in the area of finances, automotive, food and clothing, among others. The Premier League is also the biggest tourist attraction in Britain bringing in 5 billion pounds annually from visitors.

Britain is one of the oldest countries in the world. It is a very nice place to live. It is peaceful and civil. It is a great country that has survived a lot throughout history. Brexit is just a hiccup. That’s not to insult the EU, as there are many great countries in it as well. I love and admire nations such as France and Spain, among others.

Some believe Britain’s vote to leave the EU was based on discontent regarding immigration levels, which have dramatically surged. With the freedom to move among the EU nations, many Britons complained that the “traffic is moving in one direction” into Britain, creating new costs the British taxpayers had to underwrite. Many members of the British public feared the country would not be able to handle the added long-term financial costs.

Britain has free healthcare via the NHS and cash benefits to those who need it. People were moving into Britain from other parts of the EU and getting free healthcare, financial benefits and council housing. No nation in the EU can afford to indefinitely accommodate the level of traffic Britain received, plus pay 12 billion pounds per year into the Union as well. One nation could not sustain that indefinitely.

No country is perfect. However, I will state this, I know Britain well and I have not found it to be a racist or xenophobic country. There are many interracial marriages in Britain. There are also many marriages in Britain among local Britons and foreigners. On the whole, Brits are very open minded people. They do try to fight racism and xenophobia within the scope of the law, using legislation and court imposed penalties. Therefore, the vote was about a financial concern of many in Britain. Based on comments I have read in the lead up to the vote, I think the biggest gripe of the British people is the sum of money the country has been paying to the EU.

At the end of the day, the British people have the right to determine the future they want for their nation. That’s how democracy works. It is nice to see that though many in the British government wanted to remain in the EU, the vote wasn’t rigged.

The British people need to work together for a great future for Britain. Even if the vote did not go how you wanted it to, you still have a great country worth treasuring and preserving. Therefore, stand together and make things work. Invest in your country and the nation’s future.