Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump Political Rally Cancelled Over Violence He Stoked Via Incendiary Words

Protesters Shutdown Trump Rally

Donald Trump

In the March 11, 2016 article "Donald Trump Demands Audience Pledge Allegiance To Him In Heil Hitler Styled Salute, Promotes Mussolini And Violence Against Minorities And Women" also posted on the blog at 3/11/2016 02:12:00 AM, the Judiciary stated Donald Trump has been promoting violence via his words at political rallies he has been holding across America. Approximately 12 hours later, violence erupted at a Trump rally in Chicago, Illinois, prompting him to call off the event, citing security fears. The Trump campaign stated police advised them to do so. However, Chicago police later stated they did no such thing and it was a decision undertaken by the Trump campaign.  

Woman heiling Hitler at Trump rally in Chicago

Trump is claiming to be perplexed at the violence and backtracking on previous claims. However, he has stated in the past that his supporters should punch protesters and he will pay the legal fees. He also made claims that in the good old days people like his protesters would be carried out on stretchers. Trump has created an air of violence and his supporters are feeding off these bad cues and acting upon them. Trump is inciting violence with his words, which is a criminal offense in many countries. 

Protestors fill the streets outside Trump rally in Chicago

 In trying to nab the Republican nomination, Trump has become an extremist. A man, whose name was once synonymous with wealth and the American dream, is now equated with hate, division and racism. This is not a good thing. If Trump had simply run on the platform that he would use his financial prowess to help America's economy, this would have been acceptable. Instead he chose to tap into the racial divide in America making it extremely worse. Instead of trying to dissolve racial tensions, he has inflamed them. 

Students protesting before Trump rally
In my humble opinion, political rallies should celebrate one's nation and excitedly cheer on what one seeks to improve. Bringing talk of violence to such events is not in the spirit of brotherhood, unity and the promotion of one's nation. It is divisive. Trump has become a hatemonger. He needs to do better than this. 

To Donald Trump: Growing up in America, I used to see you on shows like "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous." The name Trump meant money. Your name was about success in business. Even a few years ago I received an invite to one of your seminars in Florida. You used to be a businessman, but look at what you have become. You've become a hate figure. People are heiling Hitler at your rallies. Is this what you really want, to be a symbol of hate. Someone whose name is synonymous with hate and violence. Wake up and stop it. I preferred it when your name was about business. My hope was for you to help turn the U.S. economy around. Not engage in this racial mess that has ensued.