Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lamar Odom Is Experiencing Organ Failure While Police Open A Criminal Case Into The Brothel Where He Overdosed On Crack Cocaine And Banned Herbal Viagra 'Reload'

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian

Former "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star and Los Angeles Lakers basketball champion, Lamar Odom, remains in critical condition on life support, after a alcohol and drug overdose at the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada. Police are investigating Odom and the Love Ranch brothel, owned by pimp Dennis Hof. Prostitution is inappropriately and unethically legal in Nevada (except in Las Vegas). However, cocaine use and the sale of banned substances is not legal, as they are criminal offenses punishable by fines and imprisonment.

Odom had been taking cocaine, cracking cocaine, herbal Viagra called Reload (the latter is banned by the U.S. FDA) and having sex with prostitutes. The all around negative behavior proved too much for his body and he began dying. The two prostitutes he chose over the weekend for $75,000, found him face down and unresponsive, with bodily fluids running from his mouth and nose. Odom has sustained brain damage, experienced several strokes and is in organ failure (regarding his kidneys and liver). Odom's heart was also negatively impacted.

Crack cocaine and cocaine are bad enough in one's system, wrecking havoc. But when you add alcohol, the chances of death multiply. When you add an illegal, so-called "herbal" Viagra that negatively impacts the manner in which the heart pumps blood through one's body, you are risking a blood clot, stroke or heart attack, further multiplying the chance of death to a greater level.

Khloe Kardashian

The fact Odom had several strokes reveals his brain is bleeding. Excessive alcohol thins the blood making strokes even worse. Heart attacks sometimes accompany strokes as well (even without the presence of drugs and or alcohol). The crack cocaine and or cocaine can induce a heart attack all on their own. What Odom has done to himself is the "perfect storm" of medical catastrophe. It was like a death wish.

Based on what has been written regarding the self-induced injuries he has sustained, at this point Odom cannot breathe, walk, talk, see or mentally reason. People who experience strokes especially that many, often lose the ability to speak, see and walk (sometimes only temporarily, but other times it is permanent). They often have to relearn the most basic things even children can do, such as write, lift up a cup of water and tie their shoelaces.
As stated yesterday, I'm not going to pretty it up. People need to see the grim truth about what drugs, alcohol and depression can drive people to in life. Therefore, get the help you need, rather than self-destructing. The point I'm trying to make is, people do not do this to yourselves. This is so sad and tragic. Odom still had everything to live for. He, like others who go down this negative path, just was not seeing that. He was focused on the overwhelming negative (and depression can mess with your head making you think there is no hope when there is) rather than all the good that was still in his life and new blessings that could come his way. The psychology and dimensions of depression in what it does to the mind is something else. 

Kris Jenner

Not able to handle the bad things that happened to him in the Kardashian family, including but not limited to the destruction of his basketball career which was a byproduct of said involvement with them, was too much for him to bear. He chose a negative cycle of drugs, alcohol and women - none of which care about him - nor did it work to fix his problems.

I've seen other athletes do this. When their careers hit an unnatural and sudden decline, they go on a downward spiral of drugs (particularly the very destructive cocaine), alcohol and promiscuous sex. Only to not come out of it or come out of the downward spiral with HIV, greater career troubles, money problems, public disgrace and the implosion of their private lives. Still, there is hope for those who live through all of that (so don't give up).

There are more constructive ways of handling addiction and depression. No one can do enough drugs, drink enough alcohol or have enough sex to make your pain go away. See a doctor and a therapist and together they can work out a professional medical plan to get you through your crisis. Take a new direction with your career and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Cut off those negative, toxic, lecherous friends that encourage you to do negative things. Do charity work in your spare time. It will give you a wonderful feeling of fulfillment in helping others.