Wednesday, July 22, 2015

50 Cent Says He Is A Fake In Bankruptcy Court With A Net Worth Of $4,400,000 Not $150,000,000 But Is He Hiding Money And Assets

50 Cent

Deceitful rapper 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, made an appearance in bankruptcy court yesterday stating his whole lifestyle is a fraud regarding the image of wealth he portrays. Forbes magazine estimated 50 Cent's net worth is $150,000,000. However, the rapper told the Manhattan Supreme Court he is only worth $4,400,000. If you say so, Curtis.

50 Cent is lying to the court through his supersized capped teeth, as he was sued and handed hefty judgments in two cases totaling $22,200,000. Being the greedy, lawless person he is, 50 Cent would rather commit bankruptcy fraud than pay what is owed. The lawsuits were not frivolous and are the direct result of his criminal behavior, arrogance and greed. These are not individuals exploiting 50 Cent. These are individuals 50 Cent criminally exploited and they sued him and won.


The first case is Sleek Audio vs. Curtis Jackson, in which the company was awarded $17,200,000 after 50 Cent committed criminal copyright infringement, patent infringement and corporate theft in stealing the technology and design of earphones that were pitched to him by the Plaintiff. Sleek Audio wanted 50 Cent as a front man. He got greedy and decided to break the law and steal their product, giving it a new name. 50 Cent renamed the stolen earphones from Sleek Audio to SMS Audio.

The second case, Lastonia Leviston v. Curtis Jackson, is a disgusting one, as 50 Cent cruelly obtained a private sex tape featuring the Plaintiff, who is the mother of rapper Rick Ross' child and uploaded it to the internet. 50 Cent did so out of spite and arrogance. It was a wicked thing to do. Leviston was so distressed, distraught, embarrassed and humiliated, she became "suicidal."


50 Cent's mansion in Connecticut should be sold to pay off his debts

Leviston did not sign up to be a porn star in this matter, but 50 Cent illegally turned her into one and deserved to lose that case for being so terrible to her. I have no sympathy for him in this. What if she had killed herself, as other young women have done in the same and similar situation (private sexting and nudes illegally made public).

50 Cent has assets and is not entitled to bankruptcy protection. 50 Cent's Farmington, Connecticut mansion he bought from boxer Mike Tyson is worth between $15,000,000 to $20,000,000. He has owned it for nearly a decade and has been making mortgage payments on it. 50 Cent received a significant amount of stock in Vitamin Water in exchange for endorsing the product upon its debut years ago. It netted him millions of dollars. He has endorsement deals with Effen Vodka and Frigo.

50 Cent's mansion in Connecticut

50 Cent owns a home in New York that he had burned to the ground to chase out Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his then underage child, who was also in residence. 50 Cent was angry Tompkins, whom he was no longer dating, had a boyfriend living in the house with her. 50 Cent collected the insurance money after the blaze. He also purchased a condo in Los Angeles for Daphne Joy, the mother of his second child, to live with his son. He subsequently trashed the furniture he bought and beat her, resulting in his arrest.

Since his debut in 2003, 50 Cent has sold over 20,000,000 albums worldwide, 10,000,000 singles and embarked on many tours and live shows, bringing in millions of dollars in profit. He has made $500,000 from his acting career (despite the fact he can't act).


50 Cent's mansion in Connecticut

50 Cent has also purchased a number of luxury vehicles. He claims they are all leased, but that is not true. You cannot lease luxury vehicles and alter them as he has done to some of the cars he has driven. It would be a violation of the lease. 50 Cent has also made hefty bets on sporting events and won money. His net worth is not $4,400,000. Therefore, he is hiding money and assets. He can afford to pay the judgments and have money and assets left over for himself. He just finds it extremely difficult to part with $22,000,000 to pay court judgments over his poor choices. Therefore, his bankruptcy case is not legitimate. This is not what bankruptcy is for.

Bankruptcy is for people in genuine financial distress, who need legal relief, not for millionaires hiding assets in attempting to get out of multi-million dollar court judgments caused by their stupidity and arrogance in violating other people's rights. Bankruptcy fraud is also a felony investigated by the federal government and is punishable by 5-years in prison and $250,000 in fines.