Thursday, October 29, 2015

South Carolina Cop Who Choked, Body Slammed And Threw 16-Year-Old School Girl Fired From His Job

South Carolina police officer, Ben Fields, has been justly fired from his job with the Richland County school district, after he was secretly videotaped inexcusably putting a defenseless 16-year-old female student in a chokehold, slamming her to the ground, then tossing her across the room, before jumping on her back and handcuffing her.

The video was posted on Twitter and You Tube causing a firestorm online. Fields' boss, Richland County Sheriff, Leon Lott, stated the officer did not follow protocol. Fields also has a history of physically assaulting students in the Richland County school district, as attested by many tweets on Twitter by victims and witnesses.

Ben Fields 

Fields' lawyer, Scott Hayes stated, "We believe that Mr. Fields' actions were justified and lawful throughout the circumstances of which he was confronted during this incident. To that extent we believe that Mr. Fields' actions were carried out professionally and that he was performing his job duties within the legal threshold."

You're his lawyer. You're getting paid to say that, but if somebody put your kid in a chokehold, slammed her to the ground, tossed her across a room, then jumped on her back and cuffed her, you would sue him into bankruptcy. Fields has roid rage issues and thinks he's a wrestler. There was no necessity for him to treat her that way. She made no motion towards him. It was excessive force and police brutality. Make it worse, your client has a history of this misconduct in the school district clearing indicating he is a danger to the kids. Fields should have been arrested.

Ben Fields

Given what has been happening to black people in America at the hands of some police officers, many are afraid to go anywhere with a cop. I am not stating people should resist arrest, but so many black people who did not, were injured or killed on the scene or in custody. Something is wrong. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. The world is watching and something needs to be done to correct these abuses.