Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Public Outraged At The Grand Jury Not Returning An Indictment In The Tamir Rice Murder


Tamir Rice

Yesterday, a grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio failed to return an indictment in the murder of 12-year-old, Tamir Rice. The young boy's killing occurred at the hands of police officer, Timothy Loehmann. This sparked outrage on social networking, as the public condemned the poor decision. The murder occurred when Loehmann and a fellow officer, Frank Garmback, were responding to an emergency dispatch call, regarding a person walking around with a gun the caller stated "might be fake." Ohio has an open carry law, meaning people are allowed to openly carry weapons in the state.


Tamir Rice left to die on the ground on police orders

Rather than maintaining a safe distance, as police are trained to do, Loehmann and his fellow officer drove right up to the 12-year-old with the toy gun in his hand and within 2 seconds shot Rice in the chest. Shortly after, when Rice's 14-year-old sister, Tajai Rice, rushed to his aid as he lay bleeding, she was pushed to the ground, dragged away from the dying boy, placed in handcuffs and thrown in the back of a squad car, in what is completely inexcusable and reprehensible conduct, she stated lacked "respect" and was void of "decency." Tajai stated, "I did not do anything wrong."

Tamir Rice's funeral

Loehmann and his fellow officer also refused to provide any first aid to the dying child. He was allowed to bleed to death with no oxygen via CPR. What kind of animals and savages treat anyone, let alone, children that way. It is mental derangement. And the mere fact a previous police department forced out and fired Loehmann for being a mentally unstable, emotionally volatile person, says he should not have been working anywhere as a police officer. He has proven them correct.

Tamir Rice's traumatized sister  
You'd have to be crazy to think you did the world a service by murdering a 12-year-old boy, leaving him to bleed to death and manhandling his underage sister. It showed an absolute lack of humanity and no compassion whatsoever. You've disgraced the government and no cover-up via a poorly presented case to a grand jury is going to change the nation or world's opinion on this matter. How the local government presented such a poor case the grand jury failed to see the blatant violations of police protocol and civil rights violations is quite telling. They clearly wanted Loehmann to walk free for doing the unthinkable, otherwise they would have presented a better case.

Tamir Rice's mother and sister being interviewed about his murder

Tell me, where at the police academy do they train police officers to drive straight up to a person, especially a minor, creating an unsafe distance, then within 2 seconds fire a bullet to the chest of a child you were clearly told probably had a fake gun. And don't state you did not know he was a child, bringing up his size 36 pants. One look at his pictures online and you can instantly tell he was an underage minor. If anyone treated a (future) child of Loehmann or Garmback as they did Tamir, they would be enraged and demand justice.

Timothy Loehmann

The message you have sent the nation and the world is black lives do not matter, even when it is that of a 12-year-old child. In similar situations, white people of various ages were safely brought in, even after waving guns at police and physically attacking. The minute Loehmann and his partner saw little black Tamir, they drove straight up to him, in violation of police protocol and shot him in the chest in the blink of an eye, as the phrase goes. Then refused to give him any aid, with the intent of him dying. Case closed. Once again it is clear, to some police in America, black lives don't matter, when all lives matter. The double standard is there. It is blaring. It is cruel. It is wicked. It is inhumane. It is un-American. And it is you - every time you kill an unarmed minority, with no thought to the preservation of life, in situations where murder can be avoided.