Saturday, May 21, 2016

Video Surfaces Of Adrien Broner Assault And Robbery (Video)

Video has surfaced online of boxer Adrien Broner engaging in assault and robbery for which he was arrested in March 2016. The victim in the case alleged Broner punched him in the chin twice, splitting it open, which required 60 stitches, after a night of betting on bowling games went wrong. After Broner punched the man, he took back his money from the betting losses and $2,000 of the victim's money. He has sued Broner and filed a complaint with the police. Prosecutors filed charges and arrested Broner in April 2016. Broner is free on bail pending trial.

Adrien Broner's mug shot

The only problem with the video is it's so grainy you can't make out anyone on the tape to obtain a positive identification. In that sense, it is useless. Voices are heard on the tape and one of them is definitely Broner, who sounds very agitated. Another voice is heard on the tape saying "chill A.B." which is Broner's initials and one of his nicknames.