Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kirk Frost Upsets Wife Rasheeda Again Going Off On A Second Cheating Promo Tour With Ashley Nicole

Is This An Actual Promo Tour Or A Hotel Promo Tour

Rasheeda an Kirk Frost

When will alleged music executive Kirk Frost learn to stop cheating on and upsetting his long suffering wife, rapper Rasheeda. The preview for next week's episode of "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" reveals Kirk going away on another promo tour with his bland, struggling artist, Ashley Nicole, who isn't exactly lighting up the charts or social networking with her music. Rasheeda is shown confronting them once again.

Kirk Frost and Ashley Nicole

Being on "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" should be more than enough promo to assist an aspiring artist to chart fairly well. However, Ashely Nicole's music still has no buzz and Kirk is jeopardizing his marriage to Rasheeda over an artist that is costing them money.  Kirk and Ashley Nicole's relationship has the appearance of cheating. This is disrespecting his wife and family, after all the previous trouble he'd gotten himself into with various women. Please tell me Kirk is smarter than this.