Friday, March 11, 2016

Donald Trump Demands Audience Pledge Allegiance To Him In Heil Hitler Styled Salute, Promotes Mussolini And Violence Against Minorities And Women

The Slippery Slope

Donald Trump

U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is fast showing himself to be a racist, fascist Nazi. From the beginning of his campaign for the presidency, Trump xenophobically referred to Mexican illegal immigrants as rapists and murderers, which is a lie. He stated black youth "have no spirit." Another lie. Trump has also vowed to ban Muslims from America, which is wrong and unethical. He has also mocked the disabled, which is a cruel thing to do.

Trump is behaving like Hitler, scorning and disparaging minorities and those who are disabled, seeking to sift away every group that does not fit his white ideal. Trump has come under fire over a number of incidents. Recently during a rally, Trump demanded the audience raise their right hand and pledge allegiance to him, not the American flag. When one pledge's allegiance to the flag, one bends one's right arm (similar to the shape of a boomerang). Trump asked the thousands of people at the rally to raise and extend their right arm and pledge allegiance to him, in what looked like a Nazi salute. It was not a pretty sight. It was a very disheartening and disconcerting throwback to terrible days in our world, where Hitler cost 50,000,000 people their lives. Recently, Trump also retweeted a quote promoting fascist Mussolini.   

A Twitter user compared Donald Trump rally with Hitler's Nazis

Trump is playing on the American people's fears to gain a foothold in the election. He is encouraging hatred, separatism and violence via his words. For example, a Muslim woman entered a Trump rally to see what it was about, regarding how he fits into the political process. She did not disturb the peace. She simply attended the rally, as many others had done. She was bullied, heckled and  kicked out for being Muslim. This was very illegal, inappropriate and discriminatory. Last week, a black woman with a protest sign was shoved at a Trump rally by a white male. He was discharged from the Marine Corps for this illegal behavior. 

This week, as police peacefully escorted a black protestor out of a Trump rally, a white supporter of the presidential candidate punched the African-American man who was in cuffs and not resisting arrest. The man in question has now been arrested for punching the protestor in a matter than had nothing to do with him. It was another illustration of the unprovoked hatred and violence Trump is provoking and promoting. Two days ago, a Trump campaign worker roughed up a female reporter, grabbing and throwing her to the ground, for attempting to ask a question they deemed controversial. That is crazy. People are entitled to free speech. This illegal thug behavior is unacceptable and uncouth. 


Trump ranting at rallies

Trump's campaign is encouraging violence against minorities and women. Trump angrily rants at rallies, working up attendees by virulently pointing out all the problems in America and laying blame on Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, the disabled, China and the Middle East. This is exactly how Hitler got started. Trump's hit list is ever growing and will only serve to promote American isolationism in the world, by offending many people and nations. To run a campaign on hate is a dangerous thing. No good can come of it. 

America elected its first black president in 2008 when Barack Obama won the presidential election. However, during his tenure in office, at times it has veered into militancy that has left whites feeling isolated, left out and under threat. That's not good. This is one of the reasons the Judiciary Report has maintained for years that anyone elected to office anywhere in the world, should seek to unite the races and do the best they can for everyone, not one particular race, group or cause. There must be fairness, equality and an even playing field. It promotes civility and racial harmony. People should not feel left out or neglected in their own country. Every life matters. 


Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Reportedly Roughed Up a Female Reporter 

Mar 9, 2016 - A female reporter tried to ask Donald Trump a question Tuesday night as he was leaving a Florida press conference, only to be "forcibly yanked" by Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, according to Politico. The reporter, Michelle Fields, who works for Breitbart News, was nearly brought down to the ground, Politico said, adding that a witness said she was "clearly roughed up." The run-in happened as Secret Service were clearing a path for Trump. Fields's boyfriend, an editor with the website Daily Caller, had this to say about the incident... 

This is not the first time Trump's campaign has gotten physical with protesters or the press. Most recently, a photographer for Time magazine was thrown to the ground and choked by someone on Trump's Secret Service detail...

 Muslim woman led out of Trump rally; group seeks apology
January 9 at 6:17 PM - CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Rose Hamid attended one of Donald Trump’s rallies in silent protest over some of his campaign statements, but by the time the South Carolina event was over, the Muslim woman said she had been heckled by people in the crowd and escorted out by security guards. Now she’s awaiting a response from the Republican front-runner. 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has issued a call to the campaign of the GOP contender to apologize over Hamid’s treatment at the event Friday night. And Hamid said by Saturday afternoon she hadn’t received any response. “I would like to hear what Trump has to say about it,” she told The Associated Press by phone. “I’d like to hear because if they say that it was because we were disrupting things, then I would like him to show evidence of where the disruption came, because the disruption didn’t come from me. It came from his followers because they saw me.”...