Saturday, May 21, 2016

Adrien Broner's Floyd Mayweather And Money Team Diss Track 'Slammer' Is Making Its Way Around Social Networking And Select Radio Stations

Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather prior to their current dispute
Former WBA champion, Adrien Broner, is spending time promoting his song "Slammer" which slams pugilists Floyd Mayweather, Ashley Theophane and the rest of the Money Team collective. The song is making its way around social networking and select radio stations. Some people like it. Some people do not. However, it is not a hit. The content and production are to blame.

Broner began his verses too early and too late during a few segments of the song, missing the beat at times by a few noticeable seconds. There are some overlaps there as well, leaving it disjointed, unlike the song it comes from, which is the hit "Panda" by rapper Desiigner. I was also unable to discern some of what Broner was saying at select parts of the track "Slammer" (then again, I don't really know what Desiigner is saying on most of "Panda" either, all I heard was "panda, panda, panda" and "I got broads in Atlanta" which is not the best message to send).

Adrien Broner versus Mayweather's Money Team boxer Ashely Theophane
The producer of "Slammer" didn't do the best job with the song. The production on "Panda" is slicker, more polished. If Broner wants to be a rapper, they are going to have to improve the production on his tracks and sync them better. At the end of the day, "Slammer" is also not my type of song, as it is full of profanity and crude references to women, which doesn't set a good example for impressionable audiences. 

In closing, Broner better be careful Mayweather doesn't pay a  rapper to diss him back and call the track "Bowling Alley" (LOL I'm playing).