Sunday, April 17, 2016

After Singer Kehlani Is Accused Of Cheating On Kyrie Irving Instagram Model India Love Starts Following Him On Social Networking

Kyrie Irving and Kehlani

Recently, singer Kehlani was slammed on the internet by R&B crooner, Chris Brown, over a suicide attempt he branded a fake bid for attention and sympathy on social networking. Brown accused Kehlani of cheating on boyfriend, NBA star, Kyrie Irving, after entertainer Party Next Door, posted a photo of them in bed together at his place. Brown and Irving are friends and was defending him as such. Many social networking users took offense at the photo and actively began stating Kehlani was cheating on Irving. 

Kehlani and Party Next Door
Distraught at the public accusations and the impact it could have on her career, Kehlani was hospitalized over suicidal conduct. Kehlani maintains she did not cheat on Irving and that they had broken up at the time Party Next Door posted the private of photo of the two of them in bed, which he really should not have posted. Some people are sharing intimate moments online for attention and it is not the best idea. 

Chris Brown likes India Love

Now that Irving is single, Instagram model, India Love, began following him on the site. Love is trying to become the next Karrueche Tran, the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown, who is popular on social networking and trying to parlay it into a full time acting career. Love was also represented by Tran's manager Jacob York. Love recently showed support for Brown.

India Love
Irving is a handsome millionaire basketball player. As a result, a number of women are trying to replace Kehlani, including India Love. It should be no surprise someone else would want to date Irving. Though, I can't imagine Kehlani is happy at the news, as she still has feelings for Irving and was against the break up.


Karrueche Tran
People in the entertainment industry often jump into relationships too fast, engaging in promiscuity. Kehlani is proof of that and in her case, she could have died from a regrettable suicide bid that should not have occurred. Thankfully her suicide bid did not result in death. However, people cannot let dating consume them to the point, if something goes wrong they want to commit suicide. Human life is worth far more than that.