Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rigging Boxing Fights

Boxing is a dangerous but rewarding sport. It requires years of hard work. Careers are best undertaken in well planned steps, increasing the level of opponent in proper fashion, until one hopefully reaches the pinnacle of the sport, culminating into a world championship. That is the ideal route to take.

Most boxers are hardworking and doing things the right way within the rules of the sport. However, last November I found out something regarding a boxer that disappointed me. I currently know of a boxer who wanted fame and fortune overnight and took the wrong route. I have it on very good authority that his last two fights were rigged. It brought him two titles months apart, but the wrong way, which isn’t fair to the many hardworking, honest fighters in the sport or to the fans.

After his fight last winter, a very credible source informed me that it was rigged. I was very disappointed to learn this. I had hoped he would take the honest route. It was so unnecessary and not good for the sport. The next fight this particular boxer had took place a few short months ago during this past spring and it was rigged as well. The second rigged fight a few months ago was more obvious. A male sports writer commented on a boxing site that the opposing boxer "threw himself down" after barely getting hit (when he’d successfully taken much bigger punches before that did not result in him being knocked down or knocked out). It supported what I had been told about his previous title fight being rigged. Some people are now publicly calling the win a paper title.

The problem with fight rigging is when one acquires a title, one must at some point defend it by facing mandatory challengers. Not every opponent is going to go along with fight rigging. After rigging two title fights and prior to that fighting opponents who were labeled journeymen, what happens when the boxer gets a tough mandatory like Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder, who can both box very well and hit hard. He could end up in the hospital.

It is a dangerous thing to prematurely occupy a title one is not ready for, as an untested boxer can end up hospitalized with serious injuries under such circumstances, due to the sheer force of the punches in the heavyweight division from its most skilled fighters. Hence me ringing the alarm on this matter, as it is dangerous. To surround one’s self with yes men and crazy people from the entertainment industry, who know nothing about boxing and insanely think they are the illuminati, while promising said boxer fame and fortune, is to put one’s career, health and life in jeopardy, while getting into the square circle. Boxing is not a game. Some people walk in the ring and end up getting carried out with serious injuries.

To lull a boxer into a false sense of security, filling his life with Hollywood hype, then when the real test comes he ends up hospitalized, is seriously wrong and unethical. The sad part is he did not have to take this route. In time with hard work and diligence he could have legitimately reached very far. However, now he is on a rapid collision course with disaster, due to the love of money, which truly is the root of all evil, as the Bible says. There's nothing wrong with having money, but when you love it to the point it compromises you, leading you to start lying to your fans, betraying decent people who helped you when you had nothing and you stop listening to honest family and friends in your life in favor of fake famous friends who aren't really your friends, it inevitably leads to trouble.