Wednesday, May 4, 2016

People Coming Out The Woodwork Claiming They Are Prince's Relatives To Get A Share Of The Deceased Singer's Millions

As was to be expected, any time a notable person dies, who had money and or other valuable assets, people come out the woodwork claiming to be relatives entitled to a cut of their estate. Rarely are the claims true. Weeks after Prince's death, a woman has come forward claiming to be his half-sister, but none of his other siblings know about her. A man has also come forward claiming to be Prince's son, who was born from flings the singer allegedly had with his mother. 

If claims are genuine, so be it. However, if claims and others of said nature that will likely arise, are fraudulent, this is flagrant. A family has lost a loved one. Let them grieve in peace and work on resolving issues regarding a complex estate. Furthermore, why wait until Prince died to come forward and make the claims.