Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J's Opportunistic Relationship Is A Toxic One

Joseline Hernandez was out of place at the BET Awards in more ways than one (seated next to her is husband Stevie J)

Reality star and wannabe rapper, Joseline Hernandez, is struggling to launch a rap career. Hernandez began dating and allegedly married award winning R&B/rap producer, Stevie J, with the sole purpose of becoming a star. Stevie J has made Joseline a star, but not in a good way. Social networking views her as the delusional aspiring rapper who thinks she is the Lebron James of the rap world, when her rapping ability does not place her that high on the totem pole.

Hernandez is using sex to control her relationship with Stevie J. If he brings her songs or performance opportunities, she is nice to him. If he doesn't, she withholds sex and berates him in very unkind terms, when he tries so hard to make her happy. It is an opportunistic relationship. If you are married to someone, you should not be withholding sex from them until you get what you want. That is manipulative and wrong. You are supposed to have a normal, healthy sex life with your spouse engaging in intercourse on a regular basis. The man shouldn't have to be begging for it. What kind of marriage is that.

Stevie J is now promising to make Joseline a movie star when it is painfully clear she can't act

The sad fact of the matter is what Joseline does is not acceptable. She is a stripper, who wants to be a rapper, but is relying on half naked, vulgar stage shows and empty raps. Success is not going to come under those conditions. Joseline is not rapping anything of interest or entertainment value in English or Spanish. Both Spanish people and English speaking people are stating she does not make sense in either language.

There are successful Spanish entertainers such as Daddy Yankee and Don Omar, who have achieved chart success in their native tongue. Therefore, Joseline has no excuse for what has transpired with her career. Her husband is not to blame. Stevie J is a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer. He's done what he can for her and she needs to work way harder (and learn how to rap). To be frank, at this point she is proving a liability to his career.