Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blac Chyna Left Embarrassed After She Tattoos The Name Of Rapper Future On Her Hand And He Denies Dating Her

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna, the ex-girlfriend of troubled rapper Tyga, has been left with egg on her face this week. The former stripper, who is mother to Tyga's toddler, King, tattooed the name of rapper Future on her hand. She uploaded the photo of the tattoo to the internet, which immediately had tongues wagging about their relationship. And do you know what Future's response was to that, what relationship *crickets*? He took to Twitter to proclaim he is single, embarrassing Chyna.


The fact of the matter is, he's one of those famous men who lie to women to have sex with them, not telling them he is also messing around with 4,5, 6, 7 or more other women, who are all being used for sex, with no intention on his end of the relationships going anywhere. After Chyna had sex with Future, she thought it meant they were a couple. However, he is the type of famous man, who is a dog and will not own up to anyone, so he can continue to mess around with several women at the same time.  The only reason he owned up to Ciara is because she is quite known. Future had Ciara as a trophy, but grossly disrespected her with his foul conduct.

Blac Chyna tattoo of Future's name on her hand
Ladies, jumping into relationships too quickly can be risky. Dating a man who is not nice, terribly insulted the mother of his child (Ciara) in a song (disparagingly talking about her sexual abilities, like his penis is dipped in gold and not STDs), betrayed Ciara with enemy and STD factory Rihanna and is always on social networking trying to have sex with random people he sees online, is not a good idea. Any man doing that has no discretion or humility and will do some dumb, embarrassing foolishness that embarrasses and ruins him and you via scandal. Future is not behaving like a decent guy. He showed that in his terrible treatment of Ciara.

Joke on Twitter about Chyna's tattoo

Just because someone is famous doesn't make them a good catch. There are smart, nice, decent famous men out there worth dating and marrying, but some are terrible. You need to watch how a man treats his mother, other women in his family, previous partners, as well as platonic friends. It is an indication of how he will treat you. Dating a rich and famous man who behaves like a dog is not something to strive for in life. It's something to avoid. Some of these famous men behave so appallingly bad online, you'd be taking a major risk in dating them and one simply not worth it. If he's acting like that much of a dog in heat online and saying such disrespectful and profane things in interviews, he will do even worse behind closed doors and not treat you well in the process.