Saturday, March 12, 2016

Johnny Manziel Loses Contract With Cleveland Browns After Constant Drinking And Partying Confirming Previous Site Claims (Video)

Johnny Manziel

This week, the Cleveland Browns have released 23-year-old quarterback, Johnny Manziel, after a string of self-induced troubles beset the talented U.S. football player. In the July 12, 2014 article "Partying Your Career Away" the Judiciary Report warned that Manziel was headed for disaster in what would damage his career. Now it has happened in Manziel being cut by the Browns. 

TMZ captured photos of Manziel drinking in Miami
Manziel constantly partied and drank excessively to the point he began playing well below his potential in the professional league (NFL), then ended up in a domestic violence incident in October 2015 with girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. The couple were out partying and drinking. Manziel is accused of dragging Crowley out of his hotel room and into her car. She stated to police that she jumped out of the car in the parking lot, but Manziel stopped the vehicle, dragged her back into the car, then struck her on her head by her ear. Crowley is now deaf in one ear. The blow to the head made Crowley understandably angry. She began hitting Manziel, who threw her off him in the car, causing her to hit her head against the window.

Manziel drinking with rapper Drake

An argument erupted as Manziel drove with Crowley in the car against her will. Manziel threatened to kill Crowley and himself during the violent argument. Sports Illustrated quoted an excerpt from the police report on the incident revealing, "During the drive to Fort Worth, I was crying and telling him ‘I hate you! Just leave me alone! I hate you!’ Respondent then told me he was going to drop me off, take my car and go kill himself. I thought maybe he was on drugs or having a psychotic break so to keep him calm I began telling him, ‘I love you. We can figure this out, we can talk.’ Respondent started laughing at this and I became really scared. I started crying even more and he told me "Shut up or I'll kill us both!" Then I started begging him not to kill me and he immediately responded, ‘I would never kill you. You don't deserve that. I would only kill myself!’ He was not making sense."

TMZ captures Manziel drinking at another event
Pedestrians witnessed Manziel driving erratically as the two fought in the car. As a result, the pedestrians called police. Though, Crowley declined to press charges and the incident was closed, public outcry over domestic violence later caused authorities to reopen the matter. In February 2016, police announced Manziel is under investigation over the incident. 

Manziel drinking again

The couple were constantly partying, drinking and on vacation. This was not great for their health or his career. Manziel is responsible for the choices he made. Nonetheless, I have to question the conduct of some of the people in Manziel's life. Manziel's friends and love interests know he has a drinking issue. Yet, they continued to drink and party with him on a regular basis. The question is why. If you have a friend or love with an alcohol problem, in good conscience you should keep them away from it when you are around them.

Manziel drinking sizzurp (codeine and soda) while out with girlfriend Colleen Crowley

Manziel was also putting much of his partying and promiscuity on social networking, damaging his image and earning potential with sponsors/endorsers. The Judiciary Report has warned against this behavior online in past articles [Producer Teddy Riley Lays Down The Law On Soulja Boy Regarding His Daughter (The Dangers Of Putting Too Much Private Info On Social Networking) and Stars With Image Problems That Cost Them Millions Of Dollars and Partying Your Career Away]. Nearly two-years after the Judiciary Report's articles, Manziel's marketing agency LRMR dropped him as a client (January 2016). Manziel's agent also dropped him as a client (January 2016). Both companies' conduct confirms what the Judiciary Report wrote years prior in that coaches/managers/team, as well as endorsers, do not favor trouble prone athletes. It makes them nervous, as they have to protect their brand.  

With Manziel, the potential is there, but the dedication is not. Manziel made the choice that partying was just as important as training and it is not. You have to sacrifice if you want to make it in sports. Sacrifice is a word commonly used by champions. One of the first things my dad, a former football (soccer) player then coach (cricket as well) of many years taught me is that athletes cannot constantly party and drink and reach the top of the sports field. Having fun in the off season to a minimal degree is one thing, but partying and with alcohol week in and week out will damage one's sports career. The body simply cannot handle it. When there's more alcohol in you than a good protein drink, you're gonna have problems.