Wednesday, May 20, 2015

King Ba Trying To Use Chris Brown Beef Over His Daughter For Publicity In Launching A Rap Career

Chris Brown and daughter Royalty

King Ba, the boyfriend of Nia Amey, who is the mother of singer Chris Brown's child, Royalty Brown, is trying to launch a career as a rapper. Ba, who thought he was Royalty's father, but found out after Amey gave birth that he is not, has been arguing with Brown online and in the press for publicity. 


King Ba still stating he is Royalty's dad no matter what and flaunting the fact he is back in her mother's life
While King Ba does care about Royalty, he is trying to get what he can out of what has turned into a bad situation for him. Brown and Amey have exposed him to heartbreak and public embarrassment. For Brown's part, he is trying to quietly improve the situation for the sake of his child, but King Ba is not taking the high road.