Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Obama Administration Engaging In Lottery Rigging And Bribery

Barack Obama
The Judiciary Report has broken a number of time-stamped stories that later proved 100% true and correct, among them are exclusives on the Obama Administration such as: 

Here's another exclusive. A number of unprecedented scandals have erupted during the Obama Administration regarding the lottery in select U.S. states. Lottery executives have been caught red-handed rigging the lottery to financially enrich themselves and others, in criminal violation of the law. The Judiciary Report has been receiving credible tips that the Obama Administration has also been rigging select state lotteries in America, particularly through the FBI and CIA.

Lotteries have been rigged by the Obama Administration to award winning tickets for lower level prizes, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars, in order to financially compensate people in the form of bribes for behavior that cannot be placed on the government’s books. They are being given rigged, winning lottery tickets for criminal behavior the Obama Administration cannot write government checks for, such as illegal spying, wiretapping, being high level informants against innocent prominent business people and politicians (among others), issuing threats and engaging in outright aggravated harassment of people on Obama’s “enemies list.” I have been informed of three such incidents and two of them occurred in the state of Florida.

There are currently lawsuits in U.S. courts demanding the disclosure of the names of people on Obama's "enemies list" as he is misusing his post as president to settle personal vendettas against innocent, people who publicly criticize his political policies. The Obama Administration is tampering in state lotteries and has the ability to rig the winning numbers and block scores of other tickets from winning. People have been lining up to buy tickets, going out of their way, spending money they can't spare, yet this administration is tampering in the lottery in illegal ways.

Obama’s FBI and CIA have been giving people winning lottery tickets as bribe payments for breaking U.S. Law and this is illegal on two levels. In doing so, it lends the appearance the individuals won prizes in the lottery, rather than being issued a 5 to 6 figure check by the U.S. government for engaging in unconstitutional, criminal behavior on behalf of the Obama Administration. 

The Obama Administration needs to stop using the U.S. lottery as their personal bank account, as some employees have been in criminal possession of winning tickets as well. There are also other issues, such as the Obama Administration, via the CIA and FBI, tampering in a foreign lottery of a country that is America's ally, for nefarious reasons, in what is unquestionably criminal behavior on their part.  


Lottery worker rigged system to win $14 million jackpot

July 20, 2015 | 4:05PM - DES MOINES, Iowa — A former lottery security official was found guilty Monday of rigging a computerized Hot Lotto game so he could win a $14 million jackpot then trying to get acquaintances to cash the prize for him without revealing his identity.

Prosecutors said Eddie Tipton inserted a stealth program into the computer that randomly picked the numbers then deleted it so it could not be detected. Although Tipton, 52, never got his hands on the winning total, he was charged with two counts of fraud. Jurors found him guilty Monday after just five hours of deliberation. Tipton declined to comment after the verdict.

Tipton, of Norwalk, had been working for the Des Moines-based Multi-State Lottery Association since 2003 and was promoted to information security director in 2013. The nonprofit association is operated by 37 mostly state-run lotteries to oversee picking numbers for various games and other lottery game administrative functions. As an employee, Tipton was prohibited from playing the lottery in Iowa. He was fired after his January arrest...

Man accused of rigging lottery drawings

Oct. 09, 2015 - Wisconsin Lottery officials have asked the Wisconsin Department of Justice to review a December 2007 Megabucks drawing after a Multi-State Lottery employee was convicted of rigging a 16.5 million drawing in Iowa and accused of defrauding lotteries in Iowa, Wisconsin and Colorado, lottery officials said Friday. 

Eddie Tipton, who provided software updates to random number generating machines, was convicted in Iowa in July on two counts of fraud after being accused of rigging the Hot Lotto game drawing for December 29, 2010, according to a news release from the Wisconsin Lottery. Tipton produced predetermined numbers for the drawing and later purchased a ticket for the drawing, eventually winning its $16.5 million jackpot, according to the release. 

Tipton is appealing the conviction. In September, Wisconsin Lottery officials asked the Wisconsin Department of Justice to review the December 29, 2007, Megabucks drawing in which a man who identified himself as "Robert Rhodes" claimed the $2 million jackpot prize on February 26, 2008. The ticket was brought to the Lottery's Madison headquarters by an attorney for Rhodes and signed by Robert Rhodes of Sugar Land, Texas, with the prize payable to Delta S Holdings. 

State law requires the Lottery to pay a prize to an individual, unless otherwise directed by a court to pay to a trust. In the Wisconsin case, the winner chose the lump sum cash payment of $1,147,630 and $783,257 after taxes was paid to Delta S Holdings following a Dane County court order. "If it is determined that something illegal took place, we will pursue a criminal prosecution, which will include demanding repayment of the funds," Wisconsin Lottery Director Mike Edmonds said in the release...