Sunday, April 17, 2016

Adrien Broner's Career In Jeopardy After Calling Out Several Top Boxing Rivals But Is Facing Potentially Long Stint In Jail

Adrien Broner called out several top boxers on his Instagram page

Former boxing champion, Adrien Broner, who currently sits in jail on a probation violation, is due to be released April 22, 2016, after a 10-day stint for reckless driving in Ohio. The case originally stems from a driving under the influence charge he incurred in January 2015. A few weeks ago, Broner called out several top boxers, revealing he wants to fight them. However, there is a problem.

Adrien Broner
Broner is also face an assault and robbery charge that could land him in jail for up to 10-years. As Broner is 26, these are vital years of his boxing career. Audiences on social networking are already questioning his commitment to boxing. His public image is not in the best way either, as Broner is rough around the edges and has been engaging in high profile.

Adrien Broner and fiancée Arie

Broner currently has two options in the assault and robbery case threatening his career. He can settle the lawsuit filed by the victim in an effort to show the prosecutor the matter has been amicably resolved and throw himself on the mercy of the court, in an effort to avoid a long jail sentence (in what is a long shot, requesting years on probation). The other option is pleading not guilty (which Broner has in court) then watching and seeing what the prosecutor has up his sleeve in determining if he can win the case or if it is best to take a plea deal.  

Adrien Broner's mug shot

Broner needs to take some time to reflect on his life, what he has accomplished and where he wants to go. He also needs to appreciate his family and treat his fiancée in a kinder manner. The two have engaged in very public spats on social networking and he stated things that broke her heart accusing her of cheating (which she denies, but he has been publicly caught doing) and stating he is happy she miscarried one of their babies. That must have hurt her. Life is too short for people to treat each other that way. They need to try to make their engagement and potential marriage work. However, that's the keyword with Broner - potential. He has so much potential, but the choices he is making is squandering it. I don't want him to fail. It's time for him to take his life more seriously.