Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why Is The Obama Administration Contacting The Family And Friends Of Journalists And Bloggers Harassing Them On His Behalf Over His Press Clippings

Barack Obama

The Constitution was formed with the provision that there be free speech and free press in America. Megalomaniac, narcissist, President Barack Obama, disagrees and has been waging a war against journalists and bloggers for criticizing his actions in office. No U.S. President has gone to the extreme lengths Obama has in attacking members of the press that disagree with him. I have read articles by bloggers who stated the Obama Administration contacted their sites complaining about lawful items they wrote demanding the content in question be removed. I’ve read items by journalists and bloggers who have complained of being harassed by the Obama Administration over items criticizing the president on their sites.

The Obama Administration has engaged in unlawful activity regarding the Judiciary Report as well, before and after the site broke exclusive articles that later proved true regarding Obama as well as his vile campaign donors in Hollywood. In what is disturbing conduct, members of the Obama Administration have contacted some of my family and friends, demanding they tell me what to write in my column concerning him and his agenda, while complaining about items on the site they want removed.

The Obama Administration violated domestic and international law via this conduct in harassingly contacting some of my family and friends in America and Europe with this crap. They have absolutely no conscience, as some of the people they have been contacting who are related to me and others who are friends, are elderly and have physical aliments, such as heart issues, among other things. Such harassing conduct has created stress and distress in their lives and could induce heart attacks. However, that should let you know how abominable the Obama Administration is, as they don’t care about other people’s health and well-being, only their foul agenda and getting it across.

The irony is I don’t like the Obama Administration. I do not like the president due to his corrupt conduct in office. And for every time someone I know or am related to has been contacted by them with his crap regarding the Judiciary Report, it only made me dislike Obama and company even more. They even had the gall to harass someone close to me demanding they tell me I must like the president. Clearly, America has become North Korea under Supreme Leader Obama.

For every time they contacted someone I know, I simply got online and wrote something even more incendiary in exposés about the Obama Administration. Smart people would have made the connection by now and stopped. However, they kept running with this crap until I exposed so much about him and his administration that my exclusives ended up in the mainstream press, then in congressional hearings as scandals.

For those of you who like to bury your heads in the sand, Obama has quoted from time stamped items in my column and blog, AFTER I PUBLISHED THEM ONLINE, attributing my original writing to himself on several occasions (Obama has been outed in the press for being a chronic plagiarist). He reads this website. Site statistics for this site, provided by Go Daddy, also revealed numerous website visits from just about every department of the Obama Administration.

The man has no integrity or class. There have been stories published about Obama’s underage daughters that were unflattering and I opted not to run them or to ask the public to go easy on his kids as they are minors (though items were released that his first born was engaging in underage drinking, among other things). Yet here is this dictator in the White House, violating the constitution and U.S. Code having weirdos in his administration contacting my actual family and friends over lawful articles about him and his misconduct. They even showed up at one of my elderly relative’s house with this crap, harassing an old lady with preexisting heart issues in a foreign country which is a criminal violation of U.S. and international law.

Once again, you have no class and your administration loves crossing illegal and inappropriate boundaries no head of state or his administration ever should, as it is a mark of shame and disgrace. What kind of animals and savages do something like that to an old lady. Is that how your parents raised you to behave and disgrace the government in the process. Do you think that is a desirable image for the U.S. government to have - harassing and trying to manipulate old ladies because a vain, narcissistic head of state can’t stand lawful criticism that exposed his unlawful behavior.

You’re nothing but a bunch of common thugs wasting taxpayer money. Your consciences are seared, because decent human beings who were properly raised by people with morals, would be too embarrassed and ashamed to do such vile things. However, you guys revel in it. There is a distinct lack of decorum and character with the Obama Administration that is repugnant and sick, not befitting any government.

Can you imagine if someone started having people contact and publicly approach, Marian Robinson, Mr. Obama’s elderly mother-in-law, over the phone and at her home, criminally harassing her, demanding she censure Obama over his public opinions and tell him to retract it and remove it all from the internet. He and Mrs. Obama would throw a massive hissy fit and sick law enforcement on said individuals for breaking the law. So, tell me why is it okay when his administration breaks the law and does so to others.

Once again, I do not like Obama over terrible things he and his administration have done in office that I do not agree with. It is my right to dislike him and anybody else I feel like, as it is a right of ALL members of society. If he searched online he would find millions of items by millions of people in America and around the world who dislike him for things he has done. He needs to act like a grown up and accept the fact that many people do not like him and have the right to voice their opinions. He, however, does not have the right to misuse and waste American taxpayer money in harassing and abusing journalists and bloggers who disagree with him and his political policies. Congress should make him and every employee that engaged in said misconduct of targeting journalists and bloggers pay that money back.