Friday, November 13, 2015

Police Use Taser On Man 20 Times Killing Him In Act Of Excessive Force (Video)


Cocaine user, Linwood Lambert, was arrested and handcuffed by police in South Boston, Virginia. Officers initially took him to the hospital for a "mental evaluation" but changed their minds and decided to arrest him for erratic behavior, despite the fact he was in cuffs. They engaged in acts that killed him in the hospital parking lot via excessive tasing. Three police officers broke the law in tasing a shackled man (Lambert) and a whopping 20 TIMES (50,000 volts per tase), which unquestionably constitutes excessive force.

As a result of said police brutality via excessive tasing, combined with the effects of the cocaine, Lambert died. The human heart was not meant to withstand such abuse. The cocaine had given his heart a walloping and the tasing did additional damage, sending Lambert into full on cardiac arrest. He died of a heart attack. Ironically, the three officers were inexplicably given a promotion.


Linwood Lambert

Lambert's family has filed a lawsuit against the police for $25,000,000 and issued this statement through their attorney, "Linwood Lambert, Jr.’s death was tragic and never should have happened. The police officers first encountered an unarmed and non-threatening man. They placed him in handcuffs and transported him to the hospital for medical attention. At the hospital, they repeatedly administered millions of volts of electrical shocks with a taser on an unarmed and restrained man. Despite the obvious deterioration of his medical condition from the tasing, the officers allowed Mr. Lambert to languish in the hospital parking lot, feet from the emergency department entrance. We believe the police officers violated Mr. Lambert’s constitutionally protected rights by depriving him of the medical attention he desperately needed."

What a sad and tragic tale. The three officers should be brought up on criminal charges, as their conduct led to Lambert's death. Had they not tased him 20 times he would be alive today. Tasers are not for sadistic purposes and must be used responsibly. The voltage is painful and disrupts the heart. To have tased him to that degree equals murder. What the officers did is the equivalent of electrocution.


New video shows Virginia officers used stun guns on man before

Thursday 12 November 2015 22.39 GMT - Three police officers repeatedly used stuns guns on a black man they brought to a Virginia hospital for a mental health evaluation, and the man later died in their custody, according to recently released videos in the 2013 case. The videos, first obtained by MSNBC, show the South Boston officers shocking Linwood R Lambert Jr multiple times after he kicked out police cruiser’s back window and ran to the doors of an emergency room while he was handcuffed.

Instead of taking him inside the ER, which was just steps away, officers took Lambert to jail, saying he was arrested for disorderly conduct and property damage. Upon his arrival at the jail, the 46-year-old was unresponsive. An ambulance brought him back to the same ER and he was pronounced dead at the hospital, about an hour after he was initially taken into custody. Lambert’s family filed a $25m lawsuit in April, accusing the officers of unlawfully arresting him and using “excessive, unreasonable and deadly force”.